Show Artist(s) Release Song Label
0.98 Freakangel Suicidal (Break the Cycle) Suicidal (Break the Cycle) Alfa Matrix
  Blut Reaktor Temple Of Flesh Crimson Skies  
  SINthetik Messiah Unholy (Witch Haus Version) Unholy (Witch Haus Version)  
  Sanity Checks Industrial Side Quest Ape Torso (Batavia remix) Tigersquawk Records
  Maelstrom & Louisahhh Sustained Resistance Vixen RAAR
  Autumns Still In The Thick Of It Fallen Sons Antibody label
  Matt Hart To the Core (Aesthetic Perfection Remix) To the Core (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)  
  Veiled Venus Under The Stone Vol​.​1 Carcosa Bruto Industries
  Circa Tapes Clajsh Clajsh  
  Distorshn Shape & Meshes Under The Stone Vol​.​1 Cybernetic Orgasm Bruto Industries
  Damascus Knives Pussy No Slashes (Living Rent Free mix) Pussy No Slashes (Living Rent Free mix) SquareWav
  Necrø Death Beats Death Beats Regulator Records
  Bestial Mouths  I Am The Spell (Full Metal Witch remix by Hexmaschine)  I Am The Spell (Full Metal Witch remix by Hexmaschine)  
  Mecaník Fabrík Anniversary [RDC V Years] Compilation Ciudad Oscura RDC Music
  Xtr Human Passing Strangers City Hai Haus Arkana
  TÖT No Venimos en Paz (Nobody Knows I Am An) Asshole  
  Comfort Cure Not My Taste Consume It  
  Petrified Entity Lifeline Liquid Despair Infinite Mirror
  Pretty Addicted Trauma Trauma  
  Nuclear Sludge Destroy Destroy  
  thewalkingicon The Days of Swine and Roses (feat. TC75) The Days of Swine and Roses (feat. TC75)  
  Pale Ash Silence My Soul Is On Fire  
  Evil Dust Destitute Destitute  
  The Hanged Man x Extensive Infraction Body Mind Control Mortal Sins SOIL
  Psychic TV Jigsaw (WLDV Edit) Jigsaw (WLDV Edit)  
  Moris Blak w/ S Y Z Y G Y X Procession Procession SHVDOW Records
  Moments of Terror Free Download Series 01 Midnight Welders Regression Records
  Nghtly Kill Your Enemy Dimensional Strength Khoinix
  Scalameriya Nullification EP Nullification Alloy Void+1 Recordings
  Skull Cultist So Happy Break That Fucker Tigersquawk Records
  Znzl Meltdown! Meltdown!  
  Rōnin Hellbound Smith’s Grove Sanitarium S H I S H I
0.97 Mobiius Deadeyes (VIP) Deadeyes (VIP) ATH
  Amelia Arsenic Oxytocin Oxytocin  
  Grimbeard Pure Acid Hell Bite Down Hard  
  Extensive Infarction Unholy Body Tempo Crying S H I S H I
  Matteo Tura To the Ground (feat. Zahia) To the Ground (feat. Zahia)  
  Inconscio Viola Klack / Inconscio Viola Split EP Rabbit On Tuesday SYNTHICIDE
  Chris Keya Emp4thy Emp4thy  
  Cvrbon Decvy Last Transmission Desolation (feat. Cat Hall) Acid Bath Records
  Klack Klack / Inconscio Viola Split EP Frequency SYNTHICIDE
  40 Octaves Below MetaVersUs Shadows  
  Man 2.0 Heathers Blam Blam (Black Light Smoke Remix) Death Decay Magic
  Spankthenun Madman (Single) Madman  
  Semantix Violent Protocol Recoil DKA Records
  Termination_800 Unholy Body Tempo Flesh Is Weak S H I S H I
  Autumns I Didn’t Mean To Send It Twice Autumns is Scum Exterminador
  Dissonance Something Unforgivable Truth  
  Kult303 When The Bough Breaks When The Bough Breaks Crunch Pod
  Deflesh Unholy Body Tempo Muerte O Perdon S H I S H I
  The Hanged Man Punks for Each Other Infernal Instincts GrPunkCrustHC
  Rudiment Zeitenwende Fire! Fire! Fire! feat. Xtr Human WIE EIN GOTT
  Maelstrom & Louisahhh I Am Not a Casualty I Am Not a Casualty RAAR
  Body of Pain Revenge Machine Gun of Love  
  CTSD All Buttons In EP Pandora (Znzl Remix) Wrongnotes
  Neikka RPM Scorpion in the Hourglass Battle Scars Alfa Matrix
  Znzl GegenDigital003 Narcollapsing Gegen Records
  Xentrifuge Last Transmission Taste of Your Sin Acid Bath Records
  Pretty Addicted Heather Heather  
  Marco Leckbert The Sense The Sense Darkground Records
  Muttersprache Perpetuality Perpetuality Scuderia
  Orbasan Paralysed Paralysed Collapse
0.96 Mechanical Vein x Biomechanimal Breakdown (feat. Lecture) Breakdown (feat. Lecture) HYBRID BLAK
  Thermal Noise Awakenings Awakenings PurZynth Rekords
  The Butcherzz & Suxxy Electronic Resistance – Reconstruction ЗСУ Близько! (The ZSU Is Close by!) (feat. Daarina) Side-Line Magazine
  Any Second Enemies (Deluxe) Enemies Among Friends Infacted Recordings
  Bracco Fribourg Remixed Fribourg (Kris Baha Remix) MILK ME
  MissFit Toys The Nine Submit to Slaughter Distortion Productions
  Petrified Entity Petrified Entity Church of Disorder  
  Collin Barr & Bestial Mouths Salvation – R​ä​um Rework Salvation – R​ä​um Rework  
  Bustié feat. B. West Polygon More Mirrors Samo Records
  Konkurs Mind Stimulant Proteus  
  Kenny Campbell I Wish You Were Dead I Wish You Were Dead BARRO
  Damaged Clock Shut Up Psicotoxic Nu Body Records
  Abraxas Dancing as an Act of Rebellion La Maté Porque Era Mía feat. Espectra Negra (SMFORMA vs Morbia remix) SOIL
  Snog Chains Domesticated (7″ Version) Lightarmour Editions
  Randolph & Mortimer Solta No Caos feat. Avnoar Solta No Caos feat. Avnoar  
  Ravetop Marketing Biologico Marketing Biologico  
  Spankthenun (feat. Isserley) Killer Trax (Vol​.​1) Bad Candy Store Acid Bath Records
  Blut Reaktor The Sadist The Sadist  
  Strikkland Bodypop Royal Youth  
  Clock Serum Polygon Falling Around Samo Records
  Arnaud Rebotini I Drive East I Chose Hate Mannequin Records
  Monya Einweg Ausweg Ende Einweg Ausweg Ende feat. Hypnoskull HANDS
  Angel Attack Divine Practicalities Tightening Tension feat. IV Horsemen House of Reptile Records
  Buzz Kull Fascination Last In The Club AVANT! Records
  Ayats-Thorvald Lune Atroce Lune Atroce (Erotico Poetico EBM Edit) Electronic Emergencies
  Skren X X  
  Millhouse House Bells EP Downwards Slide Khazad Records
  Freaky Mind Freaky Mind Get Undressed darkTunes
  Plague Pits Poetry From The Future Solid  
  Maelstrom and Louisahhh The Seed The Seed RAAR
0.95 Damien Hearse Pro Life Death Camp Pro Life Death Camp  
  Unhuman & Petra Flurr Disintegration Verbannt OSM tapes
  Sister Cell XL Bioware  
  Matt Hart Terraform Terraform  
  Sexual Purity Wake Up Wake Up  
  Matteo Tura Ambition Ambition  
  Inva//id The Cruel Division The Cruel Division (Reaped Mix By Haex)  
  Maelstrom and Louisahhh If I Could Hold If I Could Hold RAAR
  General Dynamics Weaponize Your Dreams Cargo 200   
  To Avoid Trust Trust (Single-Edit)  
  Mellow Code Bestraft f​ü​r Leben Bestraft f​ü​r Leben  
  Scarecrow Black Door Black Door Infacted Recordings
  Orange Sector Der Totmacher Der Totmacher (Ruined Conflict Remix) Infacted Recordings
  Venom Vampires Acceded Body Violence Shaddow  
  Ghost Cop End Credits+ You Can Never Go Home  
  SYZYGYX Zeitgeist+ Maniac Cold Transmission Music
  Yansyet Tears of the Motherland Subliminal Khoinix
  TC75 Sun Words 9XO Media
  Spankthenun Blot Out the Sun (Single) Blak Out the Sun (Moris Blak)  
  ELM Penetrator (Bonus Tracks Edition) Rejuvenation Alfa Matrix
  NNHMN Unreal Unreal  
  Minuit Machine 24 Contradictions Synth Religion
  Simon Carter & Fabsi Witch But Not Famous Omens  
  Isserley Cannibal World Cannibal World (Casualty Club Matyas X Remix) Tigersquawk Records
  Maedon Phases 001 V​.A. Vol. 1 Relentless Phases Records
  Füülrod Black Rider Anthem X (feat. Nikhil Rao) HEX Recordings
  The Joy Thieves 6 To 3 Property (StabWalt Remix) Armalyte Industries
  Istigkeit Blades VA Rude Card Pure Hate
  Satanic Hispanic Disobey Disobey Blvsphemy Records
  Mechanical Vein x Moris Blak Cemetery Wind Cemetery Wind Hybrid Blak
0.94 Protectorate II Tribunal  
  Sister Cell Escape Plan – Single Money feat. Hostile Architect  
  Celina x Starfarer Run Run  
  At The Heart Of The World Paroxysm Coalescing/Collapsing Downed Star
  Orrphoiz Kill the Gods Electric Crack  
  Hate Fueled ///ach1ne Hate_Speech Hate_Speech  
  Junksista 0A Phoenix COP International
  Normal Bias Normal Bias Another Realm Synthicide
  Pro Patria Piercing Through the Armour (unfinished) Out of your Skull  
  PVA Blush Untethered Ninja Tune
  Signal Aout 42 Prophecies 2022 Insurrection Prophecies (2022 mix)  
  Gasoline Invertebrate Bad Fact Crowbroker (Metro Minimal Mix) Tigersquawk Records
  Bustié Design the desire Design the desire feat. Hether Fortune  
  Intent:Outtake Tic Toc Tod Tic Toc Tod (Damascus Knives Cut) Scanner
  Void Palace Hex Machine Thru It  
  Emmon Recon Like A Drum Icons Creating Evil Art
  Mobiius x Bloody Boy Make Me Make Me Moretin
  NNHMN Vampire 2 Vampire 2  
  Simon Gag x Grabyourface Sunflower Man Sunflower Man  
  Erik Eviston Sickness Sickness Phormix
  Go Fight American Slave American Slave Pulseblack
  Echoberyl Rising from the Dead (Halloween Edition) Rising from the Dead Mother Solitude Records
  Scalameriya 47031 Rokbokx 47
  Skull Cultist Blood Carvings Blood Carving Tigersquawk Records
  Carrion [ Blood + Diamonds ] Count the Scars Produkt 42
  Dirt Factory Beware Of The Machines Rain Viral Records Australia
  Chaos Doll Girls Can Be Monsters Too Girls Can Be Monsters Too  
  H Λ Z Δ Я D Exigency Virus SubGoth / ECR
  St. Digue Countess Of The Night Countess Of The Night  
  Dav Dralleon Dungeon Xoth Octoterror Dungeon Xoth Octoterror  
0.93 Dirt Factory Troops Of Death Troops Of Death Viral Records Australia
  Pig The Merciless Light No Yes More Less Metropolis Records
  Xtr Human Schwarzes Licht Schwarzes Licht  
  The Soft Moon Exister Answers Sacred Bones Records
  Mona Mur Snake Island Schieldwall GIVE/TAKE
  Tarik Bouisfi You Belong To Me You Belong To Me  
  Powernerd Ghost Me Ghost Me  
  Revizia Chronicles Dark Magic JST Records
  Into The Pale Abyss Revenant Revenant JST Records
  Snog Jaded E​.​P. Spaetzle Machine (DiscoMachine RMX) Lightarmour Editions
  Leperwitch We Stand Breathing Dust  
  Cyanotic This is Glitch Mode Sound the Alarm Glitch Mode Recordings
  Sister Cell Ultimate Ultimate (Null Split remix)  
  Alvabeat Control Control  
  Ces Cadáveres La Union Perfecta Entre El Baile Y El Placer La Union Perfecta Entre El Baile Y El Placer  
  Curse Mackey Immoral Emporium Dead Fingers Talk Negative Gain Productions
  Left For Pleasure Unterschall Compilation #2 Desire Unterschall
  Right Hand Teeth Teeth  
  Lbeeze Modernation Vol​.​4 2 Nights Italo Moderni
  Culturist Culturist / On Artist – Split Red Wet Blood BTBS Records
  Emmon Machines Machines Icons Creating Evil Art
  Chino Modernation Vol​.​4 Shoplifters Italo Moderni
  Kult303 & Machine Wraith Deprive your Basic Instincts Deprive your Basic Instincts  
  Chris Shape feat. Su Eko Miseria Bonus Tape Vol 2 Beware The Dog Miseria
  Aeit They Use Force They Use Force Riot Radio Records
  Vtss Circulus Vitiosus Incredibly Annoying Ninja Tune
  Bestial Mouths We Stand Lost in (Mother Juno Remix)  
  Savage Grounds Miseria – Upperwave Selections Vol. 2 Le Sacrifice Miseria
0.92 Black Agent Parasite Receiver Parasite Receiver Re:Mission Entertainment
  Sine Mantis 2 Jetset eMERGENCY heARTS
  Protectorate Industrial Action Industrial Action (Oldschool Union Remix)  
  UCNX vs. Chemlab Black Snake Voodoo (Tape Hiss) (Club Edit) Black Snake Voodoo (Tape Hiss) (Club Edit)  
  Statische Monotonie Impulsive Repulsive Impulsive Repulsive Pink Bunker Ltd
  Anthony (H) The Dark Side Remix EP The Dark Side (Spankthenun Remix)  
  Any Second Scalpel Scalpel Infacted Recordings
  Lazerpunk Synthicate Countach NewRetroWave
  Stahlschlag A Zone of Silence Crushed March (feat. Morbid Echo)  
  Resistor Combustion Combustion  
  Inva//id x Male Tears Illuminate Illuminate  
  Archon Of The Fairlight Obscenity (Adam Erebus Remix) Obscenity (Adam Erebus Remix)  
  Nghtly Il Venerdì Dell’Arte Please Leave Me Alone! X-IMG
  Ksylen Ksylen [EP] Shacking Drones Vumantra
  Nasdrowie Dystatik – Various Artists III Cold Storage DYSTATIK
  Heiniche Electric Devil feat. Primi (ManMindMachine) Electric Devil feat. Primi (ManMindMachine) Tinnitorturous
  Moris Blak x Laibach Tanz Mit Umbra (Moris Blak Festival Edit) Tanz Mit Umbra (Moris Blak Festival Edit)  
  Caustic x Grabyourface Not Your Body Not Your Body  
  Zenau Unsatisfied Desires Strap Me Up SOIL
  Aeon Rings Fully Operational Fully Operational Negative Gain Productions
  Street Sects X Amount X Amount  
  Mind | Matter À Travers L’Ach​é​ron À Travers L’Ach​é​ron  
  Jørgen Thorvald Structures Europe Babylon A-TRACTION
  Mala Sangre In_volutio In_volutio  
  Marco Leckbert RITUAL​Ø​4 Euphoria OMEN Recordings
  Carnal Machinery Void Void  
  40 Octaves Below Splintered (Single) Splintered (Anthony (H) Remix)  
  2XNI Mauer EP Zwischen Unseren Mauern Drec
0.91 Kanka + Bodewell Herzblut Marathon Infacted Recordings
  Rotfox Flesh Flesh  
  Aesthetic Perfection A New Drug (International Cartel Version) A New Drug (International Cartel Version feat. Chris Pohl, Javi Ssagittar, Julien Kidam & Maria Mar)  
  Priest Body Machine Blacklisted Blue Nine
  Celina Corrupted By You Corrupted By You  
  White Ritual In & Out XXSlave darkTunes
  Synphic Requiem Umbra ATH
  Maduro Night Parade Open the Sky  
  Carbon Decay Fvck (Featuring Ashley Bad) Fvck (Featuring Ashley Bad)  
  Cellmod Humans Good Human (Bad Human Version)  
  Stahlschlag Doomed (Feat. Ultra) Doomed (Feat. Ultra)  
  Sarin РУХ 01 Hexogen Worn Pop
  Dina Summer Rimini Dominator Iptamenos Discos
  Nuclear Sludge Unhuman Unhuman  
  Mobiius Talk2Me Talk2Me ATH
  Exsect Opéra Mécanique Punishment Inflicted  
  Comfort Cure They Told You Wrong They Told You Wrong  
  Persona Non Grata Trauma Testar Allt Möjligt Mosaique Records
  Ayria This Is My Battle Cry No One Asked You Artoffact Records
  Fairy Pussy Vidrios Vidrios  
  Locked Club It’s My Rave It’s My Rave Boysnoize Records
  Kevorkian Death Cycle Injection: 01 Veal Negative Gain Productions
  Slighter Welcome to Riot City Firefight On Warrett Street (Planetdamage Remix) Brutal Resonance Records
  Rorganic Moaning Moaning  
  Delectro Mass Control EP Mass Control Dame-Music
  Manni Dee The World Goes On Without You Pillow Princess  
  Umwelt Dead Eyes Society LP Light Chaser Monnom Black
  Suicide Commando Goddestruktor (Limited Edition) Jesus Freak Out Of Line Music
0.90 Twin Rattler Face to Face Face to Face skyQode
  Technodevil #RDC_Music Vol​.​II Fight or Flight RDC Music
  The Undertaker’s Tapes Hostile Responses & Provocations 3 Bound Depth.Request
  The Operating Tracks Once And For All Testify (feat. Rein) Progress Productions
  Amnistia We All Bleed Red (Deluxe Edition) Caged  
  Razorback Hollow The Third Kind Season of the Witch III  
  Lazerpunk & Max Brhon Do Not Disturb Do Not Disturb NewRetroWave
  Smash Stereo Ritual Ritual  
  Batavia Batavia and their Friends Forever Mailman (Express Mix) Tigersquawk Records
  Capsules of Energy Define Me Define Me  
  Panterah Discover Discover  
  None of Your Concern Hard Heart Hard Heart  
  Massive Luxury Overdose Climax Drive  
  Cloven Fete Future Trippin’ Interdimensional  
  ΣΕΘ Spooks, Specters & Ghosts Dominion Re:Mission Entertainment
  Damaged Clock Circulo Vicioso Party Time TJALK RECORDS
  Skren Tunnel (Alen Skanner Remix) Tunnel (Alen Skanner Remix)  
  Maduro Feels Like Sin (Single) Feels Like Sin  
  Ein Sir Codex One V4 (Code of Coduct) Wände aus Schmerz Mente Rota
  Psygore Kinky Girls Are Ruining My Life! Kinky Girls Are Ruining My Life!  
