0.65Portion ControlSeed EP3Move
0.65Youth Code / King YosefA Skeleton Key in the Doors of DepressionLooking Down
0.65Hostile Architect:​:​Log​.​3​:​: SemtexSemtex (Null Cell Remix)Brutal Resonance Records
0.65RavetopNatural Plague BehaviorNatural Plague Behavior (Black Dahlia remix)SOIL
0.65Rector ScannerDer Dichter Und Die FrauDer Dichter und die Frau (electro cafe mix)Alfa Matrix
0.65LDiscipline RemixedDiscipline (VVOKKA remix)Crunch Pod
0.65None of Your ConcernShut It DownShut It Down
0.65Civil HateConfrontedN.R.ADarkSounds Records
0.65TrepaneringsritualenKainskult RemixedFeral Me (Codex Empire Remix)aufnahme + wiedergabe
0.65I Hate ModelsDisco Inferno 01Lazy In HellDisco Inferno
0.65BasscalateBass BitchBass BitchdarkTunes
0.65LouisahhhThe Practice of FreedomA Hard NoHE.SHE.THEY
0.65SkoldDies IraeLove is a DiseaseCleopatra Records
0.65spankthenunDominateDominate (Upon Eventual Collapse Instrumental)
0.65Caffetine Fill Me Up (feat​.​Leæther Strip)Fill Me Up (feat​.​Leæther Strip)
0.65Mind | MatterEgonlab Horror Story AW21This Night Won’t EndEGONlab.
0.65Agonoize666 Degrees Below Komakind (Klubkind Mix)RepoRecords
0.65ResistorPLOMO​/​PB001Time For PleasureUnknown Medellín
0.65My Life With the Thrill Kill KultSleazy ActionRoyal Skull (Karmakazi mix)SleazeBox Records
0.65Debby FridayRunninRunnin
0.64Mother JunoInertTrustPrivate Experiment
0.64BalvaneraCourses of ActionMedium
0.64MeshesRoutine VA 002 – gråniОно идёт за тобой (It follows you)Routine Records
0.64QualTenebris In LuxVR Slaves
0.64Crystal Geometry[RND​.​R050] – VARIOUS ARTISTSWe Are Born In FlamesRND. Records
0.64ConfinesHammer and the DanceCredible Fear
0.64Black DahliaAnimasochistPhetishiseX-IMG
0.64HorskhWirePull The Wire
0.64Imperative ReactionMirrorLike SwineMetropolis Records
0.64Neikka RPMMatrix Downloaded 010Some Kind Of HellAlfa Matrix
0.64Choke ChainEndless DeathDespondencyPhage Tapes
0.64Total ChromaBody RelicsI Dream of FireNegative Gain Productions
0.64Front Line AssemblyMechanical SoulGlass and LeatherMetropolis Records
0.64Years of DenialMurder 02 | Various ArtistsRêverieMurder
0.64Foreign PolicyWatching ExistenceWatching ExistenceX-IMG
0.64Urban MatrixEBSMB is for BodyElectro Body Synth Music
0.64KlackDeklacked Vol. 1DMF (Physical Wash Edit)
0.64SASMINDUSTRIA #3 Compilation Ltd Ed V​/​ACollective Action (Rockers Version)INDUSTRIA
0.64Matt HartTerrorfying (Moaan Exis Remix)Terrorfying (Moaan Exis Remix)
0.64in-FUSEDDSBP Records February 2021 SamplerWarning From MarsDSBP Records
0.64spankthenunDominate [Single]Ich Bin Ein Auslander
0.64Youth Code / King YosefA Skeleton Key in the Doors of DepressionBurner
0.64Kota Kira Feat. ZiiriCandlelight Remixes Candlelight (Truly Significant Remix)Re:Mission Entertainment
0.63Blue AntMake Me Human (EP)Invisible Cities
0.63BasscalateFeel This BeatFeel This BeatdarkTunes
0.63Dimitri BerzerkResist EPCtrl+Alt+Del feat. Claus Larsen (Delectro Remix)
0.63Alien:NationFace The Beat: Session 6Holographic DeathsphereSide-Line Magazine
0.63The MarquisThe Suburbs Dream Of BloodshedBlackaufnahme + wiedergab
0.63IV HorsemenCompilation Vol​.​IKnight Clubbing (Rework Version)
0.63FractionsViolent EyesViolent EyesFleisch Records
0.63SMFORMATears for Fears Vol. 3New BirthSOIL
0.63Radikal KussTears for Fears Vol. 3Data SuicideSOIL
0.63MC Lord of the FliesBound With LoveMy Soul HungersLæbel
0.63Marc HealFace The Beat: Session 6EmergeSide-Line Magazine
0.63Seraphim SystemNatural PredatorRuthless Order
0.63Vein CrampPariah (EP)Walking On Wet Ashes
0.63PsychosomatikRe​/​in​/​trospectiveDamage Done
0.63NABTAShaming MeShaming Me
0.63Null CellEternally IllWonderland
0.63Machine KaputtDefinition of CyberpunkDie Pest (feat. Disco Blasphemia)
0.63Matt HartJust a Remix (Who is Matt Hary?)Just a Remix (Who is Matt Hary?)
0.63Special InterestThe Passion Of: RemixedWith Love (Hide Remix)Nude Club Records
0.63grabyourfaceseasombreNegative Gain Productions
0.62KreignKreign II (Part 2)Disco King Phukkin’ with the FluxxuationzScanner
0.62Alien VampiresDestrudo EPDestrudoAlfa Matrix
0.62Moris BlakIrregular Revisions Vol. IComplicate (feat. grabyourface)Negative Gain Productions
0.62Mechanical VeinNew Blood (ESA Remix)New Blood (ESA Remix)
0.62GrimbeardGamer GhoulLeather BoyLeague of Struggle
0.62ESAEat their Young / The Scorn EPThe Scorn (Recon Remix)Negative Gain Productions
0.62Portion ControlSeed EP2Seek
0.62Faderhead2077 Cyberpunk EPCyberpsychosis
0.62SierraAll About LoveUnpredictable
0.62Pouppée FabrikkBurn Forever EPBurn ForeverAlfa Matrix
0.62Moaan ExisNecessary ViolencesAlone Together
0.62Blitzkrieg BabyViolenceViolence
0.62Pill BrigadeSquawksgiving 20202049Tigersquawk Records
0.62CausticA Succession Of Repetitive BeatsFangs Out
0.62Urban MatrixEine Welt des GrauensEine Welt des Grauens
0.62SDHYou Pt​.​12 (Reka Remix)You Pt​.​12 (Reka Remix)
0.62Body Beat RitualDamhsa 01Final DemandCéad
0.62DHI (death and horror inc)LosingLosing
0.62The AndrogenWords Are KnivesDenihilist
0.62Vomito NegroA Human Scanner – The 20th Anniversary CompilationBlack Plague (Pandemic Mix)Scanner
0.62AD:KEYI Can`t Feel YouI Can`t Feel You (single edit)Alfa Matrix
0.62DownwellOppression IndexUndercover BuddiesX-IMG
0.62Gasoline InvertebrateThe Hurtmore EPScarlet Slip feat. Chris Connelly (Snowbeasts Remix)Tigersquawk Records
0.62The HorroristWhen I Raise My Hand .​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​. AgainRiot (Bernhard Von Zorn Remix)RIOT Radio Records
0.62Crystal GeometryV​​/​​A III – CurseMediocrelifeThe Hiddens
0.62ZwaremachineConquest 3000 Single​/Remix EPConquest 3000 (Hostile Architect Remix)
0.62SINENeed To Bleed (Dethmarch Remix)Need To Bleed (Dethmarch Remix)
0.62NOIRJust FascinationJust Fascination
0.62Kota KiraCandlelight (feat. Ziiri)Candlelight (feat. Ziiri)Re:Mission Entertainment
0.62Sick JokesMMXXPop Goes The Vessel (John Fryer Remix)COP International
0.621000 Ho​-​Ho DJs(Every Day Is) Xmas(Every Day Is) Xmas
0.62Curse MackeyPatreon / Email List ExclusiveDystopian Dope (Dogtablet Masks On Mix)
0.61Pre-Emptive Strike 0.1 vs Nano InfectRDC & Terror Night: Halloween Edition 2020State Of War (Terror Night Exclusive MiX)RDC
0.61AyriaBattle CryBattle CryArtoffact Records
0.61Blue Ant feat. SpankthenunEveryday is HalloweenStigmata
0.61Cardopusher10 Years of Dame​-​MusicMetal RainDame-Music
0.61HexadiodeControlled BurnMetaxy (Skeleton Hands Remix)
0.61Sidewalks And SkeletonsEternal RestEternal Rest (feat. Cashforgold)Re:Mission Entertainment
0.61Kota KiraLament Configurations: Into The LabyrinthThe ExorcistSubGoth / ECR
0.61Blut ReaktorThe SadistThe Sadist (Club Version)
0.61In AbsentiaVampiresVampiresTinnitorturous
0.61Panther ModernA. T. D. G.A. T. D. G.
