Bootstomp 0.91 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Kanka + Bodewell Herzblut Marathon Infacted Recordings
Rotfox Flesh Flesh  
Aesthetic Perfection A New Drug (International Cartel Version) A New Drug (International Cartel Version feat. Chris Pohl, Javi Ssagittar, Julien Kidam & Maria Mar)  
Priest Body Machine Blacklisted Blue Nine
Celina Corrupted By You Corrupted By You  
White Ritual In & Out XXSlave darkTunes
Synphic Requiem Umbra ATH
Maduro Night Parade Open the Sky  
Carbon Decay Fvck (Featuring Ashley Bad) Fvck (Featuring Ashley Bad)  
Cellmod Humans Good Human (Bad Human Version)  
Stahlschlag Doomed (Feat. Ultra) Doomed (Feat. Ultra)  
Sarin РУХ 01 Hexogen Worn Pop
Dina Summer Rimini Dominator Iptamenos Discos
Nuclear Sludge Unhuman Unhuman  
Mobiius Talk2Me Talk2Me ATH
Exsect Opéra Mécanique Punishment Inflicted  
Comfort Cure They Told You Wrong They Told You Wrong  
Persona Non Grata Trauma Testar Allt Möjligt Mosaique Records
Ayria This Is My Battle Cry No One Asked You Artoffact Records
Fairy Pussy Vidrios Vidrios  
Locked Club It’s My Rave It’s My Rave Boysnoize Records
Kevorkian Death Cycle Injection: 01 Veal Negative Gain Productions
Slighter Welcome to Riot City Firefight On Warrett Street (Planetdamage Remix) Brutal Resonance Records
Rorganic Moaning Moaning  
Delectro Mass Control EP Mass Control Dame-Music
Manni Dee The World Goes On Without You Pillow Princess  
Umwelt Dead Eyes Society LP Light Chaser Monnom Black
Suicide Commando Goddestruktor (Limited Edition) Jesus Freak Out Of Line Music

Bootstomp 0.90 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Twin Rattler Face to Face Face to Face skyQode
Technodevil #RDC_Music Vol​.​II Fight or Flight RDC Music
The Undertaker’s Tapes Hostile Responses & Provocations 3 Bound Depth.Request
The Operating Tracks Once And For All Testify (feat. Rein) Progress Productions
Amnistia We All Bleed Red (Deluxe Edition) Caged  
Razorback Hollow The Third Kind Season of the Witch III  
Lazerpunk & Max Brhon Do Not Disturb Do Not Disturb NewRetroWave
Smash Stereo Ritual Ritual  
Batavia Batavia and their Friends Forever Mailman (Express Mix) Tigersquawk Records
Capsules of Energy Define Me Define Me  
Panterah Discover Discover  
None of Your Concern Hard Heart Hard Heart  
Massive Luxury Overdose Climax Drive  
Cloven Fete Future Trippin’ Interdimensional  
ΣΕΘ Spooks, Specters & Ghosts Dominion Re:Mission Entertainment
Damaged Clock Circulo Vicioso Party Time TJALK RECORDS
Skren Tunnel (Alen Skanner Remix) Tunnel (Alen Skanner Remix)  
Maduro Feels Like Sin (Single) Feels Like Sin  
Ein Sir Codex One V4 (Code of Coduct) Wände aus Schmerz Mente Rota
Psygore Kinky Girls Are Ruining My Life! Kinky Girls Are Ruining My Life!  
White Ring Collected Remixes Vol​.​1 I Need A Way (Confines 2am NYC Remix)  
Terence Fixmer feat. Reka Murder 04 | Various Artists Quod Servus Murder
Stoneburner This Machine Kills This Machine Kills COP International
Mila Dietrich Dark Cruising Dark Cruising  
Fluid Ghost Persuasion Deluxe I’m Done Being Drained Mother Solitude Records
Kant Kino Enough! (Demo) Enough! (Demo)  
Moris Blak with Kofin Malevolent Malevolent SHVDOW Records
New Frames Ashes Ashes (feat. Phase Fatale) BITE