  White Ring Collected Remixes Vol​.​1 I Need A Way (Confines 2am NYC Remix)  
  Terence Fixmer feat. Reka Murder 04 | Various Artists Quod Servus Murder
  Stoneburner This Machine Kills This Machine Kills COP International
  Mila Dietrich Dark Cruising Dark Cruising  
  Fluid Ghost Persuasion Deluxe I’m Done Being Drained Mother Solitude Records
  Kant Kino Enough! (Demo) Enough! (Demo)  
  Moris Blak with Kofin Malevolent Malevolent SHVDOW Records
  New Frames Ashes Ashes (feat. Phase Fatale) BITE
0.89 Sawlo x Celina Payback Payback  
  40 Octaves Below Algorithmic (Single) Algorithmic (Anthony (H) Remix)  
  Xotox Leben Und Sterben Für Musik Aus Strom Leben Und Sterben Für Musik Aus Strom Infacted Recordings
  Straight Razor Vol. 2 Enemy Negative Gain Productions
  Mordacious Witches of the Zodiac Chosen One  
  Extra Terra & Rogue VHS Renegade (Single) Renegade  
  ΣΕΘ Asylum Asylum feat. Persona SubGoth / ECR
  Antigen Shift Talk Talk  
  Ninetwelve Aeternus Memoria: Honouring Those Affected by Cancer Clear Cell  
  Meduxa Aeternus Memoria: Honouring Those Affected by Cancer The Fool  
  Sine Control (Leæther Strip Remix) Control (Leæther Strip Remix) eMERGENCY heARTS
  Black Magnet Body Prophecy Floating in Nothing 20 Buck Spin
  Attrition Aeternus Memoria: Honouring Those Affected by Cancer The Alibi (Microwaved Minimal Mix)  
  Transhuman Rebirth Preparing Singularity Drone War Possession Records
  Comfort Cure Rain On The Bar Rain On The Bar  
  Matt Hart Absolute Zero (Rotersand Classic Ride Rework) Absolute Zero (Rotersand Classic Ride Rework)  
  Pig Baptise Bless & Bleed Speak Of Sin Armalyte Industries
  VTSS Make You Scream Make You Scream Ninja Tune
  Archon Of The Fairlight Fatal Exception RE:PETITION  
  NNHMN For the Comfort of your Exstazy Omen  
  Rendered The Instinct Series 005 Democrazy House of Reptile Records
  Minuit Machine Lion in a Cage Lion in a Cage Synth Religion
  Psyclon Nine Money and Sex and Death Money and Sex and Death Metropolis Records
  New Frames Dread Materialized Variation Is A Feature Not A Flaw HAVEN
  Flux XIIIe OEIL DTA (feat. Esther) Harbor Concept
  Darzack & Öspiel Rhizom Subterranean Stem Airfono
  Strikkland Demonic Demonic Bullmatin Records
  Haex Reflections Leviathan (Locked Girl Remix)  
0.88 Sexual Purity Khmary Khmary  
  Sister Cell Cell Shock – Single Cell Shock  
  Carbon Decay Chvos Chvos  
  Celina x Xelazed Initialization Complete Initialization Complete  
  Red Deviil Monster Reborn Occulus Infernum Detriti Records
  Damascus Knives You Want Control You Want Control SquareWav
  Souldz Lord Of Shadows Lord Of Shadows  
  Lights Out, God Help Me Machine Music United – 2022 Collective Sampler Electronic Body Horror (Demo Version) Machine Music United
  Diverje Futronik Structures Vol​.​11 (Disc 1) Hate the Hate (Electroaggression Mix) DSBP Records
  Moris Blak x Daddybear x Grabyourface Crimes of Passion Crimes of Passion  
  Larva Carne Para La Picadora I Need Nobody, I Need Nothing Advoxya Records
  Bleeding In Silence Behind In Life Behind In Life  
  Divine Native Love (Facets Step by Step Edit) Native Love (Facets Step by Step Edit)  
  BabyChaos Babylon Babylon Cleopatra Records
  Mobiius Inside Inside  
  ELM Steel Hope EP Sex Junkie Alfa Matrix
  Tragic Impulse Distant Worlds Technoslave Distortion Productions
  Absynthe Of Faith Machine Music United – 2022 Collective Sampler All Mighty Machine Music United
  Ethan Fawkes & Dreadfool Some Fall Some Fall Nu Body Records
  New Town Ground Violent Circles Swallow It Whole Still Distant Records
  Öspiel Demian Tools 01- Screwdriver EP Blades And Shades Demian Records
  First Aid 4 Souls I Am The Night (Bonus Version) I Am The Night Alfa Matrix
  Crystal Geometry I Stare Into Darkness Messe Noire  
  Skren Chaos Existent  
  Hitchcock Guillotine For the People: Volume 1 Ukraine Killing Tomorrow (Ft Roland Zwaga & Hide Tepes)  
  Sine Mantis 1 Attack eMERGENCY heARTS
0.87 Supreme Court Avid For Revenge There Is No Way Out Infacted Recordings
  Anthony (H) Sometimes Shadows Breathe EP The Dark Side  
  Mechanical Vein Feel Your Noise – Remixed Feel Your Noise feat. Faderhead (TriS Remix) HYBRID BLAK
  Archon Of The Fairlight Dogmatic Dogmatic  
  ESA One Missed Call EP Hyena (C-LEKKTOR Remix) Negative Gain Productions
  Black Agent Industrial Ruination Strange Like Me Re:Mission Entertainment
  Tarik Bouisfi Die Die  
  Inva//id Re​-​Load Re​-​Load  
  Landscape Body Machine No Cable 2022 Remix EP No Cable 2022  
  Civil Hate Honor y Dignidad Traidor DarkSounds Records
  Death Loves Veronica Corruption for the Insidious Hate Me  
  I Speak Machine War Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) (War Mix)  
  Puerta Negra Costo Humano Violencia  
  Filmmaker Fictional Portrayals Fictional Portrayals VEYL
  Wychdoktor Resistanz Festival Soundtrack 2022 Idols Digital World Audio
  Meshes Deviate VA004 Be Ready To Fight DEVIATE rec
  Skold Dead God I Hate Cleopatra Records
  Spankthenun Dominate II  Dominate (Anthony (H) Remix)  
  Evil Dust The Agitator The Agitator  
  Impressive Faktoria Impressive Faktoria Impressive Faktoria Black Leather Records
  :Wumpscut: For Those About To Starve Justin Kohlenklau Metropolis Records
  Damaged Clock VA. 4 Years SXK SOIL
  Hostile Architect :​​:Ex​​-Log​​:​​: Remanufacture Me (EP) Power Overwhelming (Gold Mix) Brutal Resonance Records
  Munsinger 20​+​2 Inner Pride (Feat Kiddo) A-TRACTION
  VII Circle Fucking Hammers [Book Two] Doom Green Fetish Records
  Crystal Geometry Mindcut 23 – Behaviour Of Matter Deathwish Mindcut Music
  Hocico HyperViolent Acts of Aggression Out Of Line Music
0.86 Le Crabe Amour Unilatéral – The Remixes Amour Unilatéral (Pantser Fabriek remix) Nu Body Records
  40 Octaves Below Serketre (Single) Serketre  
  Xtr Human G​.​O​.​L​.​D / Technofossil remix split Leben ohne Licht (Qual Remix) Braid Records
  The Marquis Plague Years Threat (feat. 89st)  
  Teknovore The Theseus Paradox Relinquish Your Flesh (feat. Neon Decay) Infacted Recordings
  RNZЯ Chaotic Erotica (Single) Chaotic Erotica  
  Antibody I Don’t Understand I Don’t Understand (Matt Hart Remix) darkTunes
  Termination_800 Opfor Target Organization feat. Xtr Human Crave Tapes
  Matteo Tura x Biomechanimal Corrupt Corrupt  
  Moris Blak x Moaan Exis State Rejects / Moments of Dissent State Rejects feat. grabyourface (iVardensphere Remix) HYBRID BLAK
  Simon Carter and Fabsi The Bitches Potion The Witching Hour (Moaan Exis Remix)  
  Matt Hart Below the Terra Pt. 1 Absolute Zero  
  Autumns Detriti Split 5 All The Hoods Like To Hold Hands Detriti Records
  Figure Section Mirages Quicksands Antibody label
  Comfort Cure Cuts the Line Dreaming Tarmac  
  Wychdoktor vs. ESA Hold Your Forked Tongue Hold Your Forked Tongue  
  Klubovader Chokepoint Overdrive Expiation Nation (New Cut Version) Tigersquawk Records
  Statiqbloom Threat Capacity Of Brutality Sonic Groove
  Orange Sector The Work Is Done The Work Is Done (Short Aggression Mix) Infacted Recordings
  Hostile Architect Power Overwhelming (Alpha Mix) Power Overwhelming (Alpha Mix) Brutal Resonance Records
  Rorganic x Smile on the Sinner Exceed Your Mind Intro  
  Savage Grounds Hidden By The Night Somewhere Sinister (Kleio’s Voice) She Lost Kontrol
  Minuit Machine Don’t Run From The Fire – Remix Edition Danger (Crystal Geometry Remix) Synth Religion
  Maduro Perfect Death Way to Die Crunch Pod
  Mala Sangre Meta_violence Meta_violence  
  Crystal Geometry Solidarität Aus Berlin Volume 02 Oppression Solidaritaet Aus Berlin
  Qual Re​-​animated VR Slaves (The Soft Moon Remix) X-IMG
  Metamatik Grey Matter Grey Matter Shoknova Records
0.85 Trace Amount Anti Body Language Tone and Tenor (feat. Kanga) Federal Prisoner
  Moris Blak X Moaan Exis State Rejects / Moments of Dissent  Moments of Dissent (Mechanical Vein Remix) HYBRID BLAK
  Third Realm Fuck Your Warship Fuck Your Warship  
  Kofin Neo Coven: Modded Sect Hex Code (Sentinel Complex mix)  
  Into The Pale Abyss The Darkness Within EP Gods Of War (feat. Souldz) JST Records
  Live Evil Productions vs. Anthony (H) Live Evil Productions VS. Anthony (H) – Lemme Go EP Lemme Go (Live Evil Style)  
  Absolute Valentine Broken Matrix Broken Matrix Lazerdiscs Records
  Emmon & Processor Hole Digger Hole Digger  
  Autumns Mouth Closed Strong Man Competition Detriti Records
  Matt Hart Below the Terra Pt. 1 I Am Overlord  
  Sarin Lethal Aid Learn to Fight X-IMG
  Local Suicide & Skelesys No Evidence Weird Encounters Samo Records
  Sextile Modern Weekend / Contortion Contortion Felte Records
  Rein x Djedjotronic Transmutation EP Transmutation Boysnoize Records
  Extize Boomstick Boomstick darkTunes
  Dead Lights Doom Doom Trash Run COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  Black Dahlia Lethal Aid Anno Blast X-IMG
  Gasoline Invertebrate Cracked Wax Battery Third Eye Turned Inside Out Tigersquawk Records
  Scalameriya Aeon Core Aeon Core Perc Trax
  Skren N M D N M D  
  Heart Peaks Running Elsewhere Schyzophrenia Nu Body Records
  Rue Oberkampf Liebe Control  
  Dasha Rush Dark & Filthy El Kinky Sonic Groove
  DI*ove DI​*​version EBM feat. Nina (Old Brew Mix)  
  Against I O​.​M​.​G Scum (Teknovore Remix) Insane Records
  Statische Monotonie Human Decomposition Human Decomposition  
  EAS Core Values Vol. 1 Beautiful Thing CRISIS OF MAN
  Salem Unsigned Ghoul Cave Ghoul Cave  
  Barcoder Lotek Sessions Dying To Try (Glue On Smile Remix) CRL Studios
  Sever The Servants Dread Bloom Dread Bloom Produkt 42
0.84 Leæther Strip The Other Man – A Front 242 Tribute 7rain Læbel
  Magnavolt Punish and Enslave Punish and Enslave  
  Alucvrd Nail Fetish Hate God Nail Fetish Hate God  
  Chem Aorta Niebakraj Insane Records
  ESA Designer Carnage Hyena Negative Gain Productions
  Powernerd Violence Violence feat. Requiem Lazerdiscs Records
  Mobiius Choke Choke  
  Ulisess Lustfuckness EP 堕堕堕堕堕堕堕  
  Moris Blak x Moaan Exis State Rejects / Moments of Dissent State Rejects (ft. grabyourface) HYBRID BLAK
  Junksista Fuck Your Pretty Face Fuck Your Pretty Face COP International
  Lazerpunk Heavy Weapon Heavy Weapon (feat. Alexis Mincolla) NewRetroWave
  Bow Ever Down & Doomdriver I Will Destroy You I Will Destroy You  
  At The Heart Of The World Inosculate Synchrony Downed Star
  Steinhart No Control No Control Rauschkonzern Records
  DeadDollDonor MindBender(Angelspit remix) MindBender(Angelspit remix)  
  Miss Kittin + The Hacker Ostbahnhof Ostbahnhof Nobody’s Bizzness
  Snog Eight Offerings For The Undead Domesticated Metropolis Records
  Black Dahlia Semantic Satiation Semantic Satiation  
  Autumns Tasteless Bogside Voodoo L.A.U.R.A.
  Sidewalks and Skeletons Exorcism Eternal Rest (feat. Cashforgold) Re:Mission Entertainment
  Maedon Now I Am Become Death Everything Is Not OK Sonic Groove
  Klubovader The Tigersquawk Records Missed​-​A​-​Con 2022 Super Sampler Sadistic Agency (Missed-A-Con X-Clusive Ver000) Tigersquawk Records
  Komradekomputer Commie Body Music EP Better Off Red Than Inbred Tigersquawk Records
  Sissy Misfit 5oMaNce: five stages of romance Worship  
  Znzl Gaze Upon Mainframe Core Persephonic Sirens
  Shad Shadows Prismatic Destroy  
  Erie Loch Cold and Bare the No Devotion Records Files 2021​/​2022 Pragma No Devotion Records
  Joefarr I See You E.P. I See You Hydraulix
0.83 Haex Aethyr Abyss Void Cvrtain  
  ElektroTerapi Diagnose: Liebe Forget  
  Assalm, Revizia Neurogulag / Templar Templar Moretin
  Vulture Culture Necronom Within Toxic  
  Skren Staub Staub  
  Ultimate Soldier Konstruktor Selfdestruction DSBP Records
  Dawn of Ashes Scars of the Broken EMDR Artoffact Records
  Ke?zifi?es Dissonance [TBA] Dissonance  
  Akahi Termoiónico Sorry but no Absu Lab
  Local Suicide, Skelesys You Are Mine EP Naked & Confused Snap, Crackle & Pop
  Autumns The Semiconscious System Elbow Grease Idlestates Recordings
  Violent Vickie The Gloom (Dimension 23 Remix) The Gloom (Dimension 23 Remix)  
  Mascarpone Structures – EP Modulated Society  
  Lestat & Lady Maru Bloody & Teary Country Expectations Routine Records
  Meshes feat Iron Court Termoiónico ???????? (Instinct) Absu Lab
  Filmmaker Eternal Wound Red Lights feat. Anne Artikel kontralamakina
  Missing Witness Crawling Down The Feast  
  Salem Unsigned Ritual Performance Ritual Performance  
  Human Experiments feat. Winston Choppa Ketten Ketten  
  San Lopez Be My Angel Genesis Valhalla
0.82 Haex Aethyr Abyss Void Cursebreaker  
  Sierra See Me Now See Me Now  
  ESA Designer Carnage One Missed Call Negative Gain Productions
  Social Noise Oni Talking Fill-Lex Records
  Raw Ambassador Die Zukunft Ira Idlestates Recordings
  Slighter x Moris Blak The Hunt [Retcon] The Hunt (Retcon Version) Confusion Inc.
