Bootstomp 0.04 Mixcloud Show

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Multiple Man High On The Hog You Say Y.E.S Fleisch Records
Daddybear UNF! Brown Acid Undustrial Records
Harsh R Physical World Queen of Trash  
Andrako ultraK1llD00M Ultra-Kill-Doom Dieselhead Records
Breath & Decay Now That’s What I Call Angry Robot Music 2019 Age Old Circuitry Glitch Mode Recordings
Go Fight Go Go (Multiplex Mix) Pulseblack
Chiasm Reset World Left COP International
Muet Muet Weirdest Sex Metropolis Records
Mona Mur Delinquent Motorboy Freibank Recordings
Pig Stripped & Whipped The Revelation (All Pork And No Play Remix by Needleye ft. Michael Sprietzer) Armalyte Industries
Dogtablet Double Thirty The New Cold War (feat Jared Louche)