Bootstomp 0.89 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Sawlo x Celina Payback Payback  
40 Octaves Below Algorithmic (Single) Algorithmic (Anthony (H) Remix)  
Xotox Leben Und Sterben Für Musik Aus Strom Leben Und Sterben Für Musik Aus Strom Infacted Recordings
Straight Razor Vol. 2 Enemy Negative Gain Productions
Mordacious Witches of the Zodiac Chosen One  
Extra Terra & Rogue VHS Renegade (Single) Renegade  
ΣΕΘ Asylum Asylum feat. Persona SubGoth / ECR
Antigen Shift Talk Talk  
Ninetwelve Aeternus Memoria: Honouring Those Affected by Cancer Clear Cell  
Meduxa Aeternus Memoria: Honouring Those Affected by Cancer The Fool  
Sine Control (Leæther Strip Remix) Control (Leæther Strip Remix) eMERGENCY heARTS
Black Magnet Body Prophecy Floating in Nothing 20 Buck Spin
Attrition Aeternus Memoria: Honouring Those Affected by Cancer The Alibi (Microwaved Minimal Mix)  
Transhuman Rebirth Preparing Singularity Drone War Possession Records
Comfort Cure Rain On The Bar Rain On The Bar  
Matt Hart Absolute Zero (Rotersand Classic Ride Rework) Absolute Zero (Rotersand Classic Ride Rework)  
Pig Baptise Bless & Bleed Speak Of Sin Armalyte Industries
VTSS Make You Scream Make You Scream Ninja Tune
Archon Of The Fairlight Fatal Exception RE:PETITION  
NNHMN For the Comfort of your Exstazy Omen  
Rendered The Instinct Series 005 Democrazy House of Reptile Records
Minuit Machine Lion in a Cage Lion in a Cage Synth Religion
Psyclon Nine Money and Sex and Death Money and Sex and Death Metropolis Records
New Frames Dread Materialized Variation Is A Feature Not A Flaw HAVEN
Flux XIIIe OEIL DTA (feat. Esther) Harbor Concept
Darzack & Öspiel Rhizom Subterranean Stem Airfono
Strikkland Demonic Demonic Bullmatin Records
Haex Reflections Leviathan (Locked Girl Remix)  

Bootstomp 0.88 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Sexual Purity Khmary Khmary  
Sister Cell Cell Shock – Single Cell Shock  
Carbon Decay Chvos Chvos  
Celina x Xelazed Initialization Complete Initialization Complete  
Red Deviil Monster Reborn Occulus Infernum Detriti Records
Damascus Knives You Want Control You Want Control SquareWav
Souldz Lord Of Shadows Lord Of Shadows  
Lights Out, God Help Me Machine Music United – 2022 Collective Sampler Electronic Body Horror (Demo Version) Machine Music United
Diverje Futronik Structures Vol​.​11 (Disc 1) Hate the Hate (Electroaggression Mix) DSBP Records
Moris Blak x Daddybear x Grabyourface Crimes of Passion Crimes of Passion  
Larva Carne Para La Picadora I Need Nobody, I Need Nothing Advoxya Records
Bleeding In Silence Behind In Life Behind In Life  
Divine Native Love (Facets Step by Step Edit) Native Love (Facets Step by Step Edit)  
BabyChaos Babylon Babylon Cleopatra Records
Mobiius Inside Inside  
ELM Steel Hope EP Sex Junkie Alfa Matrix
Tragic Impulse Distant Worlds Technoslave Distortion Productions
Absynthe Of Faith Machine Music United – 2022 Collective Sampler All Mighty Machine Music United
Ethan Fawkes & Dreadfool Some Fall Some Fall Nu Body Records
New Town Ground Violent Circles Swallow It Whole Still Distant Records
Öspiel Demian Tools 01- Screwdriver EP Blades And Shades Demian Records
First Aid 4 Souls I Am The Night (Bonus Version) I Am The Night Alfa Matrix
Crystal Geometry I Stare Into Darkness Messe Noire  
Skren Chaos Existent  
Hitchcock Guillotine For the People: Volume 1 Ukraine Killing Tomorrow (Ft Roland Zwaga & Hide Tepes)  
Sine Mantis 1 Attack eMERGENCY heARTS