  Full Contact69 Infected Cerebral Trigger Determinate PLANET69
  Fairy Pussy Miseria – Upperwave Selections Vol. 1 Dogma Miseria
  Cryo Valium EP Valium Progress Productions
  Vein Cramp Electrofrequent Vol​.​1 Without End (V_2k21) Electrofrequent
  89s† & Petra Flurr Tears for Fears 4 Sag Es Mir SOIL
  Matt Hart Decimate Decimate  
  Requiem Rust We Came For Blood We Came For Blood  
  The Undertaker’s Tapes Feed Your Demons Cleansed by Blood Frenesia
  SINthetik Messiah Religious Soldier EP Religious Soldier  
0.81 Null Cell Nemesis Nemesis Machine Man Records
  Zirkular Dion Bandit Ад Detriti Records
  Dirt Factory Systems Deleted Factory Assimilation Viral Records Australia
  Orange Sector Alles Wird Gold No Justice – No Peace Infacted Recordings
  Leæther Strip Throwing Bones II – A Skinny Puppy Tribute Dig It Læbel
  Magnavolt Motoko – Part Two (Demo Disc) Warzone Kenta Records
  Trace Amount Endless Render 2​.​0 Pop Up Morgues (Qual Remix)  
  Matteo Tura Lumen Lumen  
  Smash Stereo Versus Versus  
  Daddybear Boss Bitch Boss Bitch (feat. grabyourface)  
  Deathline International Parasite Parasite (Stabbing Westward / Christopher Hall Remix) COP International
  Thorr x Kofin Pain Pain  
  Sierra Control Control  
  Sexual Purity My Cage My Cage  
  Mobiius Smolder Smolder Moretin
  Baroque Embrace Your Design feat.Philosophique Girl  
  Molly Noise Profane Feminine The Cold Earth Awaits Your Bones  
  Sian Future Primitive Remixes Part One Burning (Cardopusher Remix) Octopus Records
  Pantser Fabriek Stand Your Ground Stand Your Ground  
  Faderhead All Black Everything All Black Everything  
  Red Deviil Inframundo Burning Flames OSM tapes
  Extra Terra Zion The Sentinel  
  Full Contact69 Infected Cerebral Trigger Infected Cerebral Trigger PLANET69
  Mila Dietrich You Should Have Saved Me Sonner Drive and Cry (Sigmar remix)  
  Arnaud Rebotini New Territory No More Love (No More Hate) VEYL
  Killer Instinct x Microchip Terror First Encounter Containment First Encounter Containment  
  Meshes Spirit, Joy Joy Sagol
  NNHMN Your Body v​.​2 Your Body v​.​2  
  Jørgen Thorvald Aural Transmission Human Rights UNKNOWN PLEASURES RECORDS
  Znzl Coaxial Frames Carrier Wave Genesa Records
  BFVR Birds Mansion Birds Mansion (Umwelt Remix) Fever Recordings
  Diazepin VASSTR02 Sidewalk Corner Sestra Records
  Angelspit Diesel Priest What Ever Happened to Uncle Sam?  
  Crystal Geometry Rubber Flesh Vengeance Rubber Mind Recordings
  Scarlit Port Highness Homa Highness Homa Nurse Records
0.80 Orange Sector Angstmann Angstmann (Kreign Remix) Infacted Recordings
  The Marquis End of the Line: Corroded and Broken Sensibilita Numerica Strange Therapy
  Decent News Televisual Televisual Machine Man Records
  Elija Contract EP Gypsy Corruption BODY MUSICK
  Molotov Lust Molotov Lust Ahead of the Curve Hush Club Ltd.
  Leather Not Pleather It’s A Sick World But Someone’s Gotta Love It Gets You Off Decaying Orbit Records
  Rein Reincarnated Dub Mixes (Vol. 1) Reincarnate (Boys Noize Dub Mix) Boysnoize Records
  Vū + Prvntk VĀ 01 OBE Vumantra
  Hxnging_Rxven Nevxrxven Ghost Town Hero  
  Null Cell Nemesis Blade’s Edge Machine Man Records
  Hooverlordz Red Alert (Civil Hate Remix) Red Alert (Version) Sector Industrial
  Diverje Purge the World Before Live to Fight DSBP Records
  Spammerheads Bricks for Reconstruction Nothing More SOIL
  Fluid Ghost End​-​Stage Photophobia (Mini​-​Album) 5 AM Syndrome Mother Solitude Records
  Visitor Technofossil / G​.​O​.​L​.​D remix split Double Life (Kontravoid Remix) Braid Records
  Siva Six DeathCult Psychopath Alfa Matrix
  Happy707 HC016 Tortura y Exterminio Hypnotic Connection
  Schwefelgelb Dahinter Das Gesicht (Remastered) Durch Die Haare Die Stirn (Remastered) n-PLEX
  Years of Denial Utopia Vanished: From Enslavement to Reiteration Done and Dusted VEYL
  Mala Sangre Fear Is Your Only God Fear Is Your Only God  
  Tension Control Ton aus Strom Kraftsport  
  Rhys Fulber Brutal Nature Stare at the Sun (feat. Sara Taylor)  
  Manni Dee Ft. Louisahhh End The Silence VA EP Machismo Dance Elements
  Znzl Where Blooms The Sacred Dispeller Of Darkness Demian Records
  Dreadfool We Should Fight We Should Fight (Ethan Fawkes remix) Nu Body Records
0.79 Slighter + R.A. Desilets Broken Unknown (Affect Effect Remix) Broken Unknown (Affect Effect Remix) Confusion Inc.
  Exo-Kult Knife Wounds Eliminate Viral Records Australia
  Requiem Rust Beneath the Crimson City Beneath the Crimson City  
  Chris Keya, Ian Urbina Criminals (The Noam Chomsky Music Project) Mercenaries  
  Revizia Nightmare Nightmare  
  MissFit Toys Rise to Arms (Moris Blak Remix) Rise to Arms (Moris Blak Remix)  
  INVA//ID The Dissociation EP Dissociate (Trauma Remix)  
  Matteo Tura & Sierra Inner Speech Burn  
  Matt Hart RDC & Terror Night: Halloween Edition 2021 Terrorfying v2 RDC Music
  Elektrosekt Your Sex Your Sex Shoknova Records
  Daddybear Hypnotic (feat. Grabyourface) Hypnotic (feat. Grabyourface)  
  Nova State Machine RDC & Terror Night: Halloween Edition 2021 Truth and Fear (Destiny Mix) RDC Music
  Suicide Commando Trick or Treat Trick or Treat Out Of Line Music
  Years of Denial & Alexey Volkov Utopia Vanished: From Enslavement to Reiteration Confess (Alternative Version) VEYL
  Null Cell Nemesis Judgement Pays (Good Cop) Machine Man Records
  Diverje Purge the World Before Panic Virus DSBP Records
  Anthony (H) Double Down EP Calm Before The Storm (Moaan Exis Remix) Champion Beats
  Pantser Fabriek Only Now! Only Now!  
  Terence Fixmer x Phase Fatale Fünfzehn + 1 Cigarette Glow Ostgut Ton
  Blue Ant vs. Stahlschlag Amalgam Dissolution 8 Dyxtopia Records
  O/X Falling Into Falling Into (Physical Wash Remix) DREAM
  DHI (death and horror inc) The Idiot Parade EP The Idiot Parade (Sardonic)  
  Sigint Fear Fear (Ft. Daveoramma)  
  Louisahhh The Practice of Freedom (Deluxe) Make Me He.She.They
  Kota Kira The Netherworld Beckons Serpents Re:Mission Entertainment
  Sept Sensation Seeker Sensation Seeker voxnox
  Acid Replika Privacy Invasion Privacy Invasion Revok Records
  The Fair Attempts Signals All Directions, All The Way  
  EAS Tsukuyomi Mr. Unchained OMEN Recordings
0.78 Cora Novoa The Hive Remixes The Hive (Louisahhh Remix) Citizen Records
  Arnaud Rebotini Workout (This Is a Quarantine EP6) The Masquerade (Cardopusher Remix) Blackstrobe Records
  The Horrorist Programmed Programmed (Thomas P. Heckmann Remix) aufnahme + wiedergabe
  Dave Inox Missconceptual Feat. HIV+ Danger Signal (Remix by Iron Court) UNKNOWN PLEASURES RECORDS
  Sydney Valette Город Болит Mоя сестра (Iron Court Remix) RND. Records
  SMFORMA SMFORMA La Bruja Madre (Years of Denial Remix) Diffuse Reality Records
  Radikal Kuss Der Anfang Der Schlach Dark Light (Remix by Dave Inox) UNKNOWN PLEASURES RECORDS
  Schwefelgelb Rubedo Edition Fokus (Sarin Remix) Khemia Records
  Randolph & Mortimer Exclude​/​Divide Exclude/Divide (Illnurse Remix)  
  Kutkh Jackdaw Sweat & Thunder EP + Remixes Sweat & Thunder (Evil Dust Remix) Dark Disco
  Ethan Fawkes You Believe In You Believe In (Dave Inox remix) Nu Body Records
  Louisahhh Feral Rhythm Feral Rhythm (Maelstrom Remix) RAAR
0.77 Trace Amount + Qual Alien Dust Alien Dust Faktor Music
  Silence in Machine The Fruit of the Rotten Tree (Pt​.​2) Poison My Heart (feat. Chaos Doll)(Chaos Master Mix)  
  Spankthenun The Bunker Tapes Vol II I Am The Fire  
  Grabyourface Rob the Bank Rob the Bank Negative Gain Productions
  Jim Davies Prey Later The Bar Is Low Armalyte Industries
  Kota Kira Candlelight (feat. Ziiri) (R A Y N Remix) Candlelight (feat. Ziiri) (R A Y N Remix) Re:Mission Entertainment
  ΣΕΘ(SET) T​.​V. People T​.​V. People SubGoth / ECR
  Kofin Neo Coven Neo Coven  
  Faderhead Halloween Spooky Queens v2021 Halloween Spooky Queens v2021  
  Pig Drugged Dangerous & Damned Pain is God (Youth Code Remix) Armalyte Industries
  Rare DM Rolex Rolex  
  Null Cell Over The Top Wireframe Genocide Machine Man Records
  Matt Hart To the Core To the Core  
  Landscape Body Machine Structure – 25th Anniversary Remaster No Cable (2021 remaster)  
  Invalid User Asphyxia Maleficios (ft. Dirty Harry) Of Dolls and Murder
  Potochkine Sortilèges Possédée  
  Bloodpanic Dark Night Dark Night  
  Leæther Strip Æppreciation V I Sit On Acid Cleopatra Records
  Evil Dust Round the Clock Round the Clock  
  IV Horsemen Liftoff Off The Grid SOIL
  Romy Cosm No Narrative CLIMAX!
  Suffer Ring Hands Hands Re:Mission Entertainment
  Kloud Parasite Parasite  
  Larva Into the Void Afraid to Die Advoxya Records
  Simon Carter Simon Simon (Dirty)  
  Roüge Anti Hero Anti Hero RAW
  Diverje Purge the World Before We Purge DSBP Records
  Biomechanimal King of Cups King of Cups HYBRID BLAK
  Yetzer Hara Liebe Mich Liebe Mich (feat. Cat Hall/Dissonance) (Submission Mix)  
  Alessandro Nero The Dying Of The Outer​-​Self We Awful The Brvtalist
0.76 Static Logic Chasing Ghosts Volume 2 Drown (feat. Slighter) CRL Studios
  Moris Blak Lament Configurations: From Hell We Rise Candyman SubGoth / ECR
  Curse Mackey Lacerations Lacerations Negative Gain Productions
  Lucia Honey Self Help Hounds of Bareback (feat. Bustié)  
  Dread Risks Obliteration Complex Obliteration Complex Re:Mission Entertainment
  Patient Zero Brutalette Be The Ghost  
  Urban Matrix Raw Industrial Beats La Ragazza Che Sapeva Troppo  
  89s† feat. Cruz de Cal & Petra Flurr Terrorize Mortals We’re Here S H I S H I
  Nghtly Animi Introversi Blood HOME MORT
  Sine Desire, Denial and Paramania Virtual Realitease eMERGENCY heARTS
  T[ERROR] Homicide Homicide  
  One Flesh.Infektion. feat. XTR Human Terrorize Mortals Nimm Dir Alles S H I S H I
  Stoneburner Apex Predator A Decade of Assassins COP International
  The Operating Tracks Poison ID (feat. Emma Anitchka) Poison ID (feat. Emma Anitchka) Progress Productions
  Kontravoid Faceless Nitrous  
  Years of Denial Gegen Decade III Pleasure Gegen Records
  Years Of Denial Deviate VA003 Resonance DEVIATE rec
  Louisahhh & Wax Wings Harder Now Harder Now He.She.They
  Diverje Purge the World Before Lunatic On The Loose DSBP Records
  Makornik Invasion! EP WTTFJ Wrongnotes
  Matt Hart Lament Configurations: From Hell We Rise Event Horizon SubGoth / ECR
  Kota Kira Lament Configurations: From Hell We Rise In The House, In A Heartbeat SubGoth / ECR
  Not My God Simulacra Mirage Mirage Metropolis Records
0.75 Spankthenun Off Beatings Off Beatings – (feat. Claus Larsen) (Eva X Mix)  
  Josie Pace and Sammi Doll Pure Morning Pure Morning Negative Gain Productions
  Konqistador Hey Man, Nice Shot Hey Man, Nice Shot  
  Hocico Backstabbers Backstabbers Out Of Line Music
  Dracula Party Video Wasteland Monster Dog  
  Exo-Kult Bring Out The Dead Bring Out The Dead Viral Records Australia
  Teknovore Synth Massacre Spheres Brutal Resonance Records
  Revizia Dejavu Dejavu  
  Tenebrax Plan B Plan B FiXT Noir
  Not My God Simulacra The Underneath Metropolis Records
  Lewdo Zlex (of Pill Brigade) Mini EP With Bitter Disgust Tigersquawk Records
  LazyboyProactive Future Species Future Species (Sirus Remix) Slice Records
  Civil Hate Elite Get the Fvck Off DarkSounds Records
  Capsules of Energy Dead Inside Dead Inside  
  New Fabrik Made in Decade of Terror First Hammer kontralamakina
  Diverje Purge the World Before The World Before DSBP Records
  Chasing Sanity Salem 1666 (Varicella Remix) Salem 1666 (Varicella Remix) Machine Man Records
  Agnis Slavic Witch Slavic Witch darkTunes
  Corvx I Hear Violence I Hear Violence  
  JG and the Robots Roboter In Berlin (Deutschsprachiger) (feat. Jean​-​Luc De Meyer) Roboter In Berlin (Deutschsprachiger) (feat. Jean​-​Luc De Meyer) eMERGENCY heARTS
  Midnight Nightmare Corrosive Hate Suppression (Industrial Club Mix)  
  VNZO Santiago Centro Visualize Body Musick
  Vanishing Heat Under The Subway Under The Subway (Deadlight Vocal Mix)  
  Hostile Architect Lowgradelife Measure Twice Brutal Resonance Records
  Matthew Creed The Chapel of Lines Broken Alfa Matrix
  Fairy Pussy Divine Divine  
  Blue Eyed Christ World On Fire Remixes World On Fire (Dogtablet Remix) Distortion Productions
  Radikal Kuss Crack Their Law War Barro
  Mickey Dagger I Want to Be A Cowboy I Want to Be A Cowboy Samo Records
  Ethan Fawkes Unification of Harsh Realities Vol​.​1 The Killing Arises N.I.M Tapes
  Psychosomatik Carnal Pleasure Remixed Carnal Pleasure (Matt Hart Remix)  
  SNTS The Unfinished Fight Against Humanity Remixed Hopeless (Paula Temple’s Descent Into Madness Remix) SNTS Records
  I Hate Models Werewolf Disco Club Werewolf Disco Club Disco Inferno
  LILAC//WEB IVINFVRs (Microchip Terror Remix) IVINFVRs (Microchip Terror Remix)  
0.74 Static Logic Chasing Ghosts Volume 1 Let The Boreal Burn (feat. Gerry of Avarice In Audio) CRL Studios
  Sine Desolate District (feat. Chris Connely) (Meat Beat Manifesto Remix) Desolate District (feat. Chris Connely) (Meat Beat Manifesto Remix) eMERGENCY heARTS
  Magnavolt Chaos in the Streets Chaos in the Streets  
  Royb0t Introducing Thinkbreak Records Product Placement Thinkbreak Records
  Michael Matters Michael Matters Der Panther  
  Revizia Breath Control Breath Control  
  Mechanical Vein Feel Your Noise – Remixed Feel Your Noise (feat. Faderhead) (Biomechanimal Remix) HYBRID BLAK
  Stoneburner feat. Brian Graupner Tigersquawk vs. COP International May Thy Knife Tigersquawk vs. COP International
  Damascus Knives Ultra Ultra SquareWav
  Autokiller Total War – EP Total War  
  Radical G & The Horrorist The Deserted Kingdom Birds of prey (B1980 Remix)  
  Leg Puppy The Air in Utopia is Poison Turn it up Keith (feat. Violent Vickie)  
  Fluid Ghost Homeclubbing Bedroom Smoke Mother Solitude Records
  Dread Risks Trauma Ties Trauma Ties (Moris Blak Remix) Re:Mission Entertainment
  Vaein Discipline Discipline  
  Choke Chain Invoking Shadows Nightfall Phage Tapes