0.61Rhys Fulber & Portion ControlSonic Groove: 25 Years (1995​-​2020)Dodge The BulletSonic Groove
0.61Hostile Architect:​:Log​.​2​:​: Dawn OvDawn OvBrutal Resonance Records
0.61Black AgentAcid 2 BodyAcid 2 BodyRe:Mission Entertainment
0.61Microchip League 2.0Numbers Covered – A Benefit Album For Numbers Night ClubHeadhuntereMERGENCY hEARTS
0.61Chrome CorpseHelmet Mounted DisplayIn The Shadow Of DropshipsVertex
0.61Null CellHardwareHardware (feat. Michael from Chrome Corpse)
0.61PsycheSpirits of LockdownOver The Shoulder
0.61UlisessDaemonDaemon (feat. Moris Blak)
0.61Matt HartTerrorfyingTerrorfying
0.61KhionikDarkness and FuryDarkness and Fury (feat. Isserley)Tigersquawk Records
0.61PigPain is GodPain is God[Metropolis Records for CD/digital, Armalyte Industries for Deluxe Vinyl]
0.61MinistryEveryday (Is Halloween) – The Lost MixesPlaygroundCleopatra Records
0.61Urban MatrixDer Countdown läuftEndgültige Vernichtung
0.61Code : Red CoreDark WhispersDark Whispers
0.61Leæther StripThrowing BonesFirst AidLæbel
0.61Philipp MünchPlays Ars MoriendiValiumant-zen
0.61FaderheadHalloween Spooky QueensHalloween Spooky Queens
0.61MOЯIS BLAK Mandy (I’m Your God Now) Mandy (I’m Your God Now)
0.61Circle BurnEigengrauStygian VoidChopblock Entertaintment
0.61CausticHaLO2020Violent Ape
0.60Third RealmDarkest Halloween Compilation 2020Bleeding in Her NightmaredarkTunes
0.60Deadlight HolidayDaybreakDaybreak (Remix feat. Aesthetic Perfection)
0.60Dance My DarlingKathedraleKathedraledarkTunes
0.60NamesisOberwave Vol. 2Forgery (feat. Negative Datura)Oberwave Records
0.60Viscera DripDance Your DepressionDance Your Depression (Dance the Pain Away Mix)
0.60Chrome CorpseUncanny Valleys (Vol. I)EBM Non stopAREA Z
0.60KroppPROCD100Din HalsProgress Productions
0.60TransmissionCosmosDe StijlWave Records
0.60Damsel in the DollhouseGeisterschlossHexed
0.60Blue Ant feat. SpankthenunEveryday Is HalloweenEveryday Is Halloween
0.60Minuit MachineDon’t Run From The FireTo ControlSynth Religion
0.60Hell:SectorBlood On Europe’s GateBlood On Europe’s Gate
0.60Luna13Luna13 and Suicide Queen Split SingleUndedCOP International
0.60LarvaFutronik Structures Vol​.​10 (Disc 2)All The Beauty Must DieDSBP Records
0.60Urban MatrixOrigin UnknownIf I Were The Devil
0.59Die KruppsCollapsing New PeopleCollapsing New PeopleCleopatra Records
0.596th CircleThe Idle ConstructCritstrikeSonic Groove
0.59Blut ReaktorTales From The FleshDarkest DecentUnderground Industrial Records
0.59Magnum OpusDark VibrationsDark VibrationsMSQ Records
0.59Hostile ArchitectLog​.​1​​: LowgradelifeLowgradelife
0.59AutumnsYou Always Taught Me BetterExcept The Grey BoxDetriti Records
0.59Kota KiraThe TemptressesThe TemptressesRe:Mission Entertainment
0.59Trick CasketAnhedoniaSticks and Stones
0.59Ah Cama-SotzNew Skin For Old TribalsPainKiller (Judgement ‘n’ Destroy)Bats & Cats
0.59Cervello Elettronico vs. VeldtTankTankHANDS
0.59Nuclear SludgeFeastFeast
0.59SchwefelgelbDer Puls Durch Die SchläfenMomentumn-PLEX
0.59Sina XX & MunsingerActionActionSuara
0.59HypnoskullThe TricksterThe Trickster (Setup)Wunderblock Records
0.59Unhuman+Petra FlurrCause Of ChaosAngstShe Lost Kontrol
0.58SynapscapeA Journey Through ConcernIt Ain’t Rightant-zen
0.58Suicide CommandoMindstrip ReduxRaise Your God (2020 Bigotry)Out Of Line Music
0.58Iron CourtEtched ForesightsExtinct WrenchDetriti Records
0.58Mirland/LarsenInhumanThe SlaughterLæbel
0.58CubanateCold Waves 2020 CompilationVortex (Empirion Remix)Cracknation Records
0.58MaedonEscape To BerlinPandemoniumSonic Groove
0.58Panther ModernReadyReady
0.58Venal FleshDie In SummerDie In Summer
0.58Kota KiraMoon DancerMoon DancerRe:Mission Entertainment
0.58MissFit ToysBlithe DinBlithe Din
0.58SOJLand of Lovers and HammersLand of Hammers and Lovers (WLDV remix)Infidel Bodies
0.58DecemberA Hundred Years Without YouNoVEYL
0.58Nova State MachineTCZ RMXs 009: Welcome to the FutureThe Future (1984 mix by Ultimate Soldier)
0.58Mechanical VeinEmotion Blur: SelectionsTAKN (ft. Caustic)HYBRID BLAK Records
0.58Portion ControlSeed Ep1Telekinesis.V2
0.57Go FightFreestateFreestate (Club Mix)Pulseblack
0.57My Life with the Thrill Kill KultCold Waves 2020 CompilationForbidden Saints (Cyanotic Remix)Cracknation Records
0.57High-Functioning FleshHuman RemainsHuman Remains (2020 mix)Dais Records
0.57klackProbablyBark, Bite
0.57Null CellThey Lie To Us (Redux Mix feat. spankthenun)They Lie To Us (Redux Mix feat. spankthenun)
0.57AutumnsCurrents IIDoes It WorkPower Station
0.57spankthenunGlitch Burn Sin (Pre-Order Only) / Futronik Structures Vol​.​10 (Disc 1)Dance Fight Or Die (Diverje Combat Remix)self-released pre-order / DSBP Records
0.57Red LokustMadmanMadman (Tragic Impulse Remix)Distortion Productions
0.57Nuclear SludgeDeliriumDelirium
0.57UnhumanVoices Of DistressPlastic Sky, Hands AboveBITE
0.57NormoriaVoyageWho The Hell Are Youself-released / RDC Compilation
0.57SacrothornСоломенный принцСоломенный принц
0.57Maelstrom & LouisahhhAscender EPLights OutDiscos Atónicos
0.57Extermination ExpressionDystopia in ActionEnforcerX-IMG
0.57KlubovaderImpostorbleSolid Charge CarrierTigersquawk Records
0.57Suicide QueenLuna13 and Suicide Queen Split SingleScarecrowCOP International
0.57LarvaDesolation RoadSunk In ShítAdvoxya Records
0.57Bio-Mechanical DegenerationInvisible Threat/ OutbreakInvisible Threat (Hollow Man – Diverje Remix)DSBP Records
0.57Adult. / Planet BRelease MeRelease MeDais Records
0.56Suicide CommandoDein Herz, Meine Gier / Bunkerb​!​tchBlood in face (first aid mix)Out Of Line Music
0.56Rotersand w. Ulf HäusgenReloaded – Reworks of How Do You Feel TodayHot Ashes (Radicalized)Metropolis Records
0.56spankthenunThe Bunker Tapes Vol IFight and Breed (Mirland Remix)
0.56AD:KEYResonanz (Bonus Tracks Edition)You Can’t Fvck Me (remix)Alfa Matrix
0.56Memory OverreleaseIllicit Concept DeniedJudge NotPretension Records
0.56Agent 15Voices In My HeadVoices In My Head (Kenny Campbell Mix)Drøne
0.56Choke ChainGrave (Sweat Boys Mix)Grave (Sweat Boys Mix)
0.56Black DahliaCrime Violente Vol​.​4Ricoche HollyUp North Records
0.56Armageddon DildosDystopia (Bonus Tracks Edition)Destruction (Inertia – Subkultura mix)Alfa Matrix
0.56IsserleyTapewormholeAxe WoundTigersquawk
0.56Machine AnimalWhiteWhite
0.56ElektroTerapiSide EffectSide Effect
0.55PandoriaCleanCleanInfacted Recordings
0.55Mellow CodeInfinity NightsInfinity Nights (feat. None of Your Concern)Crunch Pod
0.553TEETHGuns AkimboYou Spin Me Round (Like a Record)Century Media
0.55DownwellAntikhrist Visions Vol. IIBody StretchingIndustrias Mekanikas
0.55PsychosomatikNo Time To LoseThe Madman (spankthenun Edit)
0.55Urban MatrixSecurity For AllSecurity For All
0.55MeshesCrime Violente Vol​.​4Теряй КонтрольUp North Records
0.55Nova State MachineTCX RMXS 008: VRTKLVRTKL (Strktr mix)
0.55Mari KattmanEat.SheMechanical
0.55DHI (death and horror inc)Chosen RulerChosen Ruler
0.55Tension ControlkRaNK KrANkkRaNK KrANk
0.54SasmINDUSTRIA #1Collective ActionINDUSTRIA
0.54Unhuman And Petra FlurrHad EnoughHad Enough
0.54BiomechanimalEnter the AnimalEnter the Animal (C-Lekktor Remix)HYBRID BLAK Records
0.54spankthenunThe Bunker Tapes Vol IDominate (Blue Ant Mix)
0.54KonkursTerminal StageCompoundX-IMG
0.54Conspiracy ThiefFutronik Structures Vol​.​10Disgraced By LightDSBP Records
0.54Null CellDead SkinDead Skin
0.54BileChildren Of The GunChildren Of The Gun
0.54Circle BurnMalebolgeMalebolge
0.54AutumnsYou Are Now Listening To AutumnsDoire Dog RaceOpal Tapes
0.54Suffer RingReverentiaHunterRe:Mission Entertainment
0.54ChiasmAre You Okay?Are You Okay? (John Fryer Original)COP International
0.53God ModuleThe Unsound RemixesDeja Vu (Aircrash Bureau Remix)Metropolis Records
0.53Out OutBox 13Put the Pedal Down
0.53Deathline InternationalTroops of TomorrowTroops of TomorrowCOP International
0.53Android Lust and CollideAre You ListeningAre You Listening
0.53spankthenunPoisoned ParadiseRotting Meat (New Skin remix)AudioSic Records
0.53DiverjeDarkness InsideDarkness InsideDSBP Records
0.53DJversion666Dance Of The ProfaneDance Of The Profane (Exemia Remix 1)darkTunes
0.53Droid Sector DecayThe Horrible Life You LeadThe Horrible Life You LeadUnderground Industrial Records
0.52KlutæQueer For SatanBreathe My DustLæbel
0.52ESAEat their Young / The Scorn EPEat Their Young (feat Caitlin Corlyx)Negative Gain Production
0.52SlighterMute Yourself (Sawtooth’s Imminent Overload Mix)Mute Yourself (Sawtooth’s Imminent Overload Mix)Confusion Inc.