Bootstomp 0.87 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Supreme Court Avid For Revenge There Is No Way Out Infacted Recordings
Anthony (H) Sometimes Shadows Breathe EP The Dark Side  
Mechanical Vein Feel Your Noise – Remixed Feel Your Noise feat. Faderhead (TriS Remix) HYBRID BLAK
Archon Of The Fairlight Dogmatic Dogmatic  
ESA One Missed Call EP Hyena (C-LEKKTOR Remix) Negative Gain Productions
Black Agent Industrial Ruination Strange Like Me Re:Mission Entertainment
Tarik Bouisfi Die Die  
Inva//id Re​-​Load Re​-​Load  
Landscape Body Machine No Cable 2022 Remix EP No Cable 2022  
Civil Hate Honor y Dignidad Traidor DarkSounds Records
Death Loves Veronica Corruption for the Insidious Hate Me  
I Speak Machine War Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) (War Mix)  
Puerta Negra Costo Humano Violencia  
Filmmaker Fictional Portrayals Fictional Portrayals VEYL
Wychdoktor Resistanz Festival Soundtrack 2022 Idols Digital World Audio
Meshes Deviate VA004 Be Ready To Fight DEVIATE rec
Skold Dead God I Hate Cleopatra Records
Spankthenun Dominate II  Dominate (Anthony (H) Remix)  
Evil Dust The Agitator The Agitator  
Impressive Faktoria Impressive Faktoria Impressive Faktoria Black Leather Records
:Wumpscut: For Those About To Starve Justin Kohlenklau Metropolis Records
Damaged Clock VA. 4 Years SXK SOIL
Hostile Architect :​​:Ex​​-Log​​:​​: Remanufacture Me (EP) Power Overwhelming (Gold Mix) Brutal Resonance Records
Munsinger 20​+​2 Inner Pride (Feat Kiddo) A-TRACTION
VII Circle Fucking Hammers [Book Two] Doom Green Fetish Records
Crystal Geometry Mindcut 23 – Behaviour Of Matter Deathwish Mindcut Music
Hocico HyperViolent Acts of Aggression Out Of Line Music

Bootstomp 0.86 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Le Crabe Amour Unilatéral – The Remixes Amour Unilatéral (Pantser Fabriek remix) Nu Body Records
40 Octaves Below Serketre (Single) Serketre  
Xtr Human G​.​O​.​L​.​D / Technofossil remix split Leben ohne Licht (Qual Remix) Braid Records
The Marquis Plague Years Threat (feat. 89st)  
Teknovore The Theseus Paradox Relinquish Your Flesh (feat. Neon Decay) Infacted Recordings
RNZЯ Chaotic Erotica (Single) Chaotic Erotica  
Antibody I Don’t Understand I Don’t Understand (Matt Hart Remix) darkTunes
Termination_800 Opfor Target Organization feat. Xtr Human Crave Tapes
Matteo Tura x Biomechanimal Corrupt Corrupt  
Moris Blak x Moaan Exis State Rejects / Moments of Dissent State Rejects feat. grabyourface (iVardensphere Remix) HYBRID BLAK
Simon Carter and Fabsi The Bitches Potion The Witching Hour (Moaan Exis Remix)  
Matt Hart Below the Terra Pt. 1 Absolute Zero  
Autumns Detriti Split 5 All The Hoods Like To Hold Hands Detriti Records
Figure Section Mirages Quicksands Antibody label
Comfort Cure Cuts the Line Dreaming Tarmac  
Wychdoktor vs. ESA Hold Your Forked Tongue Hold Your Forked Tongue  
Klubovader Chokepoint Overdrive Expiation Nation (New Cut Version) Tigersquawk Records
Statiqbloom Threat Capacity Of Brutality Sonic Groove
Orange Sector The Work Is Done The Work Is Done (Short Aggression Mix) Infacted Recordings
Hostile Architect Power Overwhelming (Alpha Mix) Power Overwhelming (Alpha Mix) Brutal Resonance Records
Rorganic x Smile on the Sinner Exceed Your Mind Intro  
Savage Grounds Hidden By The Night Somewhere Sinister (Kleio’s Voice) She Lost Kontrol
Minuit Machine Don’t Run From The Fire – Remix Edition Danger (Crystal Geometry Remix) Synth Religion
Maduro Perfect Death Way to Die Crunch Pod
Mala Sangre Meta_violence Meta_violence  
Crystal Geometry Solidarität Aus Berlin Volume 02 Oppression Solidaritaet Aus Berlin
Qual Re​-​animated VR Slaves (The Soft Moon Remix) X-IMG
Metamatik Grey Matter Grey Matter Shoknova Records