  Brixx Conversion Therapy Shock Of The New Heavy Machinery Records
  Borgborg Foil and Rubber Foil and Rubber  
  Leaether Strip feat. Red Lokust and Tragic Impulse Draven’s Mixtape​:​1994 Revisited After the Flesh Distortion Productions
  W.LV.S feat. Louisahhh The Pit The Pit Astropolis Records
  †rite Negative Frequency Vol​.​2 Wasteland (Rorganic Remix) Home Mort
  The Joy Thieves Nemesis Nemesis (Blue Eyed Christ Remix) Armalyte Industries
  Duellist The Disintegrator Manifestation Of Terror Scuderia
  Vexillary Scent of Torture (feat. Warteraum) Scent of Torture (feat. Warteraum) Con:trace
  Foxy Panic Night Driver Night Driver  
  Luna 13 Gorgo Hear My Call Cleopatra Records
  Crystal Geometry Distressing Visions Utopia Sonic Groove
  Exo-Kult Cold (Single) SuperNova Viral Records Australia
  Donna Haringwey Thanks for telling me who I really am Cybersadism  
  Dirt Factory Crash Landing (Single) Crash Landing Viral Records Australia
0.73 Diffuzion Jab # 3​,​1415926535​.​.​. [Ain’t gonna fuck with my brain] EP Ain’t Gonna Fvck With My Brain (First Aid 4 Souls remix) Alfa Matrix
  89s† & Petra Flurr Trübe Stadt Discipline Oráculo Records
  Grasp Logic Tigersquawk vs. COP International Redemption Tigersquawk Records vs. COP International
  Komrads The Wolf The Wolf Negative Gain Productions
  Sexual Purity Don’t Touch Don’t Touch  
  Death Loves Veronica Deception Fvck Like Me  
  Dawn of Ashes Blood of the Titans Remixes Blood of the Titans (Ritual Aesthetic Remix) Artoffact Records
  Ces Cadáveres Detriti Split 4 Cuerpos Monstruosos Detriti Records
  Sierra Trapped Trapped Jarring Effects
  Pitch Black Manor Night Creeps Hellions  
  Pig Pain Killer Mobocracy (Terminal Remix) Armalyte Industries
  Angelspit Don’t Know Zero Don’t Know Zero (Slighter Remix)  
  Muscle Juice Men Working Ahead Count Your Days (Count Zero)  
  Daddybear Science Fiction: Addendum Science Fiction (Grabyourface Remix)  
  Echoberyl Mother Solitude – Special Edition Mother Solitude (La Sorciere remix)  
  Aesthetic Perfection & Moris Blak Betrayer Betrayer  
  Borgborg Syncope Syncope  
  God Module Viscera: The Lost Tracks Winter Torture (Dance Till You Die mix)  
  Years of Denial Honoris II Tribute to the Sisters of Mercy & the Sisterhood Poison Door Unknown Pleasures Records / Oráculo Records / Industrial Complexx
  Aleera -Vampira- Ride Or Die Neon Casket
  Elz and the Cult Sex Macabre Urge to Kill, Urge to Die Black Pill Red Pill
  Zwaremachine Conquest 3000 Parasol Phage Tapes
0.72 Mildreda I Was Never Really There Liaisons dangereuses Dependent
  Death Loves Veronica Deception Pleaser  
  Trick Casket Harm No Sanctuary  
  Bloodpanic Black Bird Black Bird  
  Mordacious Lost Souls 10 of Swords  
  Not My God Simulacra Ashes Metropolis Records
  Souldz Inquisition Inquisition  
  Obstakl Black Market Parts Black Market Parts  
  Nuclear Sludge Kerfuffle Kerfuffle  
  Inva//id Chained, Burnt And Split Dissociation  
  Skalski Diktatur Guter Papa RDC Music
  Assalm Legia Ambush Moretin
  Null Split Chained, Burnt And Split I Shook Your Split (feat. Inva//id)  
  Hororhaus Evocation Possession  
  Dirge Bodyforce / Area Bodyforce Burning Rose
  Aurat Khaar 333  
  Scrape Corrupted Memories Invisible  
  Autumns Inherent Design Let’s Have You Fort Evil Fruit
  Ember Twin You Make Me Want To Hunt Humans You Make Me Want To Hunt Humans  
  NNHMN Happy House Happy House  
  Daddybear Science Fiction Science Fiction (feat. grabyourface)  
  Fairy Pussy Black And Gray Black And Gray  
  Suzi Sabotage Nazi Goths, Fuck Off Nazi Goths, Fuck Off  
  Angel of Violence Bullet Sponge Burn Scar (Bury The Past Mix) CRL Studios
  Alex Death Dance Death Dance (feat. KXYLI & Lazerpunk)  
  In Veil Lunatic Lunatic (feat. Sam Astaroth)  
  Blank Embrace The Void (Akrasia Mix) Embrace The Void (Akrasia Mix)  
  Biomechanimal & Mechanical Vein Waves (Blood & Chrome Remix) Waves (Blood & Chrome Remix) Hybrid Blak
  Dark Machine Nation The Isolation LP Damned  
  Xentrifuge In A Shattered Mirror Paralies Cleopatra Records
  Carrion Shatter the Seals Shatter the Seals Brutal Resonance Records
  3teeth Paralyze (Feat. Ho99o9) Paralyze (Feat. Ho99o9) Century Media
  Karkasaurus Boomstick Boomstick  
0.71 Be My Enemy Armalyte XX Metalhead Armalyte Industries
  Elz and the Cult Fire Meets Fire​/​Discipline Discipline Black Pill Red Pill
  Xentrifuge In A Shattered Mirror Your Eyes, My Betrayal Cleopatra Records
  Vonder Together & Ego Together  
  Dawn of Ashes Blood of the Titans Remixes Blood of the Titans (Inva//id Remix) Artoffact Records
  Frontal Boundary The Fall Plague (ft. Chris Rivera of Inva//id)  
  Urban Matrix The Book of Revelation He Who Accuses Them Brutal Resonance Records
  Bleeding In Silence Slow Death Slow Death  
  Psychosomatik Damage Done Remixed Damage Done (Psychosomatik Remix)  
  Echoberyl Salomé (Suffer Me) – Special Edition Salomé (Suffer Me) Mother Solitude Records
  Leæther Strip We Believe (Ministry Cover) We Believe (Ministry Cover) Læbel
  Happy707 Bodyworxxx すばらしい Death Decay Magic
  Anthony (H) No Monsters EP No Monsters Champion Beats
  Statische Monotonie I Did It I Did It Pink Bunker Ltd.
  Meshes Demencia Civil 2 Psychological Abuse Of Dolls and Murder
  Ancient Methods The Jericho Remixes In Silence (Die Selektion – In Stille – Remix) Persephonic Sirens
  Evil Dust E A C (2018 Demo) E A C (2018 Demo)  
  Spankthenun Armalyte XX Right Father Armalyte Industries
  Strikkland Gone Swimming Gone Swimming  
  Red Meat Homo Vulgaris Eat Me, Beat Me Drøne
  Yetzer Hara Like Death Like Death (Alien Vampires Remix)  
  NN N2N Blessed By Sacred Teachings  
0.70 The Joy Thieves American Parasite Wonder War Armalyte Industries
  The Joy Thieves American Parasite And You Wake Without Eyes Armalyte Industries
  Anna Funk Damage The Belligerents Vol​.​3 For this Love Gravitational Waves
  Kofin Hex Code Hex Code  
  Aesthetic Perfection A New Drug A New Drug  
  SWARM x Sentinel Complex FiXT Radium: Nova Make It Out Alive (feat. Man Ov God) FiXT Radium
  KYMAVR Villan Villan  
  Null Cell TELEKOMPILATION vol. 4 Consequences? (feat. Eddie from Decent News) I Die: You Die
  Matt Hart Tales of Terra & Chaos Retold Outlaws (Antibody Remix)  
  SMP SMP vs. the World Earth on Hell  
  Felicia Constantine x Memory Clap Acid What We Do In The Shadows Plastic Art Die Die Die My Darling
  Odonis Odonis Spectrums In the Fire felte
  Comfort Cure Strain. Skin  
  Statische Monotonie Little Machine Little Machine Pink Bunker Ltd.
  Nuclear Sludge Heat Heat  
  Meshes The Paradigm Shift Vol. 1 Ролевая Игра (Roleplay) Dame-Music
  Malice Machine Chemical Violence Restrict  
  Randolph & Mortimer Systems, Souls & Societies Despotic (Mind | Matter Remix)  
  Human 80 Elektronik Vorhut Straße  
  Alien:Nation Extraterrestrial BIOS Systemshell Nothing For Nothing feat. Midian Dite Insane Records
  One Flesh Infektion Die Realität ist ein Gefängnis Schweigen Detriti Records
  Meshes The Belligerents Vol​.​3 Let it All Out Gravitational Waves
  NNHMN Tomorrow’s Heroine Your Body  
  Inhalt Der Nacht PX099: 100 Years of Colombia Blind Planet X
  Outpost11 Structural Defects Wageslaves Advoxya Records
  Töria The Denial Anxiety Patch Records
  Biomechanimal X Sentinel Complex Crown of Glass Crown of Glass (Dawn of Ashes Remix) HYBRID BLAK Records
0.69 Order of the Static Temple Rise In Fire Ridin’ In Sin Negative Gain Productions
  Hocico Broken Empires / Lost World Lost World Out Of Line Music
  Crone Second Skin Crush (Body Beat Ritual Headcrusher Mix)  
  Rector Scanner Radioteleskop (Bonus Tracks Version) Radioteleskop (AD:keY wow!-signal mix) Alfa Matrix
  Machino Fragmentos Tiempos Dorados Body Musick
  Manni Dee A Low Level Love You Puked In The Alley Where We Kissed Perc Trax
  The Undertaker’s Tapes V​.​A. I – First meet with Lise London Last Deception (Crystal Geometry Remix) Hertzel records
  Unconscious Forced Isolation The Darkness Will Find You KINDCRIME
  Flux Dandy Trash (EP) Flatmate (ft. Isobelxxx) D.RIVE75
  40 Octaves Below Auditory Inoculations Death Control (Angelspit Remix)  
  SHIV-R Kill God Ascend Kill God Ascend Blind Mice Productions
  Filmmaker Counterspell Blood Sac Home Mort
  !Bang Elektronika Aktivierung! Aktivierung! (Randolph & Mortimer Remix) Mecanica
  The Gothsicles Animal Addendum Go-Away-Bird (Fakzility remix) Tigersquawk Records
  Lucifer’s Aid Out of Order Control Yourself 2K21 Progress Productions
  Microchip League 2.0 (feat. Cat Hall of Dissonance) Numbers Covered Part Ii: a Benefit Album for Numbers Night Club Lack of Sense eMERGENCY heARTS
  Fee Lion Baby Remixed Baby (Visceral Anatomy Remix)  
  Circle of Dust Dissolved (EP) Dissolved (iVardensphere Remix) FiXT
  The Joy Thieves American Parasite American Parasite Armalyte Industries
  Miss FD Adore (EP) Adore Quantum Release Records
  Revizia Dishyped Nation (EP) Hell March JST Records
  KYMAVR Rebirth Rebirth  
  Downwell Roots Complex Coloring S H I S H I
  Глава II Забываю Вой  
  Capsules of Energy Shadow Integration Conjure the Night  
  Third Realm Rare Sessions Doom Generation Morbid Attitude Records
  Mova Roots Meta S H I S H I
  Suffer Ring In The Glass In The Glass Re:Mission Entertainment
0.68 Outpost 11 Modern Day Eldritch Horror Modern Day Eldritch Horror  
  TeknoVore Take Me Away (Instrumental) Take Me Away (Instrumental)  
  Slighter V O I D Complicit Confusion Inc.
  Formalin Warzone Warzone  
  Memory Overrelease Contamination Aspartame  
  Pixel Grip Arena Alphapussy Feeltrip Records
  Jennifer Touch Moon in Aries Becoming (Destroyer)  
  Autumns Los Insurgentes Tienen Razón part​​​.​​​III Under A New Saint OSM tapes
  Nabta Dance And Fight Dance And Fight CrowHunt Records
  Memory Clap Acid w/ Felicia Constantine ISTIC​(​S) Dead To Me Phage Tapes
  Louisahhh Love Is a Punk (Vitalic Remix) Love Is a Punk (Vitalic Remix) He.She.They.
  Kenny Campbell SDR VA Vol 1 Year Anniversary Garden Of Flesh Still Distant Records
  Klubovader Tanzlator Körpereinheit GmbH Tigersquawk Records
  Ulisess Slasher Slasher  
  Noise Unit Deviator Atrocity Obsession (feat. Raymond Watts / PIG) Artoffact Records
  The Joy Thieves Mind Over Metal – Volume 2 Genocide Love Song (Dub In Vein B) Cave Dweller Music
  Body of Pain We No Longer Exist Anymore I Will Die  
  Heavy Water Factory Beyond Doubt (Extended Remix) Beyond Doubt (Extended Remix)  
  Spankthenun & Dj Scott Durand SDR VA Vol 1 Year Anniversary Fight & Breed (Ignite the Hate Mix)  
  Body of Pain We No Longer Exist Anymore Time to Die  
  Metrocat TAR51 Don’t Bleed For Scum (Syrette Remix) Taro Records
  Androm MindcutX01 – Against the Grain Floating Heads Mindcut Music
  Planetdamage Relapse Protocol – The Remixes EP Freeport (Chrome Corpse remix) Black Pill Red Pill Records
  Black Needle Noise with Attasalina Machine Machine (Remix by Samantha Togni) COP International
  Hypnoskull Vier Geschichten Why So Nothing EE Tapes
  Odonis Odonis Spectrums Salesmen Felte Records
  Rebekah Angels From Hell You Be The Leader HEX Recordings
0.67 Aleister Blake Cyber Fame, Real Pain Ad Wreckage Clan Destine Records
  Moris Blak feat. Slighter Irregular Revisions Vol. II The Violence (Wavepeak Remix) Negative Gain Productions
  Nghtly Il Preludio Della Fine Abissi Floreali X-IMG
  Ton Globiter KITNL Dark Hour Reprise Hysteria Malmeria Oráculo Records
  The Red Hour Cracks Cracks (Badrich Dirty Glitch Mix) Manual Control Records
  \/virtual \/violence Blood Matrix + Remixes Blood Matrix  
  Sexual Purity Paranoia Convulsion  
  clipping. Wriggle (Expanded) Wriggle (Cardopusher’s EBM Remix) Sub Pop
  Chrome Corpse Arm The Muscle Mech / Geisha Cortex Pulverizer (Repulverized) Brutal Resonance Records
  Black Dahlia Transmutative Discipline Killing For Company Body Musick
  Lume V​/​A – Los Insurgentes Tienen Razón part​.​I Fight OSM tapes
  Meshes SHARPVA002 If not us, who? Sharped records
  Nuclear Sludge V​/​A – Los Insurgentes Tienen Razón part​.​I Resist OSM tapes
  Kenny Campbell & Duellist The Ties That Bind Us Unconscious Prediction Taro Records
  Umwelt Deviate VA002 Straight Outta Limits DEVIATE rec
  Bestial Mouths Thousandneedles Industrial Waste (Light Asylum Remix)  
  Orange Sector feat. Armageddon Dildos War Of The Religions War Of The Religions Infacted Recordings
  Trick Casket Blistered Blistered (Single Edit)  
  Caustic The Golden Vagina of Fame And Profit (10th Anniversary Mega​-​Vag Edition) Beers, Steers, & Queers Undustrial Records
  Nitzer Ebb Gun Aid Red Blood (Bon’s Bam) The Gun Well St.
  Curse Mackey Submerge Dystopian Dope (Dogtablet Masks on Mix) Negative Gain Productions
  Dogtablet Pearldrop Blue Five Broken Straws (Ft. Groovie Mann)  
0.66 Sorrows Meet Your Maker Meet Your Maker  
  Aircrash Bureau Herzschlag Herzschlag (3 Min. Riot) Infacted Recordings
  Wet Skin Animal God Abstract & Free (Statiqbloom Remix) X-IMG
  Youth Code / King Yosef A Skeleton Key in the Doors of Depression The World Stage  
  Nuclear Sludge Universidad de Vampiros Slaughter S H I S H I
  Hocico Broken Empires Broken Empires Out Of Line Music
  Institute for the Criminally Insane Classic Chevrolet Classic Chevrolet Tinnitorturous
  M‡яc▲ll▲ Divergence Summoner  
  Autumns A Life Has No Glory Bogside Overpass  
  Moralez & The Horrorist The Phantom Images (V Years Anniversary) Sleep When You Die Mosaique Records
  Go Fight Icarus Icarus (Wallstretcher reMix)  
  Klubovader Putting the Stars Right – An album to benefit the Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council Void Warrant  
  Von Mollestein Midnight Meateater 2021 Midnight Meateater 2021  
  Leæther Strip Back To Industry Back To Industry Læbel
  Persona Non Grata The Phantom Images (V Years Anniversary) Find Me Mosaique Records
  Blakk Harbor Petite Mort Bulldozer (Unhuman Remix) Fleisch Records
  Slighter Spill Blood Spill Blood Confusion Inc.
