Bootstomp 0.95 HEARTHIS Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Damien Hearse Pro Life Death Camp Pro Life Death Camp  
Unhuman & Petra Flurr Disintegration Verbannt OSM tapes
Sister Cell XL Bioware  
Matt Hart Terraform Terraform  
Sexual Purity Wake Up Wake Up  
Matteo Tura Ambition Ambition  
Inva//id The Cruel Division The Cruel Division (Reaped Mix By Haex)  
Maelstrom and Louisahhh If I Could Hold If I Could Hold RAAR
General Dynamics Weaponize Your Dreams Cargo 200   
To Avoid Trust Trust (Single-Edit)  
Mellow Code Bestraft f​ü​r Leben Bestraft f​ü​r Leben  
Scarecrow Black Door Black Door Infacted Recordings
Orange Sector Der Totmacher Der Totmacher (Ruined Conflict Remix) Infacted Recordings
Venom Vampires Acceded Body Violence Shaddow  
Ghost Cop End Credits+ You Can Never Go Home  
SYZYGYX Zeitgeist+ Maniac Cold Transmission Music
Yansyet Tears of the Motherland Subliminal Khoinix
TC75 Sun Words 9XO Media
Spankthenun Blot Out the Sun (Single) Blak Out the Sun (Moris Blak)  
ELM Penetrator (Bonus Tracks Edition) Rejuvenation Alfa Matrix
NNHMN Unreal Unreal  
Minuit Machine 24 Contradictions Synth Religion
Simon Carter & Fabsi Witch But Not Famous Omens  
Isserley Cannibal World Cannibal World (Casualty Club Matyas X Remix) Tigersquawk Records
Maedon Phases 001 V​.A. Vol. 1 Relentless Phases Records
Füülrod Black Rider Anthem X (feat. Nikhil Rao) HEX Recordings
The Joy Thieves 6 To 3 Property (StabWalt Remix) Armalyte Industries
Istigkeit Blades VA Rude Card Pure Hate
Satanic Hispanic Disobey Disobey Blvsphemy Records
Mechanical Vein x Moris Blak Cemetery Wind Cemetery Wind Hybrid Blak

Bootstomp 0.92 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Black Agent Parasite Receiver Parasite Receiver Re:Mission Entertainment
Sine Mantis 2 Jetset eMERGENCY heARTS
Protectorate Industrial Action Industrial Action (Oldschool Union Remix)  
UCNX vs. Chemlab Black Snake Voodoo (Tape Hiss) (Club Edit) Black Snake Voodoo (Tape Hiss) (Club Edit)  
Statische Monotonie Impulsive Repulsive Impulsive Repulsive Pink Bunker Ltd
Anthony (H) The Dark Side Remix EP The Dark Side (Spankthenun Remix)  
Any Second Scalpel Scalpel Infacted Recordings
Lazerpunk Synthicate Countach NewRetroWave
Stahlschlag A Zone of Silence Crushed March (feat. Morbid Echo)  
Resistor Combustion Combustion  
Inva//id x Male Tears Illuminate Illuminate  
Archon Of The Fairlight Obscenity (Adam Erebus Remix) Obscenity (Adam Erebus Remix)  
Nghtly Il Venerdì Dell’Arte Please Leave Me Alone! X-IMG
Ksylen Ksylen [EP] Shacking Drones Vumantra
Nasdrowie Dystatik – Various Artists III Cold Storage DYSTATIK
Heiniche Electric Devil feat. Primi (ManMindMachine) Electric Devil feat. Primi (ManMindMachine) Tinnitorturous
Moris Blak x Laibach Tanz Mit Umbra (Moris Blak Festival Edit) Tanz Mit Umbra (Moris Blak Festival Edit)  
Caustic x Grabyourface Not Your Body Not Your Body  
Zenau Unsatisfied Desires Strap Me Up SOIL
Aeon Rings Fully Operational Fully Operational Negative Gain Productions
Street Sects X Amount X Amount  
Mind | Matter À Travers L’Ach​é​ron À Travers L’Ach​é​ron  
Jørgen Thorvald Structures Europe Babylon A-TRACTION
Mala Sangre In_volutio In_volutio  
Marco Leckbert RITUAL​Ø​4 Euphoria OMEN Recordings
Carnal Machinery Void Void  
40 Octaves Below Splintered (Single) Splintered (Anthony (H) Remix)  
2XNI Mauer EP Zwischen Unseren Mauern Drec