0.52S. ProductSuicide BeatTNTTerrible Records
0.52AutumnsLaying HeavyDisguise the WeightClan Destine Records
0.52Outpost 11MIND // BODY DUALISM: PART I BODYReal Heroesself-released / HAXYN Records compilation
0.52SkornheadVarious Artists RDCompilationGothicaself-released / RDC compilation
0.52Choke ChainChain TacticsGrave
0.52Kara and the WolvesCrushing Anxiety EPCrushing AnxietyDys13 Records
0.52The Undertaker’s TapesASM​-​IITerror AttackFORKHA
0.52Years of DenialHuman TragedyGenocide CheatModular Mind
0.52Cuerina Raw DryCrime Violente Vol​.​4Qué es lo que pasa, master?self-released / Up North Records compilation
0.51Dimitri Berzerk feat. Claus Larsen of Leæther StripDer Eisenberg Sampler – Vol. 10Ctrl+Alt+Del (CID Project Remix)Sub Culture Records
0.51Blut ReaktorIn Vain ReduxFear Redux
0.51NABTADrop the maskDigitalDistag Records
0.51spankthenunGLITCH BURN SINBurn (10 Cent Toys Must Obey Mix)
0.51HKKPTRMacht & OhnmachtReglosaufnahme + wiedergabe
0.51Years Of DenialVA. Valley of Tears Vol. 2Girl With Broken HeadSOIL
0.51Silence in MachineDAЯKER DAYSViolently bleeding inside
0.51ScrapeElectronic Saviors Volume 6: Reflection Prime EditionCrushMetropolis Records /  Distortion Productions
0.51Ginger Snap5Wild Running (Single Edit)Wild Running (Single Edit)
0.51Viktor KalimaBurning Bodies | VA [RR005]Capital KillRafale Records
0.51ILLNURSERAW Summer Hits | Special Edits FrauRAW
0.50Circle Burnreset.Re-fuck Your Brain – (Chant Remix)
0.50Sin DNATranscendentSix Nights with Sadistic SadaParagon Poison Media
0.50Bestial MouthsResurrectedinblackIndustrial WasteRune & Ruin
0.50Andi (Harriman)Corpse To CorpusRuminandumaufnahme + wiedergabe
0.50Pro PatriaGodlessGodless
0.50NabtaNo ExcusesPlaygroundOráculo Records
0.50Queen Of The Static OperaTBAWarm Leatherette
0.50PigSex & DeathConfession (Front Line Assembly Remix)Armalyte Industries
0.50Pretty AddictedPuppetPuppet
0.50Blitzkrieg BabyGenocidal SextasyKill Them AllCloister Recordings
0.49StatiqbloomBeneath The WhelmBlack LavaMetropolis Records
0.49Dawn of AshesThe AntinomianBlood of the TitansArtoffact Records
0.49Be My EnemyAll That I Love, I DestroyBad BloodArmalyte Industries
0.49S Y Z Y G Y XElectronic Saviors Volume 6: Reflection Prime EditionDon’t Look BackMetropolis Records /  Distortion Productions
0.49Chrome CorpseChrome Corpse / Decent News Split EP (Arm The Muscle Mech)Cortex Pulverizer
0.49Emergency SequenceSharpening The AxeSharpening The AxeLæbel
0.49Blitzkrieg BabyRemixedCannibal Commando (Ancient Methods Remix)aufnahme + wiedergabe
0.49Null CellThey Lie To Us (Single)They Lie To Us
0.49Razorback HollowSolus in TenebrisQuietly Staying Alive
0.49IN​/​JXRXThe Last OneFrameworkWarinD
0.49ConsolidatedCapitalism (The Joy Thieves Remix)Capitalism (The Joy Thieves Remix)
0.49PigStripped & RippedThe Chosen Few (Defrocked Bishop Remix by Cubanate)Armalyte Industries
0.48SpankthenunGlitch Burn SinCarbon Responder (Imperfexion’s Escape the Maschina Remix)
0.48Ego LikenessWolvesDarkness (Out Out vs. Stoneburner Rework)Metropolis Records
0.48Prosthetic PatientTBALeave With Us (Spankthenun eVACuate Remix)
0.48LDisciplineFist 2 FistCrunch Pod
0.48Nuclear SludgeSufferSufferNuclear Broadcast
0.48Speed InjektionDeath’s DanceApocalypse (Has Arrived)Digital World Audio
0.48SMFORMAΘ Ρ Α Υ Σ Μ Α Τ ΑWhispersTales of Psychofonia
0.48Nova State MachineTCZ RMXs 006: Feel the Freedom Total Control (Freedom mix by electrofiction) 
0.48Decent NewsMonolith / RemixedI’ll Be Awakened (Punch Reverse Remix)Machine Man Records
0.48DissonancePrecipice Maxi SinglePrecipice (NH Remix by Joe Haze)Hakatak International
0.48DK-ZeroCyber Sex Inc.Switch Me OnCleopatra Records
0.48SnogSpätzle MachineSpätzle Machine (Meta RMX)Metropolis Records
0.47SynapscapeA Mutual DisagreementI Can’t Kill What You Seeant-zen
0.47DaddybearEBDSMPillow Biter (feat. grabyourface)
0.47Synthetische LebensformSymmetryAccident
0.47Meshes x Lera FoerNorthern Nightmares Vol​.​1БессмыслицаUp North Records
0.47Razorback HollowElectronic Saviors Volume 6: Reflection Prime EditionHey Buddy (Feat. Peter Turns Pirate)Metropolis Records / Distortion Productions
0.47White CauldronNine HellsDirty StreetsNowhere Now Records
0.47HyperlacrimaeYoga DarśanaIn My PoisonInfidel Bodies
0.47spankthenunGlitch Burn SinGlitch (Stahlschlag’s System Overload Mix) 
0.47VaricellaNew Born SlaveThe World is DyingMachine Man Records
0.47ChiasmAwayAwayCOP International
0.47D3m0nH8The Second ComingThe Choke of your Undoing
0.46Avarice In AudioFrom The Rib of AdamBittersweetAlfa Matrix
0.46Chmcl Str8jcktWRTCH RMXSCactus (Vonschnell-Omega Remix)Cleopatra Records
0.46Out OutPersonal SpacePersonal Space (Snowbeasts Version)
0.46HAEXPlague (Demo)Plague (Demo)
0.46Flesh Field (feat. Ted Phelps)Electronic Saviors – Electronic Music To Cure Cancer Vol VI: ReflectionThe Forever WarMetropolis Records / Distortion Productions
0.46Red LokustWhom the Gods Wish to Ruin, They First Drive Mad2AMDistortion Productions
0.46PsychosomatikTBA (Pre-release)Carnal Pleasure
0.46SarinMoral Cleansing RemixedPsychic Driving (Phase Fatale Rmx)BITE
0.46Chris Keya & T[ERROR]Like DeathLike Death
0.46Mr. Zoth and the WerespidersGreat MortalityThe ChthonicTigersquawk Records
0.46ToothpinchLords of DustLords of Dust
0.45HorskhStrobesStrobesWire Control
0.45KlubovaderTBAGo Ham (with Craig Huxtable)Tigersquawk Records
0.45AutumnsM3 7LWTake Your Leather Gloves and Fuck OffDrøne
0.45Dead Animal Assembly PlantColors Under AttackColors Under AttackArmalyte Industries
0.45Pill BrigadeOld Skool R3B00tPost Human CodeTigersquawk Records
0.45MascarponeDodecacotronicBis Zum Ende
0.45Die Robo SapiensFanFanFanatisch – The Düsseldorf EPFanFanFanatisch (Aesthetische rework)Alfa Matrix
0.45Nova State MachineTCZ RMXs 005: Shaking the WorldTotal Control (Pulsation mix by electrofiction)
0.45Manni DeeEveryone’s Replaceable NowThe WolvesPerc Trax
0.45SineDesolate DistrictDesolate District (feat. Chris Connelly)
0.45Portion ControlHead BuriedRise Up
0.45Cardinal NoireNightmare WormsParoxysm
0.44Blue Eyed ChristWorld On FireWorld on Fire (Feat. En Esch & Mea Fisher)Distortion Productions
0.44Trick CasketYour FailureYour Failure
0.44Cease2XistMy Burning Rage 2020My Burning Rage 2020
0.44Project .44The System ReworkedFall Down (Sheep On Drugs Mix)GIVE/TAKE
0.44Velvet MayM3 7LWWaving at MeDrøne
0.44DownwellHEX004 – Deviant Misbehaviours Vol. 1Out From Your PainHEX Recordings