  Plack Blague A Compilation For Practically Everyone Joie de Blague FPE Records
  Not-So Ebb Stay Inside Your Home (Double Mask Mix by Shok) Stay Inside Your Home (Double Mask Mix by Shok)  
  Unknown Lack of Resources Knowledge (SARIN Remix) X-IMG
  Meshes feat. Swærm Universidad de Vampiros Zastav menia (Make Me) S H I S H I
  Blime Dust Crossing Sheol Assault (The Undertaker’s Tapes Version) Apnée Artefact
  VTSS Borderline Tenderness C.E.T. Unlimited VEYL
  Manni Dee Idolise The Ugly War Cry South London Analogue Material
  Panther Modern Crawling Crawling  
  Tension Control Ahoi Herr Kommandant Liebe statt Krieg (Robotron Mix)  
  Pretty Addicted Lone Wolf Lone Wolf  
  Randolph & Mortimer Born to Consume The Markets  
0.65 Portion Control Seed EP3 Move  
  Youth Code / King Yosef A Skeleton Key in the Doors of Depression Looking Down  
  Hostile Architect :​:​Log​.​3​:​: Semtex Semtex (Null Cell Remix) Brutal Resonance Records
  Ravetop Natural Plague Behavior Natural Plague Behavior (Black Dahlia remix) SOIL
  Rector Scanner Der Dichter Und Die Frau Der Dichter und die Frau (electro cafe mix) Alfa Matrix
  L Discipline Remixed Discipline (VVOKKA remix) Crunch Pod
  Xibling Maladjusted Maladjusted  
  None of Your Concern Shut It Down Shut It Down  
  Civil Hate Confronted N.R.A DarkSounds Records
  Trepaneringsritualen Kainskult Remixed Feral Me (Codex Empire Remix) aufnahme + wiedergabe
  I Hate Models Disco Inferno 01 Lazy In Hell Disco Inferno
  Basscalate Bass Bitch Bass Bitch darkTunes
  Louisahhh The Practice of Freedom A Hard No HE.SHE.THEY
  Skold Dies Irae Love is a Disease Cleopatra Records
  spankthenun Dominate Dominate (Upon Eventual Collapse Instrumental)  
  Caffetine Fill Me Up (feat​.​Leæther Strip) Fill Me Up (feat​.​Leæther Strip)  
  Mind | Matter Egonlab Horror Story AW21 This Night Won’t End EGONlab.
  Agonoize 666 Degrees Below Komakind (Klubkind Mix) RepoRecords
  Resistor PLOMO​/​PB001 Time For Pleasure Unknown Medellín
  My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult Sleazy Action Royal Skull (Karmakazi mix) SleazeBox Records
  Debby Friday Runnin Runnin  
  ulisess Purrsy Purrsy  
0.64 Mother Juno Inert Trust Private Experiment
  Balvanera Courses of Action Medium  
  Meshes Routine VA 002 – gråni Оно идёт за тобой (It follows you) Routine Records
  Qual Tenebris In Lux VR Slaves  
  Crystal Geometry [RND​.​R050] – VARIOUS ARTISTS We Are Born In Flames RND. Records
  Confines Hammer and the Dance Credible Fear  
  Black Dahlia Animasochist Phetishise X-IMG
  Horskh Wire Pull The Wire  
  Imperative Reaction Mirror Like Swine Metropolis Records
  Neikka RPM Matrix Downloaded 010 Some Kind Of Hell Alfa Matrix
  Choke Chain Endless Death Despondency Phage Tapes
  Total Chroma Body Relics I Dream of Fire Negative Gain Productions
  Front Line Assembly Mechanical Soul Glass and Leather Metropolis Records
  Years of Denial Murder 02 | Various Artists Rêverie Murder
  Foreign Policy Watching Existence Watching Existence X-IMG
  Urban Matrix EBSM B is for Body Electro Body Synth Music
  Klack Deklacked Vol. 1 DMF (Physical Wash Edit)  
  SASM INDUSTRIA #1 – V​.​A. Collective Action (Rockers Version) INDUSTRIA
  Matt Hart Terrorfying (Moaan Exis Remix) Terrorfying (Moaan Exis Remix)  
  in-FUSED DSBP Records February 2021 Sampler Warning From Mars DSBP Records
  spankthenun Dominate [Single] Ich Bin Ein Auslander  
  Youth Code / King Yosef A Skeleton Key in the Doors of Depression Burner  
  Kota Kira Feat. Ziiri Candlelight Remixes Candlelight (Truly Significant Remix) Re:Mission Entertainment
0.63 Blue Ant Make Me Human (EP) Invisible Cities  
  Basscalate Feel This Beat Feel This Beat darkTunes
  Dimitri Berzerk Resist EP Ctrl+Alt+Del feat. Claus Larsen (Delectro Remix)  
  Alien:Nation Face The Beat: Session 6 Holographic Deathsphere Side-Line Magazine
  The Marquis The Suburbs Dream Of Bloodshed Black aufnahme + wiedergab
  IV Horsemen Compilation Vol​.​I Knight Clubbing (Rework Version)  
  Fractions Violent Eyes Violent Eyes Fleisch Records
  SMFORMA Tears for Fears Vol. 3 New Birth SOIL
  Radikal Kuss Tears for Fears Vol. 3 Data Suicide SOIL
  MC Lord of the Flies Bound With Love My Soul Hungers Læbel
  Marc Heal Face The Beat: Session 6 Emerge Side-Line Magazine
  Seraphim System Natural Predator Ruthless Order  
  Vein Cramp Pariah (EP) Walking On Wet Ashes  
  Psychosomatik Re​/​in​/​trospective Damage Done  
  NABTA Shaming Me Shaming Me  
  Null Cell Eternally Ill Wonderland  
  Machine Kaputt Definition of Cyberpunk Die Pest (feat. Disco Blasphemia)  
  Matt Hart Just a Remix (Who is Matt Hary?) Just a Remix (Who is Matt Hary?)  
  Special Interest The Passion Of: Remixed With Love (Hide Remix) Nude Club Records
  grabyourface sea sombre Negative Gain Productions
0.62 Kreign Kreign II (Part 2) Disco King Phukkin’ with the Fluxxuationz Scanner
  Alien Vampires Destrudo EP Destrudo Alfa Matrix
  Moris Blak Irregular Revisions Vol. I Complicate (feat. grabyourface) Negative Gain Productions
  Mechanical Vein New Blood (ESA Remix) New Blood (ESA Remix)  
  Grimbeard Gamer Ghoul Leather Boy League of Struggle
  ESA Eat their Young / The Scorn EP The Scorn (Recon Remix) Negative Gain Productions
  Portion Control Seed EP2 Seek  
  Faderhead 2077 Cyberpunk EP Cyberpsychosis  
  Sierra All About Love Unpredictable  
  Pouppée Fabrikk Burn Forever EP Burn Forever Alfa Matrix
  Moaan Exis Necessary Violences Alone Together  
  Blitzkrieg Baby Violence Violence  
  Pill Brigade Squawksgiving 2020 2049 Tigersquawk Records
  Caustic A Succession Of Repetitive Beats Fangs Out  
  Urban Matrix Eine Welt des Grauens Eine Welt des Grauens  
  SDH You Pt​.​12 (Reka Remix) You Pt​.​12 (Reka Remix)  
  CHOKE. Tension Tension  
  Body Beat Ritual Damhsa 01 Final Demand Céad
  DHI (death and horror inc) Losing Losing  
  The Androgen Words Are Knives Denihilist  
  Vomito Negro A Human Scanner – The 20th Anniversary Compilation Black Plague (Pandemic Mix) Scanner
  AD:KEY I Can`t Feel You I Can`t Feel You (single edit) Alfa Matrix
  Downwell Oppression Index Undercover Buddies X-IMG
  Gasoline Invertebrate The Hurtmore EP Scarlet Slip feat. Chris Connelly (Snowbeasts Remix) Tigersquawk Records
  The Horrorist When I Raise My Hand .​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​. Again Riot (Bernhard Von Zorn Remix) RIOT Radio Records
  Crystal Geometry V​​/​​A III – Curse Mediocrelife The Hiddens
  Zwaremachine Conquest 3000 Single​/Remix EP Conquest 3000 (Hostile Architect Remix)  
  SINE Need To Bleed (Dethmarch Remix) Need To Bleed (Dethmarch Remix)  
  NOIR Just Fascination Just Fascination  
  Kota Kira Candlelight (feat. Ziiri) Candlelight (feat. Ziiri) Re:Mission Entertainment
  Sick Jokes MMXX Pop Goes The Vessel (John Fryer Remix) COP International
  1000 Ho​-​Ho DJs (Every Day Is) Xmas (Every Day Is) Xmas  
  Curse Mackey Patreon / Email List Exclusive Dystopian Dope (Dogtablet Masks On Mix)  
0.61 Pre-Emptive Strike 0.1 vs Nano Infect RDC & Terror Night: Halloween Edition 2020 State Of War (Terror Night Exclusive MiX) RDC
  Ayria Battle Cry Battle Cry Artoffact Records
  Blue Ant feat. Spankthenun Everyday is Halloween Stigmata  
  Cardopusher 10 Years of Dame​-​Music Metal Rain Dame-Music
  Hexadiode Controlled Burn Metaxy (Skeleton Hands Remix)  
  Sidewalks And Skeletons Eternal Rest Eternal Rest (feat. Cashforgold) Re:Mission Entertainment
  Kota Kira Lament Configurations: Into The Labyrinth The Exorcist SubGoth / ECR
  Blut Reaktor The Sadist The Sadist (Club Version)  
  In Absentia Vampires Vampires Tinnitorturous
  Panther Modern A. T. D. G. A. T. D. G.  
  Rhys Fulber & Portion Control Sonic Groove: 25 Years (1995​-​2020) Dodge The Bullet Sonic Groove
  Hostile Architect :​:Log​.​2​:​: Dawn Ov Dawn Ov Brutal Resonance Records
  Black Agent Acid 2 Body Acid 2 Body Re:Mission Entertainment
  Microchip League 2.0 Numbers Covered – A Benefit Album For Numbers Night Club Headhunter eMERGENCY hEARTS
  Chrome Corpse Helmet Mounted Display In The Shadow Of Dropships Vertex
  Null Cell Hardware Hardware (feat. Michael from Chrome Corpse)  
  Psyche Spirits of Lockdown Over The Shoulder  
  Ulisess Daemon Daemon (feat. Moris Blak)  
  Mordacious Crossroads Suffering  
  Matt Hart Terrorfying Terrorfying  
  Khionik Darkness and Fury Darkness and Fury (feat. Isserley) Tigersquawk Records
  Pig Pain is God Pain is God [Metropolis Records for CD/digital, Armalyte Industries for Deluxe Vinyl]
  Ministry Everyday (Is Halloween) – The Lost Mixes Playground Cleopatra Records
  Urban Matrix Der Countdown läuft Endgültige Vernichtung  
  Nuclear*Sun Insurgence Insurgence  
  Code : Red Core Dark Whispers Dark Whispers  
  Leæther Strip Throwing Bones First Aid Læbel
  Philipp Münch Plays Ars Moriendi Valium ant-zen
  Faderhead Halloween Spooky Queens Halloween Spooky Queens  
  MOЯIS BLAK Mandy (I’m Your God Now) Mandy (I’m Your God Now)  
  Circle Burn Eigengrau Stygian Void Chopblock Entertaintment
  :Waijdan: Descend Dystopia  
  Caustic HaLO2020 Violent Ape  
0.60 Third Realm Darkest Halloween Compilation 2020 Bleeding in Her Nightmare darkTunes
  Deadlight Holiday Daybreak Daybreak (Remix feat. Aesthetic Perfection)  
  Dance My Darling Kathedrale Kathedrale darkTunes
  Namesis Oberwave Vol. 2 Forgery (feat. Negative Datura) Oberwave Records
  Viscera Drip Dance Your Depression Dance Your Depression (Dance the Pain Away Mix)  
  Chrome Corpse Uncanny Valleys (Vol. I) EBM Non stop AREA Z
  Kropp PROCD100 Din Hals Progress Productions
  Transmission Cosmos De Stijl Wave Records
  Damsel in the Dollhouse Geisterschloss Hexed  
  Blue Ant feat. Spankthenun Everyday Is Halloween Everyday Is Halloween  
  Minuit Machine Don’t Run From The Fire To Control Synth Religion
  Hell:Sector Blood On Europe’s Gate Blood On Europe’s Gate  
  Luna13 Luna13 and Suicide Queen Split Single Unded COP International
  Larva Futronik Structures Vol​.​10 (Disc 2) All The Beauty Must Die DSBP Records
  Urban Matrix Origin Unknown If I Were The Devil  
0.59 Die Krupps Songs From The Dark Side Of Heaven Collapsing New People Cleopatra Records
  6th Circle The Idle Construct Critstrike Sonic Groove
  Blut Reaktor Tales From The Flesh Darkest Decent Underground Industrial Records
  Magnum Opus Dark Vibrations Dark Vibrations MSQ Records
  Hostile Architect Log​.​1​​: Lowgradelife Lowgradelife  
  Assalm Excommunicate Excommunicate  
  Autumns You Always Taught Me Better Except The Grey Box Detriti Records
  Kota Kira The Temptresses The Temptresses Re:Mission Entertainment
  Trick Casket Anhedonia Sticks and Stones  
  Ah Cama-Sotz New Skin For Old Tribals PainKiller (Judgement ‘n’ Destroy) Bats & Cats
  Cervello Elettronico vs. Veldt Tank Tank HANDS
  Nuclear Sludge Feast Feast  
  Schwefelgelb Der Puls Durch Die Schläfen Momentum n-PLEX
  Sina XX & Munsinger Action Action Suara
  Hypnoskull The Trickster The Trickster (Setup) Wunderblock Records
  Unhuman+Petra Flurr Cause Of Chaos Angst She Lost Kontrol
0.58 Synapscape A Journey Through Concern It Ain’t Right ant-zen
  Suicide Commando Mindstrip Redux Raise Your God (2020 Bigotry) Out Of Line Music
  Iron Court Etched Foresights Extinct Wrench Detriti Records
  Mirland/Larsen Inhuman The Slaughter Læbel
  Cubanate Cold Waves 2020 Compilation Vortex (Empirion Remix) Cracknation Records
  Maedon Escape To Berlin Pandemonium Sonic Groove
  Panther Modern Ready Ready  
  Venal Flesh Die In Summer Die In Summer  
  Kota Kira Moon Dancer Moon Dancer Re:Mission Entertainment
  MissFit Toys Blithe Din Blithe Din  
  Novakill Iconoclast Strike RepoRecords
  SOJ Land of Lovers and Hammers Land of Hammers and Lovers (WLDV remix) Infidel Bodies
  December A Hundred Years Without You No VEYL
  Nova State Machine TCZ RMXs 009: Welcome to the Future The Future (1984 mix by Ultimate Soldier)  
  Mechanical Vein Emotion Blur: Selections TAKN (ft. Caustic) HYBRID BLAK Records
  Portion Control Seed Ep1 Telekinesis.V2  
0.57 Go Fight Freestate Freestate (Club Mix) Pulseblack
  My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult Cold Waves 2020 Compilation Forbidden Saints (Cyanotic Remix) Cracknation Records
  High-Functioning Flesh Human Remains Human Remains (2020 mix) Dais Records
  klack Probably Bark, Bite  
  Null Cell They Lie To Us (Redux Mix feat. spankthenun) They Lie To Us (Redux Mix feat. spankthenun)  
  Autumns Currents II Does It Work Power Station
  spankthenun Glitch Burn Sin (Pre-Order Only) / Futronik Structures Vol​.​10 (Disc 1) Dance Fight Or Die (Diverje Combat Remix) self-released pre-order / DSBP Records
  Red Lokust Madman Madman (Tragic Impulse Remix) Distortion Productions
  Nuclear Sludge Delirium Delirium  
  Unhuman Voices Of Distress Plastic Sky, Hands Above BITE
  Normoria Voyage Who The Hell Are You self-released / RDC Compilation
  Sacrothorn Соломенный принц Соломенный принц  
  Maelstrom & Louisahhh Ascender EP Lights Out Discos Atónicos
  Extermination Expression Dystopia in Action Enforcer X-IMG
  Negant Solitude! Solitude Tinnitorturous
  Klubovader Impostorble Solid Charge Carrier Tigersquawk Records
  Suicide Queen Luna13 and Suicide Queen Split Single Scarecrow COP International
  Larva Desolation Road Sunk In Shít Advoxya Records
  Bio-Mechanical Degeneration Invisible Threat/ Outbreak Invisible Threat (Hollow Man – Diverje Remix) DSBP Records
  Adult. / Planet B Release Me Release Me Dais Records
0.56 Suicide Commando Dein Herz, Meine Gier / Bunkerb​!​tch Blood in face (first aid mix) Out Of Line Music
  Rotersand w. Ulf Häusgen Reloaded – Reworks of How Do You Feel Today Hot Ashes (Radicalized) Metropolis Records
  spankthenun The Bunker Tapes Vol I Fight and Breed (Mirland Remix)  
  AD:KEY Resonanz (Bonus Tracks Edition) You Can’t Fvck Me (remix) Alfa Matrix
  Memory Overrelease Illicit Concept Denied Judge Not Pretension Records
  Agent 15 Voices In My Head Voices In My Head (Kenny Campbell Mix) Drøne
  Choke Chain Grave (Sweat Boys Mix) Grave (Sweat Boys Mix)  
  Black Dahlia Crime Violente Vol​.​4 Ricoche Holly Up North Records
  Armageddon Dildos Dystopia (Bonus Tracks Edition) Destruction (Inertia – Subkultura mix) Alfa Matrix
  Isserley Tapewormhole Axe Wound Tigersquawk
  Machine Animal White White  
  ElektroTerapi Side Effect Side Effect  
0.55 Pandoria Clean Clean Infacted Recordings
  Mellow Code Infinity Nights Infinity Nights (feat. None of Your Concern) Crunch Pod
  Rein Reincarnated Reincarnate  
  3TEETH Guns Akimbo You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) Century Media
  Downwell Antikhrist Visions Vol. II Body Stretching Industrias Mekanikas
  Psychosomatik No Time To Lose The Madman (spankthenun Edit)  
  Urban Matrix Security For All Security For All  
  Meshes Crime Violente Vol​.​4 Теряй Контроль Up North Records
  Nova State Machine TCX RMXS 008: VRTKL VRTKL (Strktr mix)  
  Mari Kattman Eat. SheMechanical  
  DHI (death and horror inc) Chosen Ruler Chosen Ruler  
  Tension Control kRaNK KrANk kRaNK KrANk  
0.54 Sasm INDUSTRIA #1 Collective Action INDUSTRIA
  Unhuman And Petra Flurr Had Enough Had Enough  
  Biomechanimal Enter the Animal Enter the Animal (C-Lekktor Remix) HYBRID BLAK Records
  spankthenun The Bunker Tapes Vol I Dominate (Blue Ant Mix)  
  Konkurs Terminal Stage Compound X-IMG
  Conspiracy Thief Futronik Structures Vol​.​10 Disgraced By Light DSBP Records
  Null Cell Dead Skin Dead Skin  
  Bile Children Of The Gun Children Of The Gun  
  Circle Burn Malebolge Malebolge  
  Autumns You Are Now Listening To Autumns Doire Dog Race Opal Tapes
  Suffer Ring Reverentia Hunter Re:Mission Entertainment
  Chiasm Are You Okay? Are You Okay? (John Fryer Original) COP International
0.53 God Module The Unsound Remixes Deja Vu (Aircrash Bureau Remix) Metropolis Records
  Out Out Box 13 Put the Pedal Down  
  Deathline International Troops of Tomorrow Troops of Tomorrow COP International
  Android Lust and Collide Are You Listening Are You Listening  
  spankthenun Poisoned Paradise Rotting Meat (New Skin remix) AudioSic Records
  Ulisess Odalinsk Odalinsk  
  Diverje Darkness Inside Darkness Inside DSBP Records
  Hell:Sector Covid​-​666 Covid​-​666  
  Sacrothorn Чёрное Чёрное  
  DJversion666 Dance Of The Profane Dance Of The Profane (Exemia Remix 1) darkTunes
  Droid Sector Decay The Horrible Life You Lead The Horrible Life You Lead Underground Industrial Records
  DieFekt Pleaser Pleaser  
0.52 Klutæ Queer For Satan Breathe My Dust Læbel
  ESA Eat their Young / The Scorn EP Eat Their Young (feat Caitlin Corlyx) Negative Gain Production
  Slighter Mute Yourself (Sawtooth’s Imminent Overload Mix) Mute Yourself (Sawtooth’s Imminent Overload Mix) Confusion Inc.
