Mixshow #100 on HEARTHIS

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Years of Denial Honoris IV – Tribute to Christian Death & Rozz Williams Cervix Couch Unknown Pleasures Records
Lead Into Gold The Eternal Present The Eternal Present Artoffact Records
Bestial Mouths The Pact LostIN Public Sex Regime
Circuit Preacher Bound Down Bound Down darkTunes
Your Enemy Broken Toys Broken Toys Progress Productions
Androm Blood and Love Blood and Love Lethal Curse
Celina Invincible (Neuroklast Remix) Invincible (Neuroklast Remix) Shadows and Machines Records
Statiqbloom Separate Worlds Separate Worlds (Qual Remix)  
Urban Matrix Das Objekt Das Objekt  
Capsules of Energy Kiss Me Twice Shamed and Hated  
RatPajama The Drunken Lost Tapes Violence  
Harlem Electronics MRG014 – Various Artists Highest Bidder Marguerite Records
Call Me Sleeper Dangerous Vows Dangerous  
Magnum Opus & Ravetop Fear In Our Veins Fear In Our Veins (Autumns Remix) SOIL
Swærm The Pact Pain and Lies Public Sex Regime
Comfort Cure Not My Taste Consume It (Void Palace Remix) Detroit Industrial
Drymer Animal Notes, Pt. 2 Castoreum Moretin
Snowbeasts The Endless Let’s Be Animals Re:Mission Entertainment
Control I’m Here N​​​●​​​V​​​●​​​K​​​[​​​!​​​/​​​/​​​]​​​S Deluxe Edition Use/Prey (Cage Remix) Hush Ltd.
Filmmaker Thoughtcrimes EP ADRS  
Ceremony Shadows Idolatry Idolatry  
Minuit Machine Compilation Barbieturix – BBX#2 Not Guilty Verticale Le Label
Manni Dee Pillow Princess Remixes II Pillow Princess feat. Angel Bby (Safety Trance Remix)  
Kloud Black Blind  
Borgborg & Hidonash Bleib Bleib  
Pomah Ode To Rebirth Ode To Rebirth 96NOISIΛ
Limbus Puerorum DSR01 – V​/​A There Is Nothing Black Almond Black Almond

Bootstomp 0.94 HEARTHIS Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Protectorate II Tribunal  
Sister Cell Escape Plan – Single Money feat. Hostile Architect  
Celina x Starfarer Run Run  
At The Heart Of The World Paroxysm Coalescing/Collapsing Downed Star
Orrphoiz Kill the Gods Electric Crack  
Hate Fueled ///ach1ne Hate_Speech Hate_Speech  
Junksista 0A Phoenix COP International
Normal Bias Normal Bias Another Realm Synthicide
Pro Patria Piercing Through the Armour (unfinished) Out of your Skull  
PVA Blush Untethered Ninja Tune
Signal Aout 42 Prophecies 2022 Insurrection Prophecies (2022 mix)  
Gasoline Invertebrate Bad Fact Crowbroker (Metro Minimal Mix) Tigersquawk Records
Bustié Design the desire Design the desire feat. Hether Fortune  
Intent:Outtake Tic Toc Tod Tic Toc Tod (Damascus Knives Cut) Scanner
Void Palace Hex Machine Thru It  
Emmon Recon Like A Drum Icons Creating Evil Art
Mobiius x Bloody Boy Make Me Make Me Moretin
NNHMN Vampire 2 Vampire 2  
Simon Gag x Grabyourface Sunflower Man Sunflower Man  
Erik Eviston Sickness Sickness Phormix
Go Fight American Slave American Slave Pulseblack
Echoberyl Rising from the Dead (Halloween Edition) Rising from the Dead Mother Solitude Records
Scalameriya 47031 Rokbokx 47
Skull Cultist Blood Carvings Blood Carving Tigersquawk Records
Carrion [ Blood + Diamonds ] Count the Scars Produkt 42
Dirt Factory Beware Of The Machines Rain Viral Records Australia
Chaos Doll Girls Can Be Monsters Too Girls Can Be Monsters Too  
H Λ Z Δ Я D Exigency Virus SubGoth / ECR
St. Digue Countess Of The Night Countess Of The Night  
Dav Dralleon Dungeon Xoth Octoterror Dungeon Xoth Octoterror  

Bootstomp 0.83 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Haex Aethyr Abyss Void Cvrtain  
ElektroTerapi Diagnose: Liebe Forget  
Assalm, Revizia Neurogulag / Templar Templar Moretin
Vulture Culture Necronom Within Toxic  
Skren Staub Staub  
Ultimate Soldier Konstruktor Selfdestruction DSBP Records
Dawn of Ashes Scars of the Broken EMDR Artoffact Records
Keиzifiяes Dissonance [TBA] Dissonance  
Akahi Termoiónico Sorry but no Absu Lab
Local Suicide, Skelesys You Are Mine EP Naked & Confused Snap, Crackle & Pop
Autumns The Semiconscious System Elbow Grease Idlestates Recordings
Violent Vickie The Gloom (Dimension 23 Remix) The Gloom (Dimension 23 Remix)  
Mascarpone Structures – EP Modulated Society  
Lestat & Lady Maru Bloody & Teary Country Expectations Routine Records
Meshes feat Iron Court Termoiónico Инстинкт (Instinct) Absu Lab
Filmmaker Eternal Wound Red Lights feat. Anne Artikel kontralamakina
Missing Witness Crawling Down The Feast  
Salem Unsigned Ritual Performance Ritual Performance  
Human Experiments feat. Winston Choppa Ketten Ketten  
San Lopez Be My Angel Genesis Valhalla