Bootstomp 0.85 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Trace Amount Anti Body Language Tone and Tenor (feat. Kanga) Federal Prisoner
Moris Blak X Moaan Exis State Rejects / Moments of Dissent  Moments of Dissent (Mechanical Vein Remix) HYBRID BLAK
Third Realm Fuck Your Warship Fuck Your Warship  
Kofin Neo Coven: Modded Sect Hex Code (Sentinel Complex mix)  
Into The Pale Abyss The Darkness Within EP Gods Of War (feat. Souldz) JST Records
Live Evil Productions vs. Anthony (H) Live Evil Productions VS. Anthony (H) – Lemme Go EP Lemme Go (Live Evil Style)  
Absolute Valentine Broken Matrix Broken Matrix Lazerdiscs Records
Emmon & Processor Hole Digger Hole Digger  
Autumns Mouth Closed Strong Man Competition Detriti Records
Matt Hart Below the Terra Pt. 1 I Am Overlord  
Sarin Lethal Aid Learn to Fight X-IMG
Local Suicide & Skelesys No Evidence Weird Encounters Samo Records
Sextile Modern Weekend / Contortion Contortion Felte Records
Rein x Djedjotronic Transmutation EP Transmutation Boysnoize Records
Extize Boomstick Boomstick darkTunes
Dead Lights Doom Doom Trash Run COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
Black Dahlia Lethal Aid Anno Blast X-IMG
Gasoline Invertebrate Cracked Wax Battery Third Eye Turned Inside Out Tigersquawk Records
Scalameriya Aeon Core Aeon Core Perc Trax
Skren N M D N M D  
Heart Peaks Running Elsewhere Schyzophrenia Nu Body Records
Rue Oberkampf Liebe Control  
Dasha Rush Dark & Filthy El Kinky Sonic Groove
DI*ove DI​*​version EBM feat. Nina (Old Brew Mix)  
Against I O​.​M​.​G Scum (Teknovore Remix) Insane Records
Statische Monotonie Human Decomposition Human Decomposition  
EAS Core Values Vol. 1 Beautiful Thing CRISIS OF MAN
Salem Unsigned Ghoul Cave Ghoul Cave  
Barcoder Lotek Sessions Dying To Try (Glue On Smile Remix) CRL Studios
Sever The Servants Dread Bloom Dread Bloom Produkt 42