  S. Product Suicide Beat TNT Terrible Records
  Autumns Laying Heavy Disguise the Weight Clan Destine Records
  Outpost 11 MIND // BODY DUALISM: PART I BODY Real Heroes self-released / HAXYN Records compilation
  Skornhead Various Artists RDCompilation Gothica self-released / RDC compilation
  Choke Chain Chain Tactics Grave  
  Kara and the Wolves Crushing Anxiety EP Crushing Anxiety Dys13 Records
  The Undertaker’s Tapes ASM​-​II Terror Attack FORKHA
  Years of Denial Human Tragedy Genocide Cheat Modular Mind
  Cuerina Raw Dry Crime Violente Vol​.​4 Qué es lo que pasa, master? self-released / Up North Records compilation
0.51 Dimitri Berzerk feat. Claus Larsen of Leæther Strip Der Eisenberg Sampler – Vol. 10 Ctrl+Alt+Del (CID Project Remix) Sub Culture Records
  Blut Reaktor In Vain Redux Fear Redux  
  NABTA Drop the mask Digital Distag Records
  spankthenun GLITCH BURN SIN Burn (10 Cent Toys Must Obey Mix)  
  HKKPTR Macht & Ohnmacht Reglos aufnahme + wiedergabe
  Years Of Denial VA. Valley of Tears Vol. 2 Girl With Broken Head SOIL
  Silence in Machine DAЯKER DAYS Violently bleeding inside  
  Scrape Electronic Saviors Volume 6: Reflection Prime Edition Crush Metropolis Records / Distortion Productions
  Ginger Snap5 Wild Running (Single Edit) Wild Running (Single Edit)  
  Viktor Kalima Burning Bodies | VA [RR005] Capital Kill Rafale Records
  FIRES BitchCorona BitchCorona  
  ILLNURSE RAW Summer Hits | Special Edits Frau RAW
0.50 Circle Burn reset. Re-fuck Your Brain – (Chant Remix)  
  Negant Zombies! Zombies! Tinnitorturous
  Sin DNA Transcendent Six Nights with Sadistic Sada Paragon Poison Media
  Bestial Mouths Resurrectedinblack Industrial Waste Rune & Ruin
  Andi (Harriman) Corpse To Corpus Ruminandum aufnahme + wiedergabe
  Pro Patria Godless Godless  
  Nabta No Excuses Playground Oráculo Records
  Queen Of The Static Opera Warm Leatherette Warm Leatherette  
  Filmmaker Reinvent Reinvent SOIL
  Pig Sex & Death Confession (Front Line Assembly Remix) Armalyte Industries
  Pretty Addicted Puppet Puppet  
  Blitzkrieg Baby Genocidal Sextasy Kill Them All Cloister Recordings
0.49 Statiqbloom Beneath The Whelm Black Lava Metropolis Records
  Dawn of Ashes The Antinomian Blood of the Titans Artoffact Records
  Be My Enemy All That I Love, I Destroy Bad Blood Armalyte Industries
  S Y Z Y G Y X Electronic Saviors Volume 6: Reflection Premium Edition Don’t Look Back Metropolis Records / Distortion Productions
  Chrome Corpse Chrome Corpse / Decent News Split EP (Arm The Muscle Mech) Cortex Pulverizer  
  Emergency Sequence Sharpening The Axe Sharpening The Axe Læbel
  Blitzkrieg Baby Remixed Cannibal Commando (Ancient Methods Remix) aufnahme + wiedergabe
  Null Cell They Lie To Us (Single) They Lie To Us  
  Razorback Hollow Solus in Tenebris Quietly Staying Alive  
  IN​/​JXRX The Last One Framework WarinD
  Consolidated Capitalism (The Joy Thieves Remix) Capitalism (The Joy Thieves Remix)  
  Pig Stripped & Ripped The Chosen Few (Defrocked Bishop Remix by Cubanate) Armalyte Industries
0.48 Spankthenun Glitch Burn Sin Carbon Responder (Imperfexion’s Escape the Maschina Remix)  
  Ego Likeness Wolves Darkness (Out Out vs. Stoneburner Rework) Metropolis Records
  Prosthetic Patient Leave With Us: Recycled Leave With Us (Spankthenun eVACuate Remix)  
  L Discipline Fist 2 Fist Crunch Pod
  Nuclear Sludge Suffer Suffer Nuclear Broadcast
  Speed Injektion Death’s Dance Apocalypse (Has Arrived) Digital World Audio
  SMFORMA Θ Ρ Α Υ Σ Μ Α Τ Α Whispers Tales of Psychofonia
  Nova State Machine TCZ RMXs 006: Feel the Freedom Total Control (Freedom mix by electrofiction)  
  Decent News Monolith / Remixed I’ll Be Awakened (Punch Reverse Remix) Machine Man Records
  Dissonance Precipice Maxi Single Precipice (NH Remix by Joe Haze) Hakatak International
  DK-Zero Cyber Sex Inc. Switch Me On Cleopatra Records
  Snog Spätzle Machine Spätzle Machine (Meta RMX) Metropolis Records
0.47 Synapscape A Mutual Disagreement I Can’t Kill What You See ant-zen
  Daddybear EBDSM Pillow Biter (feat. grabyourface)  
  Synthetische Lebensform Symmetry Accident  
  Meshes x Lera Foer Northern Nightmares Vol​.​1 Бессмыслица Up North Records
  Razorback Hollow Electronic Saviors Volume 6: Reflection Prime Edition Hey Buddy (Feat. Peter Turns Pirate) Metropolis Records / Distortion Productions
  Planetdamage Scraps Scraps  
  White Cauldron Nine Hells Dirty Streets Nowhere Now Records
  Hyperlacrimae Yoga Darśana In My Poison Infidel Bodies
  spankthenun Glitch Burn Sin Glitch (Stahlschlag’s System Overload Mix)  
  Varicella New Born Slave The World is Dying Machine Man Records
  Chiasm Away Away COP International
  D3m0nH8 The Second Coming The Choke of your Undoing  
0.46 Avarice In Audio From The Rib of Adam Bittersweet Alfa Matrix
  Chmcl Str8jckt WRTCH RMXS Cactus (Vonschnell-Omega Remix) Cleopatra Records
  Rein Reincarnated Bodyhammer  
  Out Out Personal Space Personal Space (Snowbeasts Version)  
  HAEX Plague (Demo) Plague (Demo)  
  Flesh Field (feat. Ted Phelps) Electronic Saviors – Electronic Music To Cure Cancer Vol VI: Reflection The Forever War Metropolis Records / Distortion Productions
  Red Lokust Whom the Gods Wish to Ruin, They First Drive Mad 2:00 AM Distortion Productions
  Psychosomatik Re​/​in​/​trospective Carnal Pleasure  
  Sarin Moral Cleansing Remixed Psychic Driving (Phase Fatale Rmx) BITE
  Chris Keya & T[ERROR] Like Death Like Death  
  Mr. Zoth and the Werespiders Great Mortality The Chthonic Tigersquawk Records
  Toothpinch Lords of Dust Lords of Dust  
0.45 Horskh Wire Strobes Wire Control
  Klubovader Tanzlator Go Ham (with Craig Huxtable) Tigersquawk Records
  Autumns M3 7LW Take Your Leather Gloves and Fuck Off Drøne
  Dead Animal Assembly Plant Colors Under Attack Colors Under Attack Armalyte Industries
  Pill Brigade Old Skool R3B00t Post Human Code Tigersquawk Records
  Mascarpone Dodecacotronic Bis Zum Ende  
  Die Robo Sapiens FanFanFanatisch – The Düsseldorf EP FanFanFanatisch (Aesthetische rework) Alfa Matrix
  Nova State Machine TCZ RMXs 005: Shaking the World Total Control (Pulsation mix by electrofiction)  
  Manni Dee Everyone’s Replaceable Now The Wolves Perc Trax
  Sine Desolate District Desolate District (feat. Chris Connelly)  
  Portion Control Head Buried Rise Up  
  Cardinal Noire Nightmare Worms Paroxysm  
0.44 Blue Eyed Christ World On Fire World on Fire (Feat. En Esch & Mea Fisher) Distortion Productions
  Trick Casket Your Failure Your Failure  
  Cease2Xist My Burning Rage 2020 My Burning Rage 2020  
  Project .44 The System Reworked Fall Down (Sheep On Drugs Mix) GIVE/TAKE
  Velvet May M3 7LW Waving at Me Drøne
  Downwell HEX004 – Deviant Misbehaviours Vol. 1 Out From Your Pain HEX Recordings
  Dismantled No Escape No Escape  
  Division Fledermaus KosmoVision Right Here, Right Now  
  Violent Vickie Circle Square (CRUNCH 173) Circle Square Crunch Pod
  Blue Ant The Model (Kraftwerk Cover) The Model  
  DI*ove Fly Naked Fly Naked (feat. Leæther Strip)  
  Sheep On Drugs Moonlight Man Moonlight Man  
0.43 Caustic Grip Toxic Rift Toxic Rift Slice Records
  Matt Hart Triolith (ESA remix) Triolith (ESA remix)  
  The Joy Thieves Genocide Love Song Genocide Love Song (An Inconvenient Mix) Armalyte Industries
  Gasoline Invertebrate Damage Over Time Headschatten Tigersquawk Records
  L Pend Pend Crunch Pod
  T[ERROR] Sounds of Hell Never Get To Heaven  
  Jensen Interceptor Strings Of Fear First Day Pinkman
  Zwaremachine Ripping at the Fabric Resist Brutal Resonance Records
  VDevil Meet the Family (The Underground Anthem) Meet the Family (The Underground Anthem)  
  Basszilla Support Your Local Apocalypse Dealer Fist Of Bass darkTunes
  Dead Chains Nothing Chainges Assembly (Line) Super Sledge Recordings
  Tryst Vulgar Virtue Vulgar Virtue  
0.42 Dawn of Ashes The Antinomian Sleep Paralysis Artoffact Records
  Harsh R I Should Have Known Better The Shroud (Spanked And Forgiven remix by spankthenun)  
  Chrome Corpse Detecting Movement (Extended Dancefloor Mix) Detecting Movement (Extended Dancefloor Mix)  
  Mind / Matter Maison Close MCVA002 Days Of Pain Maison Close
  VDevil Isolation Desease Russian Dark Community
  Angry Red Planet Shadow Riser Shadow Riser (Mark Walk Remix)  
  Toothpinch Shelter In Place Shelter In Place (feat. Bess, Accumortis & spankthenun)  
  VINDIMØDE The Tunnel The Tunnel  
  Black Nail Cabaret Gods Verging On Sanity To Die in Paris Dependent Records
  Brayan Valenzuela Last Day LLMM (Crystal Geometry Remix) 0
  Replicant Annihilation Suffocation  
  System 6 Revisited Enemies Conjuring (:Waijdan: Mix)  
0.41 Not-So Ebb Stay Inside Your Home Stay Inside Your Home  
  Cocksure Operation C​.​O​.​C​.​K​.​S​.​U​.​R​.​E. Operation C​.​O​.​C​.​K​.​S​.​U​.​R​.​E. Cracknation Records
  Caustic The King of EBM Body Rot  
  Codex Empire Protected By Rage Metadisturbance aufnahme + wiedergabe
  3TEETH American Landfill (Matt Hart Remix) American Landfill (Matt Hart Remix)  
  Dead Animal Assembly Plant A Violent Breed A Violent Breed Armalyte Industries
  Statiqbloom Asphyxia Remixed Possession (Kontravoid Remix) SYNTHICIDE
  Autumns Currents I Yes Wave Power Station
  Marina Aleksandra Animal Industrial Complex (Randolph & Mortimer Remix) Animal Industrial Complex (Randolph & Mortimer Remix)  
  Blue Ant We Kill the Sun The Hero  
  Code : Red Core Isolation Gasolina (Remastered) RDC
  C/A/T Apocalypse Haircut Apocalypse Haircut  
0.40 Crystal Geometry Murder 01 Abyss Murder Records
  Seraphim System Do or Die (Suicidal Ideation VIP) Do or Die (Suicidal Ideation VIP)  
  Leather Not Pleather It’s A Sick World But Someone’s Got To Love It Gets You Off Decaying Orbit Records
  Philipp Münch Über Leben 2 Endlich Variations aufnahme + wiedergabe
  Virus Filter Origins Pt. 1 Serial Killers Anthem (2020)  
  Snog Lullabies for the Lithium Age Spaetzle Machine Metropolis Records
  Xotox Gestern UFO Infacted Recordings
  Suppressor Future Fail Missbraucht (v/s Neutral Konntrol feat. Katia Braut) darkTunes
  Sphere Corners Into a Deep Void Machine Soldier (EX HUMAN Remix)  
  Unterschicht Krank (Lass mich allein) Horrorhospital  
  RADIKAL KUSS feat HIV+ Spanish Electronic Body Music Mujer ùnica UNKNOWN PLEASURES RECORDS
  Pretty Addicted Soul For Sale Soul For Sale  
0.39 Youth Code Puzzle (Nuclear Sludge Remix) Puzzle (Nuclear Sludge Remix)  
  Noise Resistance Insights Of Ego Ignition  
  W.A.S.T.E. There Is No Redemption Chock’ing Speakerfly Productions
  Tension Control In neuem Licht In neuem Licht  
  ADULT. Perception is​/​as​/​of Deception Total Total Damage Dais Records
  Sacrothorn Шесть Резонанс  
  Zwaremachine Ripping at the Fabric Ripping at the Fabric Brutal Resonance Records
  Probe Tension Tension Infacted Recordings
  Maenad Veyl Reassessment Stranger (feat. Years of Denial) VEYL
  Heavy Water Factory Idiot Proof Idiot Proof  
  SINthetik Messiah Split Damage Languish (feat. Cat Hall)  
  NUKES Death Sky Death Sky No Devotion Records
0.38 spankthenun Virus Virus (90s hip-hop version)  
  Dogtablet Muscle & Bone (the remixes) Skin Job (Bang On mix by Jim Marcus)  
  Armageddon Dildos Heut Nacht Heut Nacht (AD:Key Mix) Alfa Matrix
  Android Lust Madness in Men (Mona Mur remix) Madness in Men (Mona Mur remix)  
  Die Krupps feat. Jyrki 69 Songs From The Dark Side Of Heaven Chinese Black Cleopatra Records
  Rabia Sorda Destruye Destruye Out Of Line Music
  Liebknecht Köln (Total Harmonic Noize Remix) Köln (Total Harmonic Noize Remix)  
  My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Diamonds & Daggerz Mega-Mixxx Diamonds & Daggerz Mega-Mixxx (Evil Lover & Dope Kult excerpt) Sleazebox Records
  Varicella The Land of Rape and Honey The Land of Rape and Honey Machine Man Records
  Allofher Twitch ReDesigned Lost in Noises (Caustic Remix)  
  Capsules of Energy One Thousand Tears Shiver (spankthenun Remix)  
  Machines With Human Skin The Imposter: The Remixes Vol 1 The Imposter (Dead Agent remix)  
0.37 Pouppée Fabrikk Armén I Am Here To Stay Alfa Matrix
  Nuclear Sludge Abyss Abyss Nuclear Broadcast
  Autumns Tape Five Cringe Label In Disarray
  The Androgen Insomnia Sleep Apnea (feat. Angel Nightmare)  
  Matt Hart Isolnation Isolnation  
  Pressure Vessel Ligature Addiction WETWIRE
  Precision Field Love & Debauchery Thought Parasite  
  Orange Sector Zerstörer Wir Sind Mehr (Muskeltanz Remix) Infacted Recordings
  Rawkorder Hounds Vein Sonic Groove
  Miss FD Pandemic 2020 Pandemic 2020 Quantum Release Records
  Deadlight Holiday Lullaby Lullaby (feat. Angelspit)  
  Lazerpunk Different forms of Power Power (Sierra remix)  
0.36 Years of Denial Suicide Disco Remixes You Like It When It Hurts (Orphx Remix) VEYL
  Kontravoid Too Deep Remixes Turn Away (Statiqbloom Remix) Fleisch Records
  Iva//id Broken Broken (Club Mix)  
  Autumns The Ultimate Sounds Of Universe II My Hand Mosaique Records
  Nuclear Sludge Hysteria Hysteria Nuclear Broadcast
  Zanias Extinction Carbon Fleisch Records
  Randolph & Mortimer vs Duellist Union of the Faithful Sermon Four  
  Nova State Machine TCZ RMXs 003: Drugs and Drums Harsh Reality – Rx Singular Obsession mix (by <SiK>) Shoknova Records
  Urban Matrix Adventures In Time And Space The Atomic Bomb  
  Isserley Agoraphobic Sweetheart I’m Cute/I’m Sick  
  The Joy Thieves A Blue Girl The Badlander Armalyte Industries
  Dead Chains Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Walking Without Music  
0.35 Klack Distancing Distancing  
  Front Line Assembly Reclamation Virus (Hybrid Mix) Roadrunner Records
  Die Krupps Too Much History Isolation Metropolis Records
  Nitzer Ebb Compilation Get Clean Mute Records
  Pouppée Fabrikk Electronic Body Matrix 1 Symptom (Disease Mix) Alfa Matrix
  Amnestic Real Bad Day Contagious Glitch Mode Recordings
  STG Shut It Down Shut It Down  
  16volt Beating Dead Horses Fight Or Flight Metropolis Records
  Flesh Field Viral Extinction The Plague Inception Records
  K.P. Riot Brigade K​.​P. Riot Brigade Diseased Cyber World Music
0.34 Matt Hart Tales Of Terra: Triolith Requiem (Xavier Swaffford remix)  
  Years Of Denial Archives Du Coeur Humain You Should Worry Public System Recordings
  Goblin Summoner Submission Submission Super Sledge Recordings
  Too Dead To Die Tropical Gothic They All Were Wrong Out Of Line Music
  Amduscia Existe (Limited Edition) 9 Letters Out Of Line Music
  Pete Crane That Annihilated Place Inviolate Infacted Recordings
  Rotersand How Do You Feel Today? Hot Ashes Metropolis Records
  Von Mollestein Unreleashed album 2020 Run Little Rabbit  
  Dead Chains Nothing Chainges It’ll Be A Fight  
  Pro Patria Godless Fearless  
  The Horrorist The Ultimate Sounds Of Universe II It’s In Your Blood Mosaique Records
  Slighter Impulse Control (Single) Impulse Control Confusion Inc.