0.44DismantledNo EscapeNo Escape
0.44Division FledermausKosmoVisionRight Here, Right Now
0.44Violent VickieCircle Square (CRUNCH 173)Circle SquareCrunch Pod
0.44Blue AntThe Model (Kraftwerk Cover)The Model
0.44DI*oveFly NakedFly Naked (feat. Leæther Strip)
0.44Sheep On DrugsMoonlight ManMoonlight Man
0.43Caustic GripToxic RiftToxic RiftSlice Records
0.43Matt HartTriolith (ESA remix)Triolith (ESA remix)
0.43The Joy ThievesGenocide Love SongGenocide Love Song (An Inconvenient Mix)Armalyte Industries
0.43Gasoline InvertebrateDamage Over TimeHeadschattenTigersquawk Records
0.43LPendPendCrunch Pod
0.43T[ERROR]Sounds of HellNever Get To Heaven
0.43Jensen InterceptorStrings Of FearFirst DayPinkman
0.43ZwaremachineRipping at the FabricResistBrutal Resonance Records
0.43VDevilMeet the Family (The Underground Anthem)Meet the Family (The Underground Anthem)
0.43BasszillaSupport Your Local Apocalypse DealerFist Of BassdarkTunes
0.43Dead ChainsNothing ChaingesAssembly (Line)Super Sledge Recordings
0.43TrystVulgar VirtueVulgar Virtue
0.42Dawn of AshesThe AntinomianSleep ParalysisArtoffact Records
0.42Harsh RI Should Have Known BetterThe Shroud (Spanked And Forgiven remix by spankthenun)
0.42Chrome CorpseDetecting Movement (Extended Dancefloor Mix)Detecting Movement (Extended Dancefloor Mix)
0.42Mind / MatterMaison Close MCVA002Days Of PainMaison Close
0.42VDevilIsolationDeseaseRussian Dark Community
0.42Angry Red PlanetShadow RiserShadow Riser (Mark Walk Remix)
0.42ToothpinchShelter In PlaceShelter In Place (feat. Bess, Accumortis & spankthenun)
0.42VINDIMØDEThe TunnelThe Tunnel
0.42Black Nail CabaretGods Verging On SanityTo Die in ParisDependent Records
0.42Brayan ValenzuelaLast DayLLMM (Crystal Geometry Remix)0000
0.42System 6Revisited EnemiesConjuring (:Waijdan: Mix) 
0.41Not-So EbbStay Inside Your HomeStay Inside Your Home
0.41CocksureOperation C​.​O​.​C​.​K​.​S​.​U​.​R​.​E.Operation C​.​O​.​C​.​K​.​S​.​U​.​R​.​E.Cracknation Records
0.41CausticThe King of EBMBody Rot
0.41Codex EmpireProtected By RageMetadisturbanceaufnahme + wiedergabe
0.413TEETHAmerican Landfill (Matt Hart Remix)American Landfill (Matt Hart Remix)
0.41Dead Animal Assembly PlantA Violent BreedA Violent BreedArmalyte Industries
0.41StatiqbloomAsphyxia RemixedPossession (Kontravoid Remix)SYNTHICIDE
0.41AutumnsCurrents IYes WavePower Station
0.41Marina AleksandraAnimal Industrial Complex (Randolph & Mortimer Remix)Animal Industrial Complex (Randolph & Mortimer Remix)
0.41Blue AntWe Kill the SunThe Hero 
0.41Code : Red CoreIsolationGasolina (Remastered)RDC
0.41C/A/TApocalypse HaircutApocalypse Haircut
0.40Crystal GeometryMurder 01AbyssMurder Records
0.40Seraphim SystemDo or Die (Suicidal Ideation VIP)Do or Die (Suicidal Ideation VIP)
0.40Leather Not PleatherIt’s A Sick World But Someone’s Got To Love ItGets You OffDecaying Orbit Records
0.40Philipp MünchÜber Leben 2Endlich Variationsaufnahme + wiedergabe
0.40Virus FilterOrigins Pt. 1Serial Killers Anthem (2020)
0.40SnogLullabies for the Lithium AgeSpaetzle MachineMetropolis Records
0.40XotoxGesternUFOInfacted Recordings
0.40SuppressorFuture FailMissbraucht (v/s Neutral Konntrol feat. Katia Braut)darkTunes
0.40Sphere CornersInto a Deep VoidMachine Soldier (EX HUMAN Remix)
0.40UnterschichtKrank (Lass mich allein)Horrorhospital
0.40RADIKAL KUSS feat HIV+Spanish Electronic Body MusicMujer ùnicaUNKNOWN PLEASURES RECORDS
0.40Pretty AddictedSoul For SaleSoul For Sale
0.39Youth CodePuzzle (Nuclear Sludge Remix)Puzzle (Nuclear Sludge Remix)
0.39Noise ResistanceInsights Of EgoIgnition
0.39W.A.S.T.E.There Is No RedemptionChock’ingSpeakerfly Productions
0.39Tension ControlIn neuem LichtIn neuem Licht
0.39ADULT.Perception is​/​as​/​of DeceptionTotal Total DamageDais Records
0.39ZwaremachineRipping at the FabricRipping at the FabricBrutal Resonance Records
0.39ProbeTensionTensionInfacted Recordings
0.39Maenad VeylReassessmentStranger (feat. Years of Denial)VEYL
0.39Heavy Water FactoryIdiot ProofIdiot Proof
0.39SINthetik MessiahSplit DamageLanguish (feat. Cat Hall)
0.39NUKESDeath SkyDeath SkyNo Devotion Records
0.38spankthenunVirusVirus (90s hip-hop version)
0.38DogtabletMuscle & Bone (the remixes)Skin Job (Bang On mix by Jim Marcus)
0.38Armageddon DildosHeut NachtHeut Nacht (AD:Key Mix)Alfa Matrix
0.38Android LustMadness in Men (Mona Mur remix)Madness in Men (Mona Mur remix)
0.38Die Krupps feat. Jyrki 69Chinese BlackChinese BlackCleopatra Records
0.38Rabia SordaDestruyeDestruyeOut Of Line Music
0.38LiebknechtKöln (Total Harmonic Noize Remix)Köln (Total Harmonic Noize Remix)
0.38My Life With The Thrill Kill KultDiamonds & Daggerz Mega-MixxxDiamonds & Daggerz Mega-Mixxx (Evil Lover & Dope Kult excerpt)Sleazebox Records
0.38VaricellaThe Land of Rape and HoneyThe Land of Rape and HoneyMachine Man Records
0.38Allofher TwitchReDesignedLost in Noises (Caustic Remix)
0.38Capsules of EnergyOne Thousand TearsShiver (spankthenun Remix)
0.38Machines With Human SkinThe Imposter: The Remixes Vol 1The Imposter (Dead Agent remix)
0.37Pouppée FabrikkArménI Am Here To StayAlfa Matrix
0.37Nuclear SludgeAbyssAbyssNuclear Broadcast
0.37AutumnsTape FiveCringeLabel In Disarray
0.37The AndrogenInsomniaSleep Apnea (feat. Angel Nightmare)
0.37Matt HartIsolnationIsolnation
0.37Pressure VesselLigatureAddictionWETWIRE
0.37Precision FieldLove & DebaucheryThought Parasite
0.37Orange SectorZerstörerWir Sind Mehr (Muskeltanz Remix)Infacted Recordings
0.37RawkorderHoundsVeinSonic Groove
0.37Miss FDPandemic 2020Pandemic 2020Quantum Release Records
0.37Deadlight HolidayLullabyLullaby (feat. Angelspit)
0.37LazerpunkDifferent forms of PowerPower (Sierra remix)
0.36Years of DenialSuicide Disco RemixesYou Like It When It Hurts (Orphx Remix)VEYL
0.36KontravoidToo Deep RemixesTurn Away (Statiqbloom Remix)Fleisch Records
0.36Iva//idBrokenBroken (Club Mix)
0.36AutumnsThe Ultimate Sounds Of Universe IIMy HandMosaique Records
0.36Nuclear SludgeHysteriaHysteriaNuclear Broadcast
0.36ZaniasExtinctionCarbonFleisch Records
0.36Randolph & Mortimer vs DuellistUnion of the FaithfulSermon Four
0.36Nova State MachineTCZ RMXs 003: Drugs and DrumsHarsh Reality – Rx Singular Obsession mix (by <SiK>)Shoknova Records
0.36Urban MatrixAdventures In Time And SpaceThe Atomic Bomb
0.36IsserleyAgoraphobic SweetheartI’m Cute/I’m Sick
0.36The Joy ThievesA Blue GirlThe BadlanderArmalyte Industries