Bootstomp 0.84 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Leæther Strip The Other Man – A Front 242 Tribute 7rain Læbel
Magnavolt Punish and Enslave Punish and Enslave  
Alucvrd Nail Fetish Hate God Nail Fetish Hate God  
Chem Aorta Niebakraj Insane Records
ESA Designer Carnage Hyena Negative Gain Productions
Powernerd Violence Violence feat. Requiem Lazerdiscs Records
Mobiius Choke Choke  
Ulisess Lustfuckness EP 堕堕堕堕堕堕堕  
Moris Blak x Moaan Exis State Rejects / Moments of Dissent State Rejects (ft. grabyourface) HYBRID BLAK
Junksista Fuck Your Pretty Face Fuck Your Pretty Face COP International
Lazerpunk Heavy Weapon Heavy Weapon (feat. Alexis Mincolla) NewRetroWave
Bow Ever Down & Doomdriver I Will Destroy You I Will Destroy You  
At The Heart Of The World Inosculate Synchrony Downed Star
Steinhart No Control No Control Rauschkonzern Records
DeadDollDonor MindBender(Angelspit remix) MindBender(Angelspit remix)  
Miss Kittin + The Hacker Ostbahnhof Ostbahnhof Nobody’s Bizzness
Snog Eight Offerings For The Undead Domesticated Metropolis Records
Black Dahlia Semantic Satiation Semantic Satiation  
Autumns Tasteless Bogside Voodoo L.A.U.R.A.
Sidewalks and Skeletons Exorcism Eternal Rest (feat. Cashforgold) Re:Mission Entertainment
Maedon Now I Am Become Death Everything Is Not OK Sonic Groove
Klubovader The Tigersquawk Records Missed​-​A​-​Con 2022 Super Sampler Sadistic Agency (Missed-A-Con X-Clusive Ver000) Tigersquawk Records
Komradekomputer Commie Body Music EP Better Off Red Than Inbred Tigersquawk Records
Sissy Misfit 5oMaNce: five stages of romance Worship  
Znzl Gaze Upon Mainframe Core Persephonic Sirens
Shad Shadows Prismatic Destroy  
Erie Loch Cold and Bare the No Devotion Records Files 2021​/​2022 Pragma No Devotion Records
Joefarr I See You E.P. I See You Hydraulix

Bootstomp 0.83 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Haex Aethyr Abyss Void Cvrtain  
ElektroTerapi Diagnose: Liebe Forget  
Assalm, Revizia Neurogulag / Templar Templar Moretin
Vulture Culture Necronom Within Toxic  
Skren Staub Staub  
Ultimate Soldier Konstruktor Selfdestruction DSBP Records
Dawn of Ashes Scars of the Broken EMDR Artoffact Records
Keиzifiяes Dissonance [TBA] Dissonance  
Akahi Termoiónico Sorry but no Absu Lab
Local Suicide, Skelesys You Are Mine EP Naked & Confused Snap, Crackle & Pop
Autumns The Semiconscious System Elbow Grease Idlestates Recordings
Violent Vickie The Gloom (Dimension 23 Remix) The Gloom (Dimension 23 Remix)  
Mascarpone Structures – EP Modulated Society  
Lestat & Lady Maru Bloody & Teary Country Expectations Routine Records
Meshes feat Iron Court Termoiónico Инстинкт (Instinct) Absu Lab
Filmmaker Eternal Wound Red Lights feat. Anne Artikel kontralamakina
Missing Witness Crawling Down The Feast  
Salem Unsigned Ritual Performance Ritual Performance  
Human Experiments feat. Winston Choppa Ketten Ketten  
San Lopez Be My Angel Genesis Valhalla

Bootstomp 0.82 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Haex Aethyr Abyss Void Cursebreaker  
Sierra See Me Now See Me Now  
ESA Designer Carnage One Missed Call Negative Gain Productions
Social Noise Oni Talking Fill-Lex Records
Raw Ambassador Die Zukunft Ira Idlestates Recordings
Slighter x Moris Blak The Hunt [Retcon] The Hunt (Retcon Version) Confusion Inc.
Full Contact69 Infected Cerebral Trigger Determinate PLANET69
Fairy Pussy Miseria – Upperwave Selections Vol. 1 Dogma Miseria
Cryo Valium EP Valium Progress Productions
Vein Cramp Electrofrequent Vol​.​1 Without End (V_2k21) Electrofrequent
89s† & Petra Flurr Tears for Fears 4 Sag Es Mir SOIL
Matt Hart Decimate Decimate  
Requiem Rust We Came For Blood We Came For Blood  
The Undertaker’s Tapes Feed Your Demons Cleansed by Blood Frenesia
SINthetik Messiah Religious Soldier EP Religious Soldier