0.33 Human Performance Lab Impact Situation Beware The Beast aufnahme + wiedergabe
  Nuclear Sludge Madness Madness Nuclear Broadcast
  No Names vs Decent News No Names vs Decent News Black Box (No Names Club Matcham Remix) Machine Man Records
  Mother Juno Conflict Within Devotion Detriti Records
  Munsinger Octobre Rouge Octobre Rouge Subtyl
  Terence Fixmer Auricular Discipline II Silicon BOUND
  Rhys Fulber Diaspora Slip It In (feat. Sara Taylor) aufnahme + wiedergabe
  Psychosomatik No Time To Lose​/​Bullfighter EP No Time To Lose (Blut Reaktor Remix)  
  Front Line Assembly Feeder Feeder Artoffact Records
  Hide Kill Your Head Blockbuster  
  Revillusion Heart (Less): Revisions & Additions Pure Pollution (Stabbing Westward Chris Hall Remix) [feat. Raymond Watts]  
  My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Sinister Whisperz III (The Rykodisc Years) Magic Boy Magic Girl (Oxy Mix) Sleazebox Records
0.32 Kreign Kreign II In That Frame of Mind  
  spankthenun Industrial Assault Vol. 7 Machine Girl (feat. Jay Ruin) DSBP Records
  Degenerated Sequences Stranger To My Self Scattered (edit version)  
  Schwefelgelb Die Stimme Drängt Die Dünne Hand Minimal Wave
  Go Fight DirtyFuckingPretty DirtyFuckingPretty (Pretty Mix) PulseBlack
  Amelia Arsenic Deathless To Love is to Destroy Blind Mice Productions
  Grim Beard Microtransgressions Sailor Mercury  
  Larva Tormented How many secrets can you keep? Advoxya Records
  Club Music Beyond New Beat Beyond New Beat Chicago Research
  Isserley Princess Euthanasia Project Let’s Play War Tigersquawk Records
  Transponder Stomp The Cybers Body Music (Back In Mind) (feat. Frontal & Leæther Strip)  
  Circuito Cerrado feat. Rexx Arkana Matrix Downloaded 009 / Furious Basslines (Bonus Tracks Version) Noize In The Sky Alfa Matrix
0.31 Caustic Grip Early Onset 50 Early Onset 50  
  Studio-X vs Simon Carter Disconnected No Longer Alone Alfa Matrix
  Agonoize A Vampire Tale Requiem RepoRecords
  Avarice In Audio Sounds From The Matrix 021 Lolita Express Alfa Matrix
  Pete Crane You Are Not Your Body You Are Not Your Body Infacted Recordings
  SDH Against Strong Thinking No Miracles Avant! Records
  No Sleep by The Machine 11 Oblivious Murti Records
  Vein Cramp Machines Of The Hypocrites (EP) Roots  
  Ten Cent Toys Twist Of Fate Employee  
  ESA Burial 10 Cloak and Dagger (feat. Jo Hysteria) Negative Gain Productions
  Massenhysterie Hausfrauengelüste Was wir wollen  
  Noise Assassin Bells And Desperation Black (Clean Mix)  
0.30 Not My God Not My God Fiction Cleopatra Records
  Ultimate Soldier Nightmare Factory Ultimate Soldier MIC Label
  Razorback Hollow Solus in Tenebris Your Temple  
  Caustic Grip Cease Fire Cease Fire  
  Chino The Cave The Cave SYNTETYK
  Uniform Awakening Awakening Sacred Bones Records
  Be My Enemy Wardance Wardance Armalyte Industries
  Julien-K Harmonic Disruptor Harmonic Disruptor  
  Carphax Files feat Chiasm Durch die Seile Durch die Seile COP International
  Mordacious It’s Not Over Beg and Plead  
  Trick Casket Misery Let You Die  
0.29 spankthenun Glitch Burn Sin Glitch (Club Killer remixed by Slighter)  
  Promidal A Taste Of Madness Erotika (Cellhavoc Remix)  
  Die Krupps Songs From The Dark Side Of Heaven New York (Microchip League cover) Cleopatra Records
  Anatomy Anatomy & Blu Anxxiety Split EP S.C.U.M. SYNTHICIDE
  Attrition The Great Derailer The Great Derailer Two Gods
  Hatari Neyslutrans Klámstrákur Svikamylla ehf
  Body Divide Pleasure From Pain Cruelty By Design SquareWav
  Reka X Imperial Black Unit Todo Avaricia Tropas de la Muerte Fleisch Records
  Blu Anxxiety Anatomy & Blu Anxxiety Split EP Negative Fantasy SYNTHICIDE
  t_error 404 Ritual Of Time Zeitgeist (Trance Version) AREA Z
  Nova State Machine Total Control Zone Hard Target Shoknova Records
  Naked Killed By Roses Bite Halcyon Veil
0.28 Grim Beard Microtransgressions You’re Not Supposed to Do This  
  Pill Brigade Clusterfight: Black Pill Red Pill vs. Tigersquawk Records Trixie Black Pill Red Pill / Tigersquawk Records
  HARSH R The Burden The Shroud  
  spankthenun Initial Decay Control Swallow  
  Maenad Veyl Onto Duat Riot Patrol Bedouin Records
  Visceral Anatomy Modern Anguish Solution Oráculo Records
  MissFit Toys Through The Glass Hope For The Hopeless  
  Hypnoskull Infidel Selecction Volume II Damals Infidel Bodies
  Cervello Elettronico featuring Kit N Buendia A Message To The People: A Tribute To Consolidated! You Suck Voidstar Productions
  The Undertaker’s Tapes On the Last Day Artifacts AREA Z
  Zwaremachine Be A Light IEYEI Phage Tapes
  Leæther Strip Æppreciation IV Hey Man Nice Shot Cleopatra Records
0.27 Velvet Acid Christ Maldire Christ Whore Metropolis
  3TEETH <shutdown​.​exe> SlaveGod OMF Records
  Psychopomps Infection Start 90 Godshit Infacted Recordings
  Dead Animal Assembly Plant God Complex Single God Complex: Opiate For The Masses  
  Leæther Strip Civil Disobedience A Whore for Jesus Læbel
  Kevorkian Death Cycle Collection for Injection Faithless Negative Gain Productions
  Numb Numb God Is Dead Metropolis Records
  BOL Rare or Unreleased Afterlife’s a Lie (Demo)  
  Shiv-R Electronic Saviors IV: Retaliation Malediction (Save Your Prayers Mix) Metropolis / Distortion Productions
  Öhm Öhm Divinity Artoffact Records
  My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Confessions Of A Knife Kooler Than Jesus (Electric Messiah Mix) Sleazebox Records
  Psyclon Nine Divine Infekt Divine Infekt Metropolis Records
  The Electric Hellfire Club Kiss The Goat – 2005 Deluxe Edition Slaughter of Elysium Cleopatra
  Genitorturers Sin City Crucified Steamhammer / Cleopatra
  Mussolini Headkick INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! Records Your God Is Dead Wax Trax! Records
  PIG Prey & Obey Prey & Obey Metropolis Records
  Cocksure Heretic Hypocrite Heretic Hypocrite  
  Christ Analogue The Texture Ov Despise Antipathy  
  Omegaman vs. Pigface Tribute: A Tribute To Public Image Limited Religion (PIL cover) Underground, Inc. / Eastworld Recordings
  Snog Lies Inc​.​/​Dear Valued Customer Hey, Christian God Metropolis Records
0.26 Spankthenun Initial Decay Control Glitch  
  Conspiracy Thief Miracle Violence Connection Slow Burn DSBP Records
  Ten Cent Toys Twist Of Fate Twist Of Fate  
  Nuclear Sludge Neurosis Neurosis Nuclear Broadcast
  Cellmod The Dissident The Inevitable  
  Chrome Corpse x Dead Chains x Night Terrors Enemy Sighted Everything Must Move (Vrain Heavy Heart Mix) Vertex
  Radikal Kuss feat. HIV+ Laster und Tugend Laster und Tugend Unknown Pleasures Records
  SOJ Body Shaper (remixes) Kull, Feck, Due (Crystal Geometry muscle mix) SOIL
  Caustic v This Morn’ Omina Kerosene (Big Black Tribute) Kerosene (Big Black Tribute)  
  Drownd Drownd Burn Armalyte Industries
  Synthetische Lebensform Redirection We Get Control (Zweite Jugend remix) Synth-Me
  Pleasure Symbols Endless (Multiple Man Remix) Endless (Multiple Man Remix)  
0.25 Nuclear Sludge Autonomous Strangling Machine Disconnect FORKHA
  Hanzel Und Gretyl Hexennacht Triple Hexxx Metropolis Records
  Hocico Rextinction Shut Me Down! (Remixed by Kreign) Out Of Line Music
  Unconscious Your God is Dead Blood (Qual Remix) Detriti Records
  Fee Lion Blood Sisters Remixes Heaven (Silent Servant Remix) BOUND
  Toothpinch Rigged & Broken (featuring Jenova Project) Rigged & Broken (featuring Jenova Project)  
  C-Lekktor Beat​:​Cancer Tour 2019 Animals (Prehistoric remix by Karkasaurus) Digital World Audio
  Agency Agency Cracked 32″ Flat Screen Instruments Of Discipline
  Reichsfeind Chasm Walk Dervish Equinoxe Recordings
  Roya Pulse Blood Labrador Records
  Noir A Pleasure Back To Nature Metropolis Records
  Dogtablet Feathers & Skin Things Said & Done (Snake is a liar) (feat. Jared Louche)  
0.24 Third Realm The Art Of Despair Bipolar Pop (feat. Chiasm) darkTunes
  Chrome Corpse Anything that moves Megatank AREA Z
  Conformco Consumer Holiday Product + Believe It Believe It Glitch Mode Recordings
  Panther Modern Ask Yourself Ask Yourself  
  Lapse Of Reason Sorrows Take The Control aufnahme + wiedergabe
  Popsimonova After The Fall Drive (Remastered by Rude 66) Electronic Emergencies
  Tension Control Fortschritt durch Technik It Doesn’t Work BRANDSATZ Records
  Salem Unsigned Cantica Blessed Be The Defiant Death RND. Records
  Mona Mur & En Esch Remixes Shadow (Electrovot Remix) No Devotion Records
  Deathline International Breaking Breaking (John Fryer Mix) COP International
  Slighter Exogenous: Remix Compilation Killers (Redux) Confusion Inc.
  Schwefelgelb Aus Dem Gesicht Remixed Der Pool Schweigt (Kontravoid Remix) aufnahme + wiedergabe
0.23 Black Line Layers – EP Layers (Annie Hall Remix)  
  Die Krupps Vision 2020 Vision Trigger Warning SPV/Oblivion
  Resident51 (feat. Claus Larsen) Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Vol 4 Haunted Sharp Things (Jay Ruin Remix)  
  Test Dept Disturbance Disordered Information Scare (Imperial Black Unit Remix) One Little Indian Records
  Sarin Moral Cleansing The Culling X-IMG
  Rein Reincarnated Off The Grid  
  My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult In The House Of Strange Affairs (Special Edition) Year Of The Klown (Remix by En Esch & Josh Luttrell) Sleazebox Records
  The Labyrinth Ulterior Muses: Electronic Music For Belly Dance Expanse of Black Distortion Productions
  Ansome Hounds Of The Harbour Smuggler’s Den Perc Trax
  SynthAttack Dirty Dark Electro Dirty Dark Electro (Suppressor RMX) darkTunes
  Harsh Mentor Salve Salve (Imperial Black Unit Remix) aufnahme + wiedergabe
0.22 Moris Blak The Irregularity of Being Erase Displace (feat. Pete Crane) Negative Gain Productions
  Die Robot Technopunk (Remix’d) 10​.​000 Years (Nando Dance Til You Die Remix)  
  Nuclear*Sun Not Your Body Can’t Break Me (Break Yourself mix)  
  Cyanotic T3RM1N8T0R Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 (feat. Kyle Reese) Glitch Mode Recordings
  Klack 2400bps 8​-​N​-​1 Discipline  
  Heavy Water Factory Spillage I’m Captain Effing Ahab  
  Synapsyche Face The Beat: Session 5 Who The Fuck Are You Now Side-Line Magazine / Alfa Matrix
  C/A/T The Paradigm Shift Sole Benefit Crunch Pod
  Balvanera Suspense Saviour  
  0THERC0DE Telekompilation vol. 2 Kissing In The Dark I Die: You Die
  Cellar Graves Testure Testure  
  Vampire Rodents Cut to the Chase Blind Acceleration  
0.21 Pouppée Fabrikk Only Control Only Control Alfa Matrix
  Years of Denial Suicide Disco In Pain I Meditate VEYL
  Dead Chains Nothing Chainges They Live We Sleep v3  
  First Aid 4 Souls Keep This World Empty Keep This World Empty Alfa Matrix
  Randolph & Mortimer Body (R&M do acid mix) Body (R&M do acid mix)  
  Matt Hart TERRA 3808 Gone To Shit  
  Lucifer’s Aid Panic Slip Away Progress Productions
  ELM Extreme Unspoken Tension (Deluxe Edition) Distracted Alfa Matrix
  Beta Evers Devotion Predictions  
  Blush Response Fissures In The Megastructure Post Truth Schematic Music Company
  Freakangel What The Ghost Became Death Walks With Us (SIRUS Remix) Digital World Audio
0.20 Spankthenun Slow Suicide Slow Suicide (Slightly Assisted – Slighter Mix)  
  Agonoize Midget Vampire Porn Kingdom of Darkness RepoRecords
  PreEmptive Strike 0.1 Progeny Of The Technovore Doppelgangers Digital World Audio
  Wavepeak Dopaminefeedback / Séance Dopaminefeedback  
  Conspiracy Thief New False Idol New False Idol  
  Grün Wasser Not Ok with Things Driving Holodeck Records
  Crystal Geometry State Of Play Totale Aliénation HANDS
  Eva X Electrowoman Virtualsexual (Rough Sex Remix By Virtual Terrorist)  
  MOЯIS BLAK Silent Hill Silent Hill  
  Unwoman Untitled Scary EP No. 1 Everyday Is Halloween (Available to the public until November 2 2019 only!)  