0.36Dead ChainsOriginal Motion Picture SoundtrackWalking Without Music
0.35Front Line AssemblyReclamationVirus (Hybrid Mix)Roadrunner Records
0.35Die KruppsToo Much HistoryIsolationMetropolis Records
0.35Nitzer EbbCompilationGet CleanMute Records
0.35Pouppée FabrikkElectronic Body Matrix 1Symptom (Disease Mix)Alfa Matrix
0.35AmnesticReal Bad DayContagiousGlitch Mode Recordings
0.35STGShut It DownShut It Down
0.3516voltBeating Dead HorsesFight Or FlightMetropolis Records
0.35Flesh FieldViral ExtinctionThe PlagueInception Records
0.35K.P. Riot BrigadeK​.​P. Riot BrigadeDiseasedCyber World Music
0.34Matt HartTales Of Terra: TriolithRequiem (Xavier Swaffford remix)
0.34Years Of DenialArchives Du Coeur HumainYou Should WorryPublic System Recordings
0.34Goblin SummonerSubmissionSubmissionSuper Sledge Recordings
0.34Too Dead To DieTropical GothicThey All Were WrongOut Of Line Music
0.34AmdusciaExiste (Limited Edition)9 LettersOut Of Line Music
0.34Pete CraneThat Annihilated PlaceInviolateInfacted Recordings
0.34RotersandHow Do You Feel Today?Hot AshesMetropolis Records
0.34Von MollesteinUnreleashed album 2020 Run Little Rabbit
0.34Dead ChainsIt’ll Be A FightIt’ll Be A Fight
0.34Pro PatriaGodlessFearless
0.34The HorroristThe Ultimate Sounds Of Universe IIIt’s In Your BloodMosaique Records
0.34SlighterImpulse Control (Single)Impulse ControlConfusion Inc.
0.33Human Performance LabImpact SituationBeware The Beastaufnahme + wiedergabe
0.33Nuclear SludgeMadnessMadnessNuclear Broadcast
0.33No Names vs Decent NewsNo Names vs Decent NewsBlack Box (No Names Club Matcham Remix)Machine Man Records
0.33Mother JunoConflict WithinDevotionDetriti Records
0.33MunsingerOctobre RougeOctobre RougeSubtyl
0.33Terence FixmerAuricular Discipline IISiliconBOUND
0.33Rhys FulberDiasporaSlip It In (feat. Sara Taylor)aufnahme + wiedergabe
0.33PsychosomatikNo Time To Lose​/​Bullfighter EPNo Time To Lose (Blut Reaktor Remix)
0.33Front Line AssemblyFeederFeederArtoffact Records
0.33HideKill Your HeadBlockbuster
0.33RevillusionHeart (Less): Revisions & AdditionsPure Pollution (Stabbing Westward Chris Hall Remix) [feat. Raymond Watts]
0.33My Life With The Thrill Kill KultSinister Whisperz III (The Rykodisc Years)Magic Boy Magic Girl (Oxy Mix)Sleazebox Records
0.32KreignKreignIn That Frame of Mind
0.32spankthenunIndustrial Assault Vol. 7Machine Girl (feat. Jay Ruin)DSBP Records
0.32Degenerated SequencesStranger To My SelfScattered (edit version)
0.32SchwefelgelbDie Stimme DrängtDie Dünne HandMinimal Wave
0.32Go FightDirtyFuckingPrettyDirtyFuckingPretty (Pretty Mix)PulseBlack
0.32Amelia ArsenicDeathlessTo Love is to DestroyBlind Mice Productions
0.32Grim BeardMicrotransgressionsSailor Mercury
0.32LarvaTormentedHow many secrets can you keep?Advoxya Records
0.32Club MusicBeyond New BeatBeyond New BeatChicago Research
0.32IsserleyPrincess Euthanasia ProjectLet’s Play WarTigersquawk Records
0.32TransponderStomp The CybersBody Music (Back In Mind) (feat. Frontal & Leæther Strip)
0.32Circuito Cerrado feat. Rexx ArkanaMatrix Downloaded 009 / Furious Basslines (Bonus Tracks Version)Noize In The SkyAlfa Matrix
0.31Caustic GripEarly Onset 50Early Onset 50
0.31Studio-X vs Simon CarterDisconnectedNo Longer AloneAlfa Matrix
0.31AgonoizeA Vampire TaleRequiemRepoRecords
0.31Avarice In AudioSounds From The Matrix 021Lolita ExpressAlfa Matrix
0.31Pete CraneYou Are Not Your BodyYou Are Not Your BodyInfacted Recordings
0.31SDHAgainst Strong ThinkingNo MiraclesAvant! Records
0.31No Sleep by The Machine11ObliviousMurti Records
0.31Vein CrampMachines Of The Hypocrites (EP)Roots
0.31Ten Cent ToysTwist Of FateEmployee
0.31ESABurial 10Cloak and Dagger (feat. Jo Hysteria)Negative Gain Productions
0.31MassenhysterieHausfrauengelüsteWas wir wollen
0.31Noise AssassinBells And DesperationBlack (Clean Mix)
0.30Not My GodNot My GodFictionCleopatra Records
0.30Ultimate SoldierNightmare FactoryUltimate SoldierMIC Label
0.30Razorback HollowSolus in TenebrisYour Temple
0.30Caustic GripCease FireCease Fire
0.30ChinoThe CaveThe CaveSYNTETYK
0.30UniformAwakeningAwakeningSacred Bones Records
0.30Be My EnemyWardanceWardanceArmalyte Industries
0.30Julien-KHarmonic DisruptorHarmonic Disruptor
0.30Carphax Files feat ChiasmDurch die SeileDurch die SeileCOP International
0.30MordaciousIt’s Not OverBeg and Plead
0.30Trick CasketMiseryLet You Die
0.29spankthenun[TBA]Glitch (Club Killer remixed by Slighter)
0.29PromidalA Taste Of MadnessErotika (Cellhavoc Remix)
0.29Die KruppsNew YorkNew York (Microchip League cover)Cleopatra Records
0.29AnatomyAnatomy & Blu Anxxiety Split EPS.C.U.M.SYNTHICIDE
0.29AttritionThe Great DerailerThe Great DerailerTwo Gods
0.29HatariNeyslutransKlámstrákurSvikamylla ehf
0.29Body DividePleasure From PainCruelty By DesignSquareWav
0.29Reka X Imperial Black UnitTodo AvariciaTropas de la MuerteFleisch Records
0.29Blu AnxxietyAnatomy & Blu Anxxiety Split EPNegative FantasySYNTHICIDE
0.29t_error 404Ritual Of TimeZeitgeist (Trance Version)AREA Z
0.29Nova State MachineTotal Control ZoneHard TargetShoknova Records
0.29NakedKilled By RosesBiteHalcyon Veil
0.28Grim BeardMicrotransgressionsYou’re Not Supposed to Do This
0.28Pill BrigadeClusterfight: Black Pill Red Pill vs. Tigersquawk RecordsTrixieBlack Pill Red Pill / Tigersquawk Records
0.28HARSH RThe ShroudThe Shroud
0.28spankthenunInitial Decay ControlSwallow
0.28Maenad VeylOnto DuatRiot PatrolBedouin Records
0.28Visceral AnatomyModern AnguishSolutionOráculo Records
0.28MissFit ToysThrough The GlassHope For The Hopeless
0.28HypnoskullInfidel Selecction Volume IIDamalsInfidel Bodies
0.28Cervello Elettronico featuring Kit N BuendiaA Message To The People: A Tribute To Consolidated!You SuckVoidstar Productions
0.28The Undertaker’s TapesOn the Last DayArtifactsAREA Z
0.28ZwaremachineBe A LightIEYEIPhage Tapes
0.28Leæther StripÆppreciation IVHey Man Nice ShotCleopatra Records
0.27Velvet Acid ChristMaldireChrist WhoreMetropolis
0.273TEETH<shutdown​.​exe>SlaveGodOMF Records
0.27PsychopompsInfection Start 90GodshitInfacted Recordings
0.27Dead Animal Assembly PlantGod Complex SingleGod Complex: Opiate For The Masses
0.27Leæther StripCivil DisobedienceA Whore for JesusLæbel
0.27Kevorkian Death CycleCollection for InjectionFaithlessNegative Gain Productions
0.27NumbNumbGod Is DeadMetropolis Records
0.27BOLRare or UnreleasedAfterlife’s a Lie (Demo)
0.27Shiv-RElectronic Saviors IV: RetaliationMalediction (Save Your Prayers Mix)Metropolis / Distortion Productions