Bootstomp 0.87 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Supreme Court Avid For Revenge There Is No Way Out Infacted Recordings
Anthony (H) Sometimes Shadows Breathe EP The Dark Side  
Mechanical Vein Feel Your Noise – Remixed Feel Your Noise feat. Faderhead (TriS Remix) HYBRID BLAK
Archon Of The Fairlight Dogmatic Dogmatic  
ESA One Missed Call EP Hyena (C-LEKKTOR Remix) Negative Gain Productions
Black Agent Industrial Ruination Strange Like Me Re:Mission Entertainment
Tarik Bouisfi Die Die  
Inva//id Re​-​Load Re​-​Load  
Landscape Body Machine No Cable 2022 Remix EP No Cable 2022  
Civil Hate Honor y Dignidad Traidor DarkSounds Records
Death Loves Veronica Corruption for the Insidious Hate Me  
I Speak Machine War Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) (War Mix)  
Puerta Negra Costo Humano Violencia  
Filmmaker Fictional Portrayals Fictional Portrayals VEYL
Wychdoktor Resistanz Festival Soundtrack 2022 Idols Digital World Audio
Meshes Deviate VA004 Be Ready To Fight DEVIATE rec
Skold Dead God I Hate Cleopatra Records
Spankthenun Dominate II  Dominate (Anthony (H) Remix)  
Evil Dust The Agitator The Agitator  
Impressive Faktoria Impressive Faktoria Impressive Faktoria Black Leather Records
:Wumpscut: For Those About To Starve Justin Kohlenklau Metropolis Records
Damaged Clock VA. 4 Years SXK SOIL
Hostile Architect :​​:Ex​​-Log​​:​​: Remanufacture Me (EP) Power Overwhelming (Gold Mix) Brutal Resonance Records
Munsinger 20​+​2 Inner Pride (Feat Kiddo) A-TRACTION
VII Circle Fucking Hammers [Book Two] Doom Green Fetish Records
Crystal Geometry Mindcut 23 – Behaviour Of Matter Deathwish Mindcut Music
Hocico HyperViolent Acts of Aggression Out Of Line Music

Bootstomp 0.79 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Slighter + R.A. Desilets Broken Unknown (Affect Effect Remix) Broken Unknown (Affect Effect Remix) Confusion Inc.
Exo-Kult Knife Wounds Eliminate Viral Records Australia
Requiem Rust Beneath the Crimson City Beneath the Crimson City  
Chris Keya, Ian Urbina Criminals (The Noam Chomsky Music Project) Mercenaries  
Revizia Nightmare Nightmare  
MissFit Toys Rise to Arms (Moris Blak Remix) Rise to Arms (Moris Blak Remix)  
INVA//ID The Dissociation EP Dissociate (Trauma Remix)  
Matteo Tura & Sierra Inner Speech Burn  
Matt Hart RDC & Terror Night: Halloween Edition 2021 Terrorfying v2 RDC Music
Elektrosekt Your Sex Your Sex Shoknova Records
Daddybear Hypnotic (feat. Grabyourface) Hypnotic (feat. Grabyourface)  
Nova State Machine RDC & Terror Night: Halloween Edition 2021 Truth and Fear (Destiny Mix) RDC Music
Suicide Commando Trick or Treat Trick or Treat Out Of Line Music
Years of Denial & Alexey Volkov Utopia Vanished: From Enslavement to Reiteration Confess (Alternative Version) VEYL
Null Cell Nemesis Judgement Pays (Good Cop) Machine Man Records
Diverje Purge the World Before Panic Virus DSBP Records
Anthony (H) Double Down EP Calm Before The Storm (Moaan Exis Remix) Champion Beats
Pantser Fabriek Only Now! Only Now!  
Terence Fixmer x Phase Fatale Fünfzehn + 1 Cigarette Glow Ostgut Ton
Blue Ant vs. Stahlschlag Amalgam Dissolution 8 Dyxtopia Records
O/X Falling Into Falling Into (Physical Wash Remix) DREAM
DHI (death and horror inc) The Idiot Parade EP The Idiot Parade (Sardonic)  
Sigint Fear Fear (Ft. Daveoramma)  
Louisahhh The Practice of Freedom (Deluxe) Make Me He.She.They
Kota Kira The Netherworld Beckons Serpents Re:Mission Entertainment
Sept Sensation Seeker Sensation Seeker voxnox
Acid Replika Privacy Invasion Privacy Invasion Revok Records
The Fair Attempts Signals All Directions, All The Way  
EAS Tsukuyomi Mr. Unchained OMEN Recordings

Bootstomp 0.72 Mixcloud Show

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MildredaI Was Never Really ThereLiaisons dangereusesDependent
Death Loves VeronicaDeceptionPleaser
Trick CasketHarmNo Sanctuary
BloodpanicBlack BirdBlack Bird
MordaciousLost Souls10 of Swords
Not My GodSimulacraAshesMetropolis Records
ObstaklBlack Market PartsBlack Market Parts
Nuclear SludgeKerfuffleKerfuffle
Inva//idChained, Burnt And SplitDissociation
SkalskiDiktaturGuter PapaRDC Music
Null SplitChained, Burnt And SplitI Shook Your Split (feat. Inva//id)
DirgeBodyforce / AreaBodyforceBurning Rose
ScrapeCorrupted MemoriesInvisible
AutumnsInherent DesignLet’s Have YouFort Evil Fruit
Ember TwinYou Make Me Want To Hunt HumansYou Make Me Want To Hunt Humans
NNHMNHappy HouseHappy House
DaddybearScience FictionScience Fiction (feat. grabyourface)
Fairy PussyBlack And GrayBlack And Gray
Suzi SabotageNazi Goths, Fuck OffNazi Goths, Fuck Off
Angel of ViolenceBullet SpongeBurn Scar (Bury The Past Mix)CRL Studios
AlexDeath DanceDeath Dance (feat. KXYLI & Lazerpunk)
In VeilLunaticLunatic (feat. Sam Astaroth)
BlankEmbrace The Void (Akrasia Mix)Embrace The Void (Akrasia Mix)
Biomechanimal & Mechanical VeinWaves (Blood & Chrome Remix)Waves (Blood & Chrome Remix)Hybrid Blak
Dark Machine NationThe Isolation LPDamned
XentrifugeIn A Shattered MirrorParaliesCleopatra Records
CarrionShatter the SealsShatter the SealsBrutal Resonance Records
3teethParalyze (Feat. Ho99o9)Paralyze (Feat. Ho99o9)Century Media