  Slighter Jilted Generations: An Underground Tribute To The Prodigy Narayan Combustible Designs
  Filmmaker Noir Times EP Beast Folk HC Records
0.19 Die Krupps Vision 2020 Vision Welcome to the Blackout SPV/Oblivion
  HEXADIODE Metaxy Metaxy EK Product
  Grim Beard When I’m Asleep Lesser Harm  
  S Y Z Y G Y X Fading Bodies Dangerous Creature Negative Gain Productions
  Radical G RAW Compilation II: Second Breath (part2) Machine RAW
  Go Fight Anthem My Spine is the Bass Line Pulseblack
  Sine Control Control  
  Resident51 Distilling The Beast Haunted Sharp Things (feat. Claus Larsen) Halo Askew Entertainment
  Body Beat Ritual Deplatformed EP Deplatformed Pleasure
  Stoneburner Massdriver Massdriver Negative Gain Productions
  Mindless Faith Insectual Moth without a Moon AlterCulture Records
0.18 Faderhead Asteria Neophobiac Not A Robot Records
  Varicella Even Deader Mindfvcked (Insufferable B1tch – Dizzolve Remix) Machine Man Records
  Miss FD & Vulture Culture Spitfire Spitfire Quantum Release Records
  Nuclear Sludge Disorder Disorder Nuclear Broadcast
  Pig Mobocracy Mobocracy  
  Figure Section Spectre Disfigured Section aufnahme + wiedergabe
  Radical G & The Horrorist The Photo In The Chamber Redeemed DanceDelic D
  6th circle The Third Estate Unclean Sentient Ruin Laboratories
  Crystal Geometry Hexa Hexes Killing Dance Sorcery RND. Records
  Dancing Plague Too Still Crisis Apparition Dead Age Records
  Dogtablet Skin Job (love the skin you’re in) (feat. Jared Louche) Skin Job (love the skin you’re in) (feat. Jared Louche)  
  The Joy Thieves Cities In Dust Cities In Dust Armalyte Industries
0.17 KMFDM Paradise Binge Boil & Blow Metropolis Records
  Der Prosector Egregiouser Denizen Armalyte Industries
  Ether of Souls A Far Safer Place Doom Head  
  Hate Dept. Synthcore Dreams Vol. 1 Friendless  
  Slighter x Craig Joseph Huxtable Give Me (Single) Give Me (Joe Haze Remix) Confusion Inc.
  Figure Section Teutonic Knights Teutonic Knights Totalism
  Cardopusher Flesh Impact EP Fight For Your Purpose Dalmata Daniel
  Klack Cold Waves VIII Compilation CD With Precision (12 Inch Mix) CrackNation
  Diverje The Next World Crash DSBP Records
  Randolph & Mortimer Exclude​/​Divide Exclude/Divide (Chrome Corpse Remix)  
  Decent News Monolith Torture Me Machine Man Records
0.16 Spit Mask You May Feel Some Pressure In A House Made Of Wires aufnahme + wiedergabe
  Nuclear Sludge Paranoia Paranoia Nuclear Broadcast
  Cyanotic The Trigger Effect Information Overload (Same as Always) Glitch Mode Recordings
  Matt Hart Deep Mind Formulates Deep Mind Formulates  
  Angelspit Bang Operative Stims Black Pill Red Pill
  Plutus Hubris Cultinary Cultinary  
  Null Split XL Peace Reaching Optimality (Chrome Corpse Remix) Trigger Warming
  Rhys Fulber Ostalgia Neolithic Chasm Sonic Groove
  Kanga Eternal Daughter Control  
  Heavy Water Factory Fluid and Meat Remastered Dialog (2019 Remaster)  
  Mind Teardown Selected 12-17 Money Power Vertex
  Blackpill Declaration Of War Toxin DSBP
0.15 First Aid 4 Souls Increased Sensory Perception EP Increased Sensory Perception Alfa Matrix
  Kontravoid Too Deep Turn Away Fleisch Records
  Diverje The Next World The Next World DSBP Records
  Boy Harsher Country Girl Uncut Electric Nude Club Records
  Spankthenun Mind Control Rotting Meat (A Tiny Little Piece – iVardensphere Construct)  
  ELM Death Of The North EP Thoughtcrime (mean mugger-mix) Alfa Matrix
  Blush Response Terra Preta: Abstract Sound From The Kawai K1 Revok  
  Die Sektor Death My Darling 3 Sisters Digital World Audio
  Peryl Lebendig 00​.​06 Molotov Brutality (Original Mix) Lebendig
  Matt Hart Superficial Superficial  
  Numb Mortal Geometry Complicit Silence Metropolis Records
  Experiment Haywire Alternative Technology Silent Voices (Butterfly) No Devotion Records
0.14 Stallion’s Stud I Am Drama Man Bad Breath Pinkman
  Sierra Gone Gone Lazerdiscs Records
  Neon Insect New Moscow Underground Fist, Hit, Cracking Bones  
  Chris Keya, T[ERROR], Cat Hall / Dissonance Liebe Mich Liebe Mich  
  Mascarpone Nonsense Nightmare Theory  
  Debby Friday Death Drive Fatal Deathbomb Arc
  Corlyx In2 The Skin Self Mutilation  
  Requiem Rust Hush Monster Like Me  
  Seraphim System Obsidian Frontline Hostile Destroyed Digital World Audio
  Black Dresses Love And Affection For Stupid Little Bitches Static  
  Stranger People, The Horrorist Strange Attractor EP LFO 145 OBSCUUR Records
  V▲LH▲LL Grim/More The Hunt (remixed by SØLVE) Artoffact Records
0.13 Velvet Acid Christ Ora Oblivionis (Deluxe Version) Adventures In Babysitting The Antichrist Metropolis Records
  Ruinizer Gatekeeper Gatekeeper Digital World Audio
  Nuclear Sludge Moral Order Moral Order Nuclear Broadcast
  Bustié Birds of Paradise Cease to Exist CLIMAX!
  hyperlacrimae Through the lies of Mr. Nasotti Jenny’s Useless Thoughts Infidel Bodies
  Dissonance Poison Kiss (Maxi Single) Break Myself (Wiccid Mix) HAKATAK International
  Night Sins Portrait in Silver Annihilator Funeral Party
  Out Out 80s New Wave Hits That’s What Good Friends Are For… Radio Valkyrie Records
  Minuit Machine Infrarouge Ballet Synth Religion
  Leæther Strip Blood (Storm 22 Cover – Kurt benefit) Blood Læbel
0.12 God Module The Unsound Display Metropolis Records
  Black Needle Noise with Pig Seed Of Evil Seed Of Evil  
  Uniform & The Body Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back Penance Sacred Bones Records
  Krate Swarm Of Voices The Register (feat. Corlyx) audiotrauma
  Moaan Exis Postmodern Therapy Street Rage audiotrauma
  Fractions Scars of Love Millennials Fleisch Records
  Romy Celluloid Self Normal Day CLIMAX!
  Crystal Geometry The Cyber Heresy Pandemics Sonic Groove
  Years Of Denial Body Map Body Map Pinkman
  The Horrorist Separate Dimension Programmed aufnahme + wiedergabe
  Hide Hell is Here Raw Dream Dais Records
0.11 C-Lekktor Out Of Our Way Out of My Way (Suppressor Remix) Digital World Audio
  Reactor7x Are you my Bitch? EP The Circus of False Alfa Matrix
  Randolph & Mortimer Electronic Body Weapon 1 Electronic Body Weapon 1  
  Chrome Corpse Gun Spit (physical version tracks) With Your Head Vertex Records
  Newboy Funky Bullshit Eat Yr Mind Night Gaunt Recordings
  Stoneburner Technology Implies Belligerence Identity by Diagnosis Negative Gain Productions
  Velvet May Unknown Bodies (w/ Years Of Denial & Autumns Remix) Unknown Bodies Tears on Waves
  Curse of Cassandra Meow Mix Circe (Angelspit Remix)  
  Æmɨt Devourer Devourer Fleisch Records
  PreEmptive Strike 0.1 Harbinger Somatic Mutations Respawn Digital World Audio
0.10 Accessory Elektrik This Old Track Infacted Recordings
  AD:Key vs. Die Robo Sapiens Master and Servant EP (A tribute to Depeche Mode) Master And Servant (Aesthetische + Rewire remix) Alfa Matrix
  Hocico Artificial Extinction Damaged Out Of Line
  Venal Flesh & Cellar Graves Snakedressed: A Tribute To Klinik​/​Dive​/​Absolute Body Control Black Leather (Klinik Cover) Coitus Interruptus Productions
  Andi Synthicide Compilation v2.0 AOV SYNTHICIDE
  Caustic Grip Collection I [Remastered] Left (Remastered)  
  Attrition Lip Sync Lip Sync (Xenophobia Edit) (Remastered) Two Gods
  Qual Cyber Care E​.​P Cyber Care AVANT! Records
  White Magik Total Ego Loss Total Ego Loss (Randolph & Mortimer Remix) Nein Records
  Decedent vs. Slighter Dark Nouveau Hyper-Aware (Corruption Mix) Metropolis Records
  Sheep On Drugs Does Dark Matter The Ballad Of Whiskey Jane  
  The Joy Thieves This Will Kill That This Will Kill That Armalyte Industries
0.09 Phil Kieran & Douglas McCarthy Fall Rise EP Fall Rise (Druggs Remix) Optimo Music
  Traumabond The Unquiet Grave 2019 The Collective You Cleopatra Records / Distortion Productions
  Amnistia Black Halo The Itch 9XO Media
  No Sleep by the Machine 14 Cross Murti Records
  Hide Girl on Girl Girl on Girl Sub Pop Records
  Street Sects Gentrification III: Death and Displacement Goodbye Recidivist Road The Flenser
  Syd.31 Walk Amongst Rebels Bulldoze Everything  
  Confines Geography of Nowhere 1 Easy Veins SYNTHICIDE
  Black Dresses Dreams Come True 2019 Go Inside 2019  
  Psyclon Nine Versions: Icon Of The Adversary Remixed Warm What’s Hollow (Version) Metropolis Records
  K-Nitrate Hardline Hateline  
0.08 Cubanate Kolossus Vortex Armalyte Industries
  Tragic Impulse Echoes of the Unseen Skin Deep Distortion Productions
  3TEETH Metawar Affluenza Century Media
  Kounter Mezhure Valkyrie Fumes  
  Planetdamage Hi Rez Lo Life Vex (Retouched) Black Pill Red Pill
  Acidrodent Asserting Dominance Piglicker  
  Nostromo Extreme Manifestations Not A Dream aufnahme + wiedergabe
  Dissonance Ascent Murder of Love Hakatak
  Panther Modern Los Angeles 2020 EP Tasting Static  
  Kitty Kosmonaut Kitty Kosmonaut Sum It Up Re:Mission Entertainment
0.07 Stoneburner vs Out Out A Message To The People: A Tribute To CONSOLIDATED! Butyric Acid 2019  
  Hocico Artificial Extinction Psychonaut Out Of Line
  Statiqbloom Asphyxia Eight Hearts Eight Spikes Metropolis Records
  Wychdoktor Pact Suffocation  
  Nuclear*Sun The Cleansing (Glitch Mode United Edition) Second Skin (Cyanotic mix) Glitch Mode Recordings
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  Hell:Sector Doombringer Nautilus (When Flesh and Steel Unite) DSBP
  Slighter Automata (Deluxe Edition) Isolate Confusion Inc.
  Chelsey and the Noise Make It Hurt Make It Hurt  
  Stoneburner The Structure Itself is in Pain The Structure Itself is in Pain Negative Gain Productions
  Moris Blak Druglicker Druglicker  
0.06 Revolting Cocks INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! Records Animal Nation Wax Trax! Records
  Coldkill Industrial Purpose 01 We Believe  
  Test Dept Disturbance Information Scare One Little Indian Records
  Sarin x Imperial Black Unit Will To Destroy In The Streets X-IMG
  Curse Mackey Instant Exorcism O’ Blasphemy Negative Gain Productions
  Sine INSOMNIÆ Blood Lush  
  Skold Never Is Now Small World Cleopatra Records
  3TEETH Metawar EXXXIT Century Media
  INVA//ID Masochism in D Minor Broken  
  Stabbing Westward Iwo Jesus EP Violent Mood Swings  
0.05 Fixmer/McCarthy Let it Begin EP The Crush Planete Rouge Records
  Hocico Artificial Extinction Dark Sunday Out Of Line
  Rhys Fulber & Blush Response Corruption Of Form Corruption Of Form Sonic Groove
  Skold Never Is Now Please Remain Calm Cleopatra Records
  PIG The Wages Of Sin Confession Armalyte Industries
  Chemlab A Riveting Protest Monkey Gone to Heaven Riveting Music
  3TEETH Metawar American Landfill Century Media
  Drownd Sick Like You Sick Like You Armalyte Industries
  Rabbit Junk Reveal Born and Bled (feat. Amelia Arsenic)  
  Fee Lion Blood Sisters Blood Sisters  
  Black Line Sedition – EP Go (Ken ‘hiwatt’ Marshall Mix)  
0.04 Multiple Man High On The Hog You Say Y.E.S Fleisch Records
  Daddybear UNF! Brown Acid Undustrial Records
  Harsh R Physical World Queen of Trash  
  Andrako ultraK1llD00M Ultra-Kill-Doom Dieselhead Records
  Breath & Decay Now That’s What I Call Angry Robot Music 2019 Age Old Circuitry Glitch Mode Recordings
  Go Fight Go Go (Multiplex Mix) Pulseblack
  Chiasm Reset World Left COP International
  Muet Muet Weirdest Sex Metropolis Records
  Mona Mur Delinquent Motorboy Freibank Recordings
  Pig Stripped & Whipped The Revelation (All Pork And No Play Remix by Needleye ft. Michael Sprietzer) Armalyte Industries
  Dogtablet Double Thirty The New Cold War (feat Jared Louche)  
0.03 Boy Harsher Careful Come Closer Nude Club Records
  Out Out A​-​12 EP Deep Sound (Version 2) Radio Valkyrie Records
  Physical Wash Physical Death Deprived  
  Trash Deity Cross & Divide Run 4 Your Lies! Metropolis Records
  Voster VSTR The Second Voming  
  Rabbit Junk Modified Mortality (Remix Album) Hunting (Nuclear*Sun Remix) Glitch Mode Recordings
  Randolph & Mortimer Manifesto For A Modern World Exclude/Divide  
  Bells Into Machines Re:Imagined Wretched Little Deity (Hero Worship Remix by Ego Likieness) 2808-MGMT
  Chrome Corpse Gun Spit Non Human Weapons Dealer 2029 Vertex Records
  Angelspit Puncture Marks (Black Dog Bite Remix Album) Great Bank in the Sky (Mutilato Remix by Go Fight) Black Pill Red Pill
0.02 Amelia Arsenic Queen of Risk RX Love Glitch Mode Recordings
  Beauty Queen Autopsy Lotharia Spread Undustrial Records
  Kanga Kanga Honey Negative Gain Productions
  Wire Spine Bury Me Here Burn You Negative Gain Productions
  Venus In Aries Beyond The Veil Beyond The Veil Glitch Mode Recordings
  The Birthday Massacre Under Your Spell No Tomorrow Metropolis Records
  Hide Castration Anxiety Fvcked (I Found Heaven) Dais Records
  Hanzel Und Gretyl Satanik Germanik We Rise As Demons Metropolis Records
  Youth Code Commitment to Complications Shift of Dismay Dais Records
  Black Needle Noise with Betty X Social Media Disease Social Media Disease  
  Ego Likeness When The Wolves Return Crossed Metropolis Records
  Android Lust Berlin // Crater V2 Crawl Synthellec Music
0.01 ESA THAT BEAST (Meat Cut Remixes) I Want it Now (Video Version) Negative Gain Productions
  Klack Introducing The 1984 Renault LeCar With Precision  
  Die Klute Planet Fear Infectious Cleopatra Records
  Front Line Assembly Wake Up The Coma Eye On You (feat. Robert Görl) Metropolis Records
  Standalone Standalone Destroy Yourself Negative Gain Productions
  My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult In The House Of Strange Affairs Royal Skull Sleazebox Records
  REVillusion Heart(Less) Pure Pollution (feat. Raymond Watts)  
  Slighter x Moris Blak The Hunt (Single) The Hunt (Single Mix) Confusion Inc.
  Kanga Now That’s What I Call Angry Robot Music 2019 Going Red (Glitch Mode Mix by Cyanotic) Glitch Mode Recordings
  OHMelectronic OHMelectronic Everything is Gone Artoffact Records