0.27ÖhmÖhmDivinityArtoffact Records
0.27My Life With The Thrill Kill KultConfessions Of A KnifeKooler Than Jesus (Electric Messiah Mix)Sleazebox Records
0.27Psyclon NineDivine InfektDivine InfektMetropolis Records
0.27The Electric Hellfire ClubKiss The Goat – 2005 Deluxe EditionSlaughter of ElysiumCleopatra
0.27GenitorturersSin CityCrucifiedSteamhammer / Cleopatra
0.27Mussolini HeadkickINDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! RecordsYour God Is DeadWax Trax! Records
0.27PIGPrey & ObeyPrey & ObeyMetropolis Records
0.27CocksureHeretic HypocriteHeretic Hypocrite
0.27Christ AnalogueThe Texture Ov DespiseAntipathy
0.27Omegaman vs. PigfaceTribute: A Tribute To Public Image LimitedReligion (PIL cover)Underground, Inc. / Eastworld Recordings
0.27SnogLies Inc​.​/​Dear Valued CustomerHey, Christian GodMetropolis Records
0.26SpankthenunInitial Decay ControlGlitch
0.26Conspiracy ThiefMiracle Violence ConnectionSlow BurnDSBP Records
0.26Ten Cent ToysTwist Of FateTwist Of Fate
0.26Nuclear SludgeNeurosisNeurosisNuclear Broadcast
0.26CellmodThe DissidentThe Inevitable
0.26Chrome Corpse x Dead Chains x Night TerrorsEnemy SightedEverything Must Move (Vrain Heavy Heart Mix)Vertex
0.26Radikal Kuss feat. HIV+Laster und TugendLaster und TugendUnknown Pleasures Records
0.26SOJBody Shaper (remixes)Kull, Feck, Due (Crystal Geometry muscle mix)SOIL
0.26Caustic v This Morn’ OminaKerosene (Big Black Tribute)Kerosene (Big Black Tribute)
0.26DrowndDrowndBurnArmalyte Industries
0.26Synthetische LebensformRedirectionWe Get Control (Zweite Jugend remix)Synth-Me
0.26Pleasure SymbolsEndless (Multiple Man Remix)Endless (Multiple Man Remix)
0.25Nuclear SludgeAutonomous Strangling MachineDisconnectFORKHA
0.25Hanzel Und GretylHexennachtTriple HexxxMetropolis Records
0.25HocicoRextinctionShut Me Down! (Remixed by Kreign)Out Of Line Music
0.25UnconsciousYour God is DeadBlood (Qual Remix)Detriti Records
0.25Fee LionBlood Sisters RemixesHeaven (Silent Servant Remix)BOUND
0.25ToothpinchRigged & Broken (featuring Jenova Project)Rigged & Broken (featuring Jenova Project)
0.25C-LekktorBeat​:​Cancer Tour 2019Animals (Prehistoric remix by Karkasaurus)Digital World Audio
0.25AgencyAgencyCracked 32″ Flat ScreenInstruments Of Discipline
0.25ReichsfeindChasm WalkDervishEquinoxe Recordings
0.25RoyaBlood (Single)BloodLabrador Records
0.25NoirA PleasureBack To NatureMetropolis Records
0.25DogtabletFeathers & SkinThings Said & Done (Snake is a liar) (feat. Jared Louche)
0.24Third RealmThe Art Of DespairBipolar Pop (feat. Chiasm)darkTunes
0.24Chrome CorpseAnything that movesMegatankAREA Z
0.24ConformcoConsumer Holiday Product + Believe ItBelieve ItGlitch Mode Recordings
0.24Panther ModernAsk YourselfAsk Yourself
0.24Lapse Of ReasonSorrowsTake The Controlaufnahme + wiedergabe
0.24PopsimonovaAfter The FallDrive (Remastered by Rude 66)Electronic Emergencies
0.24Tension ControlFortschritt durch TechnikIt Doesn’t WorkBRANDSATZ Records
0.24Salem UnsignedCanticaBlessed Be The Defiant DeathRND. Records
0.24Mona Mur & En EschRemixesShadow (Electrovot Remix)No Devotion Records
0.24Deathline InternationalBreakingBreaking (John Fryer Mix)COP International
0.24SlighterExogenous: Remix CompilationKillers (Redux)Confusion Inc.
0.24SchwefelgelbAus Dem Gesicht RemixedDer Pool Schweigt (Kontravoid Remix)aufnahme + wiedergabe
0.23Black LineLayers – EPLayers (Annie Hall Remix)
0.23Die KruppsVision 2020 VisionTrigger WarningSPV/Oblivion
0.23Resident51 (feat. Claus Larsen)Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Vol 4Haunted Sharp Things (Jay Ruin Remix)
0.23Test DeptDisturbance Disordered / White LabelInformation Scare (Imperial Black Unit Remix)One Little Indian Records
0.23SarinMoral CleansingThe CullingX-IMG
0.23ReinOff The GridOff The Grid
0.23My Life With the Thrill Kill KultIn The House Of Strange Affairs (Special Edition)Year Of The Klown (Remix by En Esch & Josh Luttrell)Sleazebox Records
0.23The LabyrinthUlterior Muses: Electronic Music For Belly DanceExpanse of BlackDistortion Productions
0.23AnsomeHounds Of The HarbourSmuggler’s DenPerc Trax
0.23SynthAttackDirty Dark ElectroDirty Dark Electro (Suppressor RMX)darkTunes
0.23Harsh MentorSalveSalve (Imperial Black Unit Remix)aufnahme + wiedergabe
0.22Moris BlakThe Irregularity of BeingErase Displace (feat. Pete Crane)Negative Gain Productions
0.22Die RobotTechnopunk (Remix’d)10​.​000 Years (Nando Dance Til You Die Remix)
0.22Nuclear*SunNot Your BodyCan’t Break Me (Break Yourself mix)
0.22CyanoticT3RM1N8T0RCyberdyne Systems Model 101 (feat. Kyle Reese)Glitch Mode Recordings
0.22Klack2400bps 8​-​N​-​1Discipline
0.22Heavy Water FactorySpillageI’m Captain Effing Ahab
0.22SynapsycheFace The Beat: Session 5 / In praise of folly (Bonus Tracks Version)Who The Fuck Are You NowSide-Line Magazine / Alfa Matrix
0.22C/A/TThe Paradigm ShiftSole BenefitCrunch Pod
0.220THERC0DETelekompilation vol. 2Kissing In The DarkI Die: You Die
0.22Cellar GravesTesture Testure
0.22Vampire RodentsCut to the ChaseBlind Acceleration
0.21Pouppée FabrikkOnly ControlOnly ControlAlfa Matrix
0.21Years of DenialSuicide DiscoIn Pain I MeditateVEYL
0.21Dead ChainsDead Chains EPThey Live We Sleep v3
0.21First Aid 4 SoulsKeep This World EmptyKeep This World EmptyAlfa Matrix
0.21Randolph & MortimerBody (R&M do acid mix)Body (R&M do acid mix)
0.21Matt HartTERRA 3808Gone To Shit
0.21Lucifer’s AidPanicSlip AwayProgress Productions
0.21ELMExtreme Unspoken Tension (Deluxe Edition)DistractedAlfa Matrix
0.21Beta EversDevotionPredictions
0.21Blush ResponseFissures In The MegastructurePost TruthSchematic Music Company
0.21FreakangelWhat The Ghost BecameDeath Walks With Us (SIRUS Remix)Digital World Audio
0.20SpankthenunSlow SuicideSlow Suicide (Slightly Assisted – Slighter Mix)
0.20AgonoizeMidget Vampire PornKingdom of DarknessRepoRecords
0.20PreEmptive Strike 0.1Progeny Of The TechnovoreDoppelgangersDigital World Audio
0.20WavepeakDopaminefeedback / SéanceDopaminefeedback
0.20Conspiracy ThiefNew False IdolNew False Idol
0.20Grün WasserNot Ok with ThingsDrivingHolodeck Records
0.20Crystal GeometryState Of PlayTotale AliénationHANDS
0.20Eva XElectrowomanVirtualsexual (Rough Sex Remix By Virtual Terrorist)
0.20MOЯIS BLAKSilent HillSilent Hill
0.20UnwomanUntitled Scary EP No. 1Everyday Is Halloween (Available to the public until November 2 2019 only!)