Bootstomp 0.71 Mixcloud Show

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Be My EnemyArmalyte XXMetalheadArmalyte Industries
Elz and the CultFire Meets Fire​/​DisciplineDisciplineBlack Pill Red Pill
XentrifugeIn A Shattered MirrorYour Eyes, My BetrayalCleopatra Records
VonderTogether & EgoTogether
Dawn of AshesBlood of the Titans RemixesBlood of the Titans (Inva//id Remix)Artoffact Records
Frontal BoundaryThe FallPlague (ft. Chris Rivera of Inva//id)
Urban MatrixThe Book of RevelationHe Who Accuses ThemBrutal Resonance Records
Bleeding In SilenceSlow DeathSlow Death
PsychosomatikDamage Done RemixedDamage Done (Psychosomatik Remix)
EchoberylSalomé (Suffer Me) – Special EditionSalomé (Suffer Me)Mother Solitude Records
Leæther StripWe Believe (Ministry Cover)We Believe (Ministry Cover)Læbel
Happy707BodyworxxxすばらしいDeath Decay Magic
Anthony (H)No Monsters EPNo MonstersChampion Beats
Statische MonotonieI Did ItI Did ItPink Bunker Ltd.
MeshesDemencia Civil 2Psychological AbuseOf Dolls and Murder
Ancient MethodsThe Jericho RemixesIn Silence (Die Selektion – In Stille – Remix)Persephonic Sirens
Evil DustE A C (2018 Demo)E A C (2018 Demo)
SpankthenunArmalyte XXRight FatherArmalyte Industries
StrikklandGone SwimmingGone Swimming
Red MeatHomo VulgarisEat Me, Beat MeDrøne
Yetzer HaraLike DeathLike Death (Alien Vampires Remix)
NNN2NBlessed By Sacred Teachings

Bootstomp 0.36 Mixcloud Show

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Years of DenialSuicide Disco RemixesYou Like It When It Hurts (Orphx Remix)VEYL
KontravoidToo Deep RemixesTurn Away (Statiqbloom Remix)Fleisch Records
Iva//idBrokenBroken (Club Mix)
AutumnsThe Ultimate Sounds Of Universe IIMy HandMosaique Records
Nuclear SludgeHysteriaHysteriaNuclear Broadcast
ZaniasExtinctionCarbonFleisch Records
Randolph & Mortimer vs DuellistUnion of the FaithfulSermon Four
Nova State MachineTCZ RMXs 003: Drugs and DrumsHarsh Reality – Rx Singular Obsession mix (by <SiK>)Shoknova Records
Urban MatrixAdventures In Time And SpaceThe Atomic Bomb
IsserleyAgoraphobic SweetheartI’m Cute/I’m SickTigersquawk Records
The Joy ThievesA Blue GirlThe BadlanderArmalyte Industries
Dead ChainsOriginal Motion Picture SoundtrackWalking Without Music

Top 30 Artists of 2019 – Part I (1-15)

Instead of picking the top albums of the year, I opted to select 30 artists based on their musical output for the year. The top 30 are in no particular order, so they’re listed alphabetically. Each artist has been featured in previous Bootstomp Mixcloud shows. Click on the covers to preview/purchase each release.

Black Dresses
Chrome Corpse
Conspiracy Thief
Die Klute
Die Krupps
First Aid 4 Souls
Hanzel Und Gretyl

View Top 30 artists of 2019 – Part II (16-30) here

Bootstomp 0.06 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Revolting Cocks INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! Records Animal Nation Wax Trax! Records
Coldkill Industrial Purpose 01 We Believe  
Test Dept Disturbance Information Scare One Little Indian Records
Sarin x Imperial Black Unit Will To Destroy In The Streets X-IMG
Curse Mackey Instant Exorcism O’ Blasphemy Negative Gain Productions
Sine INSOMNIÆ Blood Lush  
Skold Never Is Now Small World Cleopatra Records
3TEETH Metawar EXXXIT Century Media
INVA//ID Masochism in D Minor Broken  
Stabbing Westward Iwo Jesus EP Violent Mood Swings