Bootstomp 0.81 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Null Cell Nemesis Nemesis Machine Man Records
Zirkular Dion Bandit Ад Detriti Records
Dirt Factory Systems Deleted Factory Assimilation Viral Records Australia
Orange Sector Alles Wird Gold No Justice – No Peace Infacted Recordings
Leæther Strip Throwing Bones II – A Skinny Puppy Tribute Dig It Læbel
Magnavolt Motoko – Part Two (Demo Disc) Warzone Kenta Records
Trace Amount Endless Render 2​.​0 Pop Up Morgues (Qual Remix)  
Matteo Tura Lumen Lumen  
Smash Stereo Versus Versus  
Daddybear Boss Bitch Boss Bitch (feat. grabyourface)  
Deathline International Parasite Parasite (Stabbing Westward / Christopher Hall Remix) COP International
Thorr x Kofin Pain Pain  
Sierra Control Control  
Sexual Purity My Cage My Cage  
Mobiius Smolder Smolder Moretin
Baroque Embrace Your Design feat.Philosophique Girl  
Molly Noise Profane Feminine The Cold Earth Awaits Your Bones  
Sian Future Primitive Remixes Part One Burning (Cardopusher Remix) Octopus Records
Pantser Fabriek Stand Your Ground Stand Your Ground  
Faderhead All Black Everything All Black Everything  
Red Deviil Inframundo Burning Flames OSM tapes
Extra Terra Zion The Sentinel  
Full Contact69 Infected Cerebral Trigger Infected Cerebral Trigger PLANET69
Mila Dietrich You Should Have Saved Me Sonner Drive and Cry (Sigmar remix)  
Arnaud Rebotini New Territory No More Love (No More Hate) VEYL
Killer Instinct x Microchip Terror First Encounter Containment First Encounter Containment  
Meshes Spirit, Joy Joy Sagol
NNHMN Your Body v​.​2 Your Body v​.​2  
Jørgen Thorvald Aural Transmission Human Rights UNKNOWN PLEASURES RECORDS
Znzl Coaxial Frames Carrier Wave Genesa Records
BFVR Birds Mansion Birds Mansion (Umwelt Remix) Fever Recordings
Diazepin VASSTR02 Sidewalk Corner Sestra Records
Angelspit Diesel Priest What Ever Happened to Uncle Sam?  
Crystal Geometry Rubber Flesh Vengeance Rubber Mind Recordings
Scarlit Port Highness Homa Highness Homa Nurse Records

Bootstomp 0.72 Mixcloud Show

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MildredaI Was Never Really ThereLiaisons dangereusesDependent
Death Loves VeronicaDeceptionPleaser
Trick CasketHarmNo Sanctuary
BloodpanicBlack BirdBlack Bird
MordaciousLost Souls10 of Swords
Not My GodSimulacraAshesMetropolis Records
ObstaklBlack Market PartsBlack Market Parts
Nuclear SludgeKerfuffleKerfuffle
Inva//idChained, Burnt And SplitDissociation
SkalskiDiktaturGuter PapaRDC Music
Null SplitChained, Burnt And SplitI Shook Your Split (feat. Inva//id)
DirgeBodyforce / AreaBodyforceBurning Rose
ScrapeCorrupted MemoriesInvisible
AutumnsInherent DesignLet’s Have YouFort Evil Fruit
Ember TwinYou Make Me Want To Hunt HumansYou Make Me Want To Hunt Humans
NNHMNHappy HouseHappy House
DaddybearScience FictionScience Fiction (feat. grabyourface)
Fairy PussyBlack And GrayBlack And Gray
Suzi SabotageNazi Goths, Fuck OffNazi Goths, Fuck Off
Angel of ViolenceBullet SpongeBurn Scar (Bury The Past Mix)CRL Studios
AlexDeath DanceDeath Dance (feat. KXYLI & Lazerpunk)
In VeilLunaticLunatic (feat. Sam Astaroth)
BlankEmbrace The Void (Akrasia Mix)Embrace The Void (Akrasia Mix)
Biomechanimal & Mechanical VeinWaves (Blood & Chrome Remix)Waves (Blood & Chrome Remix)Hybrid Blak
Dark Machine NationThe Isolation LPDamned
XentrifugeIn A Shattered MirrorParaliesCleopatra Records
CarrionShatter the SealsShatter the SealsBrutal Resonance Records
3teethParalyze (Feat. Ho99o9)Paralyze (Feat. Ho99o9)Century Media