0.20SlighterJilted Generations: An Underground Tribute To The ProdigyNarayanCombustible Designs
0.20FilmmakerNoir Times EPBeast FolkHC Records
0.19Die KruppsVision 2020 VisionWelcome to the BlackoutSPV/Oblivion
0.19HEXADIODEMetaxyMetaxyEK Product
0.19Grim BeardWhen I’m AsleepLesser Harm
0.19S Y Z Y G Y XFading BodiesDangerous CreatureNegative Gain Productions
0.19Radical GRAW Compilation II: Second Breath (part2)MachineRAW
0.19Go FightAnthemMy Spine is the Bass LinePulseblack
0.19Resident51Distilling The BeastHaunted Sharp Things (feat. Claus Larsen)Halo Askew Entertainment
0.19Body Beat RitualDeplatformed EPDeplatformedPleasure
0.19StoneburnerMassdriverMassdriverNegative Gain Productions
0.19Mindless FaithInsectualMoth without a MoonAlterCulture Records
0.18FaderheadAsteriaNeophobiacNot A Robot Records
0.18VaricellaEven DeaderMindfvcked (Insufferable B1tch – Dizzolve Remix)Machine Man Records
0.18Miss FD & Vulture CultureSpitfireSpitfireQuantum Release Records
0.18Nuclear SludgeDisorderDisorderNuclear Broadcast
0.18Figure SectionSpectreDisfigured Sectionaufnahme + wiedergabe
0.18Radical G & The HorroristThe Photo In The ChamberRedeemedDanceDelic D
0.186th circleThe Third EstateUncleanSentient Ruin Laboratories
0.18Crystal GeometryHexa HexesKilling Dance SorceryRND. Records
0.18Dancing PlagueToo StillCrisis ApparitionDead Age Records
0.18DogtabletSkin Job (love the skin you’re in) (feat. Jared Louche)Skin Job (love the skin you’re in) (feat. Jared Louche)
0.18The Joy ThievesCities In DustCities In DustArmalyte Industries
0.17KMFDMParadiseBinge Boil & BlowMetropolis Records
0.17Der ProsectorEgregiouserDenizenArmalyte Industries
0.17Ether of SoulsA Far Safer PlaceDoom Head
0.17Hate Dept.Synthcore Dreams Vol. 1Friendless
0.17Slighter x Craig Joseph HuxtableGive Me (Single)Give Me (Joe Haze Remix)Confusion Inc.
0.17Figure SectionTeutonic KnightsTeutonic KnightsTotalism
0.17CardopusherFlesh Impact EPFight For Your PurposeDalmata Daniel
0.17KlackCold Waves VIII Compilation CDWith Precision (12 Inch Mix)CrackNation
0.17DiverjeThe Next WorldCrashDSBP Records
0.17Randolph & MortimerExclude​/​DivideExclude/Divide (Chrome Corpse Remix)
0.17Decent NewsMonolithTorture MeMachine Man Records
0.16Spit MaskYou May Feel Some PressureIn A House Made Of Wiresaufnahme + wiedergabe
0.16Nuclear SludgeParanoiaParanoiaNuclear Broadcast
0.16CyanoticThe Trigger EffectInformation Overload (Same as Always)Glitch Mode Recordings
0.16Matt HartDeep Mind FormulatesDeep Mind Formulates
0.16AngelspitBang OperativeStimsBlack Pill Red Pill
0.16Plutus HubrisCultinaryCultinary
0.16Null SplitXL PeaceReaching Optimality (Chrome Corpse Remix)Trigger Warming
0.16Rhys FulberOstalgiaNeolithic ChasmSonic Groove
0.16KangaEternal DaughterControl
0.16Heavy Water FactoryFluid and Meat RemasteredDialog (2019 Remaster)
0.16Mind TeardownSelected 12-17Money PowerVertex
0.16BlackpillDeclaration Of WarToxinDSBP
0.15First Aid 4 SoulsIncreased Sensory Perception EPIncreased Sensory PerceptionAlfa Matrix
0.15KontravoidToo DeepTurn AwayFleisch Records
0.15DiverjeThe Next WorldThe Next WorldDSBP Records
0.15Boy HarsherCountry Girl UncutElectricNude Club Records
0.15SpankthenunMind ControlRotting Meat (A Tiny Little Piece – iVardensphere Construct)
0.15ELMDeath Of The North EPThoughtcrime (mean mugger-mix)Alfa Matrix
0.15Blush ResponseTerra Preta: Abstract Sound From The Kawai K1Revok
0.15Die SektorDeath My Darling3 SistersDigital World Audio
0.15PerylLebendig 00​.​06Molotov Brutality (Original Mix)Lebendig
0.15Matt HartSuperficialSuperficial
0.15NumbMortal GeometryComplicit SilenceMetropolis Records
0.15Experiment HaywireAlternative TechnologySilent Voices (Butterfly)No Devotion Records
0.14Stallion’s StudI Am Drama ManBad BreathPinkman
0.14SierraGoneGoneLazerdiscs Records
0.14Neon InsectNew Moscow UndergroundFist, Hit, Cracking Bones
0.14Chris Keya, T[ERROR], Cat Hall / DissonanceLiebe MichLiebe Mich
0.14MascarponeNonsenseNightmare Theory
0.14Debby FridayDeath DriveFatalDeathbomb Arc
0.14CorlyxIn2 The SkinSelf Mutilation
0.14Requiem RustHushMonster Like Me
0.14Seraphim SystemObsidian FrontlineHostile DestroyedDigital World Audio
0.14Black DressesLove And Affection For Stupid Little BitchesStatic
0.14Stranger People, The HorroristStrange Attractor EPLFO 145OBSCUUR Records
0.14V▲LH▲LLGrim/MoreThe Hunt (remixed by SØLVE)Artoffact Records
0.13Velvet Acid ChristOra Oblivionis (Deluxe Version)Adventures In Babysitting The AntichristMetropolis Records
0.13RuinizerGatekeeperGatekeeperDigital World Audio
0.13Nuclear SludgeMoral OrderMoral OrderNuclear Broadcast
0.13BustiéBirds of ParadiseCease to ExistCLIMAX!
0.13hyperlacrimaeThrough the lies of Mr. NasottiJenny’s Useless ThoughtsInfidel Bodies
0.13DissonancePoison Kiss (Maxi Single)Break Myself (Wiccid Mix)HAKATAK International
0.13Night SinsPortrait in SilverAnnihilatorFuneral Party
0.13Out Out80s New Wave HitsThat’s What Good Friends Are For…Radio Valkyrie Records
0.13Minuit MachineInfrarougeBalletSynth Religion
0.13Leæther StripBlood (Storm 22 Cover – Kurt benefit)BloodLæbel
0.12God ModuleThe UnsoundDisplayMetropolis Records
0.12Black Needle Noise with PigSeed Of EvilSeed Of Evil
0.12Uniform & The BodyEverything That Dies Someday Comes BackPenanceSacred Bones Records
0.12KrateSwarm Of VoicesThe Register (feat. Corlyx)audiotrauma
0.12Moaan ExisPostmodern TherapyStreet Rageaudiotrauma
0.12FractionsScars of LoveMillennialsFleisch Records
0.12RomyCelluloid SelfNormal DayCLIMAX!
