Bootstomp 0.94 HEARTHIS Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Protectorate II Tribunal  
Sister Cell Escape Plan – Single Money feat. Hostile Architect  
Celina x Starfarer Run Run  
At The Heart Of The World Paroxysm Coalescing/Collapsing Downed Star
Orrphoiz Kill the Gods Electric Crack  
Hate Fueled ///ach1ne Hate_Speech Hate_Speech  
Junksista 0A Phoenix COP International
Normal Bias Normal Bias Another Realm Synthicide
Pro Patria Piercing Through the Armour (unfinished) Out of your Skull  
PVA Blush Untethered Ninja Tune
Signal Aout 42 Prophecies 2022 Insurrection Prophecies (2022 mix)  
Gasoline Invertebrate Bad Fact Crowbroker (Metro Minimal Mix) Tigersquawk Records
Bustié Design the desire Design the desire feat. Hether Fortune  
Intent:Outtake Tic Toc Tod Tic Toc Tod (Damascus Knives Cut) Scanner
Void Palace Hex Machine Thru It  
Emmon Recon Like A Drum Icons Creating Evil Art
Mobiius x Bloody Boy Make Me Make Me Moretin
NNHMN Vampire 2 Vampire 2  
Simon Gag x Grabyourface Sunflower Man Sunflower Man  
Erik Eviston Sickness Sickness Phormix
Go Fight American Slave American Slave Pulseblack
Echoberyl Rising from the Dead (Halloween Edition) Rising from the Dead Mother Solitude Records
Scalameriya 47031 Rokbokx 47
Skull Cultist Blood Carvings Blood Carving Tigersquawk Records
Carrion [ Blood + Diamonds ] Count the Scars Produkt 42
Dirt Factory Beware Of The Machines Rain Viral Records Australia
Chaos Doll Girls Can Be Monsters Too Girls Can Be Monsters Too  
H Λ Z Δ Я D Exigency Virus SubGoth / ECR
St. Digue Countess Of The Night Countess Of The Night  
Dav Dralleon Dungeon Xoth Octoterror Dungeon Xoth Octoterror