0.12Crystal GeometryThe Cyber HeresyPandemicsSonic Groove
0.12Years Of DenialBody MapBody MapPinkman
0.12The HorroristSeparate DimensionProgrammedaufnahme + wiedergabe
0.12HideHell is HereRaw DreamDais Records
0.11C-LekktorOut Of Our WayOut of My Way (Suppressor Remix)Digital World Audio
0.11Reactor7xAre you my Bitch? EPThe Circus of FalseAlfa Matrix
0.11Randolph & MortimerElectronic Body Weapon 1Electronic Body Weapon 1
0.11Chrome CorpseGun Spit (physical version tracks)With Your HeadVertex Records
0.11NewboyFunky BullshitEat Yr MindNight Gaunt Recordings
0.11StoneburnerTechnology Implies BelligerenceIdentity by DiagnosisNegative Gain Productions
0.11Velvet MayUnknown Bodies (w/ Years Of Denial & Autumns Remix)Unknown BodiesTears on Waves
0.11Curse of CassandraMeow MixCirce (Angelspit Remix)
0.11ÆmɨtDevourerDevourerFleisch Records
0.11PreEmptive Strike 0.1HarbingerSomatic Mutations RespawnDigital World Audio
0.10AccessoryElektrikThis Old TrackInfacted Recordings
0.10AD:Key vs. Die Robo SapiensMaster and Servant EP (A tribute to Depeche Mode)Master And Servant (Aesthetische + Rewire remix)Alfa Matrix
0.10HocicoArtificial ExtinctionDamagedOut Of Line
0.10Venal Flesh & Cellar GravesSnakedressed: A Tribute To Klinik​/​Dive​/​Absolute Body ControlBlack Leather (Klinik Cover)Coitus Interruptus Productions
0.10AndiSynthicide Compilation v2.0AOVSYNTHICIDE
0.10Caustic GripCollection I [Remastered]Left (Remastered)
0.10AttritionLip SyncLip Sync (Xenophobia Edit) (Remastered)Two Gods
0.10QualCyber Care E​.​PCyber CareAVANT! Records
0.10White MagikTotal Ego LossTotal Ego Loss (Randolph & Mortimer Remix)Nein Records
0.10Decedent vs. SlighterDark NouveauHyper-Aware (Corruption Mix)Metropolis Records
0.10Sheep On DrugsDoes Dark MatterThe Ballad Of Whiskey Jane
0.10The Joy ThievesThis Will Kill ThatThis Will Kill ThatArmalyte Industries
0.09Phil Kieran & Douglas McCarthyFall Rise EPFall Rise (Druggs Remix)Optimo Music
0.09TraumabondThe Unquiet Grave 2019 / The Collective YouThe Collective YouCleopatra Records / Distortion Productions
0.09AmnistiaBlack HaloThe Itch9XO Media
0.09No Sleep by the Machine14CrossMurti Records
0.09HideGirl on GirlGirl on GirlSub Pop Records
0.09Street SectsGentrification III: Death and DisplacementGoodbye Recidivist RoadThe Flenser
0.09Syd.31Walk Amongst RebelsBulldoze Everything
0.09ConfinesGeography of Nowhere 1Easy VeinsSYNTHICIDE
0.09Black DressesDreams Come True 2019Go Inside 2019
0.09Psyclon NineVersions: Icon Of The Adversary RemixedWarm What’s Hollow (Version)Metropolis Records
0.08CubanateKolossusVortexArmalyte Industries
0.08Tragic ImpulseEchoes of the UnseenSkin DeepDistortion Productions
0.083TEETHAffluenzaAffluenzaCentury Media
0.08Kounter MezhureValkyrieFumes
0.08PlanetdamageHi Rez Lo LifeVex (Retouched)Black Pill Red Pill
0.08AcidrodentAsserting DominancePiglicker
0.08NostromoExtreme ManifestationsNot A Dreamaufnahme + wiedergabe
0.08DissonanceAscentMurder of LoveHakatak
0.08Panther ModernLos Angeles 2020 EPTasting Static
0.08Kitty KosmonautKitty KosmonautSum It UpRe:Mission Entertainment
0.07Stoneburner vs Out OutButyric AcidButyric Acid 2019
0.07HocicoPsychonaut – SinglePsychonautOut Of Line
0.07StatiqbloomAsphyxiaEight Hearts Eight SpikesMetropolis Records
0.07Nuclear*SunThe Cleansing (Glitch Mode United Edition)Second Skin (Cyanotic mix)Glitch Mode Recordings
0.07Miss BallisticBlood And GlitterSweet Miss BallisticBlack Pill Red Pill
0.07Hell:SectorDoombringerNautilus (When Flesh and Steel Unite)DSBP
0.07SlighterAutomata (Deluxe Edition)IsolateConfusion Inc.
0.07Chelsey and the NoiseMake It HurtMake It Hurt
0.07StoneburnerThe Structure Itself is in PainThe Structure Itself is in PainNegative Gain Productions
0.07Moris BlakDruglickerDruglicker
0.06Revolting CocksINDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! RecordsAnimal NationWax Trax! Records
0.06ColdkillIndustrial Purpose 01We Believe
0.06Test DeptDisturbanceInformation ScareOne Little Indian Records
0.06Sarin x Imperial Black UnitWill To DestroyIn The StreetsX-IMG
0.06Curse MackeyInstant ExorcismO’ BlasphemyNegative Gain Productions
0.06SineINSOMNIÆBlood Lush
0.06SkoldNever Is NowSmall WorldCleopatra Records
0.063TEETHMetawarEXXXITCentury Media
0.06INVA//IDMasochism in D MinorBroken
0.06Stabbing WestwardIwo Jesus EPViolent Mood Swings
0.05Fixmer/McCarthyLet it Begin EPThe CrushPlanete Rouge Records
0.05HocicoDark Sunday – SingleDark SundayOut Of Line
0.05Rhys Fulber & Blush ResponseCorruption Of FormCorruption Of FormSonic Groove
0.05SkoldNever Is NowPlease Remain CalmCleopatra Records
0.05PIGThe Wages Of SinConfessionArmalyte Industries
0.05ChemlabA Riveting ProtestMonkey Gone to HeavenRiveting Music
0.053TEETHAmerican LandfillAmerican LandfillCentury Media
0.05DrowndSick Like YouSick Like YouArmalyte Industries
0.05Rabbit JunkRevealBorn and Bled (feat. Amelia Arsenic)
0.05Fee LionBlood SistersBlood Sisters
0.05Black LineSedition – EPGo (Ken ‘hiwatt’ Marshall Mix)
0.04Multiple ManHigh On The HogYou Say Y.E.SFleisch Records
0.04DaddybearUNF!Brown AcidUndustrial Records
0.04Harsh RPhysical WorldQueen of Trash
0.04AndrakoultraK1llD00MUltra-Kill-DoomDieselhead Records
0.04Breath & DecayNow That’s What I Call Angry Robot Music 2019Age Old CircuitryGlitch Mode Recordings
0.04Go FightGoGo (Multiplex Mix)Pulseblack
0.04ChiasmResetWorld LeftCOP International
0.04MuetMuetWeirdest SexMetropolis Records
0.04Mona MurDelinquentMotorboyFreibank Recordings
0.04PigStripped & WhippedThe Revelation (All Pork And No Play Remix by Needleye ft. Michael Sprietzer)Armalyte Industries
0.04DogtabletDouble ThirtyThe New Cold War (feat Jared Louche)
0.03Boy HarsherCarefulCome CloserNude Club Records
0.03Out OutA​-​12 EPDeep Sound (Version 2)Radio Valkyrie Records
0.03Physical WashPhysical DeathDeprived
0.03Trash DeityCross & DivideRun 4 Your Lies!Metropolis Records
0.03VosterVSTRThe Second Voming
0.03Rabbit JunkModified Mortality (Remix Album)Hunting (Nuclear*Sun Remix)Glitch Mode Recordings
0.03Randolph & MortimerManifesto For A Modern WorldExclude/Divide
0.03Bells Into MachinesRe:ImaginedWretched Little Deity (Hero Worship Remix by Ego Likieness)2808-MGMT
0.03Chrome CorpseGun SpitNon Human Weapons Dealer 2029Vertex Records
0.03AngelspitPuncture Marks (Black Dog Bite Remix Album)Great Bank in the Sky (Mutilato Remix by Go Fight)Black Pill Red Pill
0.02Amelia ArsenicQueen of RiskRX LoveGlitch Mode Recordings
0.02Beauty Queen AutopsyLothariaSpreadUndustrial Records
0.02KangaKANGA LPHoneyNegative Gain Productions
0.02Wire SpineBury Me HereBurn YouNegative Gain Productions
0.02Venus In AriesBeyond The VeilBeyond The VeilGlitch Mode Recordings
0.02The Birthday MassacreUnder Your SpellNo TomorrowMetropolis Records
0.02HideCastration AnxietyFvcked (I Found Heaven)Dais Records
0.02Hanzel Und GretylSatanik GermanikWe Rise As DemonsMetropolis Records
0.02Youth CodeCommitment to ComplicationsShift of DismayDais Records
0.02Black Needle Noise with Betty XSocial Media DiseaseSocial Media Disease
0.02Ego LikenessWhen The Wolves ReturnCrossedMetropolis Records
0.02Android LustBerlin // Crater V2CrawlSynthellec Music
0.01ESATHAT BEAST (Meat Cut Remixes)I Want it Now (Video Version)Negative Gain Productions
0.01KlackIntroducing The 1984 Renault LeCarWith Precision
0.01Die KlutePlanet FearInfectiousCleopatra Records
0.01Front Line AssemblyWake Up The ComaEye On You (feat. Robert Görl)Metropolis Records
0.01StandaloneStandaloneDestroy YourselfNegative Gain Productions
0.01My Life With the Thrill Kill KultIn The House Of Strange AffairsRoyal SkullSleazebox Records
0.01REVillusionHeart(Less)Pure Pollution (feat. Raymond Watts)
0.01Slighter x Moris BlakThe Hunt (Single)The Hunt (Single Mix)Confusion Inc.
0.01KangaNow That’s What I Call Angry Robot Music 2019Going Red (Glitch Mode Mix by Cyanotic)Glitch Mode Recordings
0.01OHMelectronicOHMelectronicEverything is GoneArtoffact Records