Bootstomp 0.95 HEARTHIS Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Damien Hearse Pro Life Death Camp Pro Life Death Camp  
Unhuman & Petra Flurr Disintegration Verbannt OSM tapes
Sister Cell XL Bioware  
Matt Hart Terraform Terraform  
Sexual Purity Wake Up Wake Up  
Matteo Tura Ambition Ambition  
Inva//id The Cruel Division The Cruel Division (Reaped Mix By Haex)  
Maelstrom and Louisahhh If I Could Hold If I Could Hold RAAR
General Dynamics Weaponize Your Dreams Cargo 200   
To Avoid Trust Trust (Single-Edit)  
Mellow Code Bestraft f​ü​r Leben Bestraft f​ü​r Leben  
Scarecrow Black Door Black Door Infacted Recordings
Orange Sector Der Totmacher Der Totmacher (Ruined Conflict Remix) Infacted Recordings
Venom Vampires Acceded Body Violence Shaddow  
Ghost Cop End Credits+ You Can Never Go Home  
SYZYGYX Zeitgeist+ Maniac Cold Transmission Music
Yansyet Tears of the Motherland Subliminal Khoinix
TC75 Sun Words 9XO Media
Spankthenun Blot Out the Sun (Single) Blak Out the Sun (Moris Blak)  
ELM Penetrator (Bonus Tracks Edition) Rejuvenation Alfa Matrix
NNHMN Unreal Unreal  
Minuit Machine 24 Contradictions Synth Religion
Simon Carter & Fabsi Witch But Not Famous Omens  
Isserley Cannibal World Cannibal World (Casualty Club Matyas X Remix) Tigersquawk Records
Maedon Phases 001 V​.A. Vol. 1 Relentless Phases Records
Füülrod Black Rider Anthem X (feat. Nikhil Rao) HEX Recordings
The Joy Thieves 6 To 3 Property (StabWalt Remix) Armalyte Industries
Istigkeit Blades VA Rude Card Pure Hate
Satanic Hispanic Disobey Disobey Blvsphemy Records
Mechanical Vein x Moris Blak Cemetery Wind Cemetery Wind Hybrid Blak

Bootstomp 0.89 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Sawlo x Celina Payback Payback  
40 Octaves Below Algorithmic (Single) Algorithmic (Anthony (H) Remix)  
Xotox Leben Und Sterben Für Musik Aus Strom Leben Und Sterben Für Musik Aus Strom Infacted Recordings
Straight Razor Vol. 2 Enemy Negative Gain Productions
Mordacious Witches of the Zodiac Chosen One  
Extra Terra & Rogue VHS Renegade (Single) Renegade  
ΣΕΘ Asylum Asylum feat. Persona SubGoth / ECR
Antigen Shift Talk Talk  
Ninetwelve Aeternus Memoria: Honouring Those Affected by Cancer Clear Cell  
Meduxa Aeternus Memoria: Honouring Those Affected by Cancer The Fool  
Sine Control (Leæther Strip Remix) Control (Leæther Strip Remix) eMERGENCY heARTS
Black Magnet Body Prophecy Floating in Nothing 20 Buck Spin
Attrition Aeternus Memoria: Honouring Those Affected by Cancer The Alibi (Microwaved Minimal Mix)  
Transhuman Rebirth Preparing Singularity Drone War Possession Records
Comfort Cure Rain On The Bar Rain On The Bar  
Matt Hart Absolute Zero (Rotersand Classic Ride Rework) Absolute Zero (Rotersand Classic Ride Rework)  
Pig Baptise Bless & Bleed Speak Of Sin Armalyte Industries
VTSS Make You Scream Make You Scream Ninja Tune
Archon Of The Fairlight Fatal Exception RE:PETITION  
NNHMN For the Comfort of your Exstazy Omen  
Rendered The Instinct Series 005 Democrazy House of Reptile Records
Minuit Machine Lion in a Cage Lion in a Cage Synth Religion
Psyclon Nine Money and Sex and Death Money and Sex and Death Metropolis Records
New Frames Dread Materialized Variation Is A Feature Not A Flaw HAVEN
Flux XIIIe OEIL DTA (feat. Esther) Harbor Concept
Darzack & Öspiel Rhizom Subterranean Stem Airfono
Strikkland Demonic Demonic Bullmatin Records
Haex Reflections Leviathan (Locked Girl Remix)  

Bootstomp 0.83 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Haex Aethyr Abyss Void Cvrtain  
ElektroTerapi Diagnose: Liebe Forget  
Assalm, Revizia Neurogulag / Templar Templar Moretin
Vulture Culture Necronom Within Toxic  
Skren Staub Staub  
Ultimate Soldier Konstruktor Selfdestruction DSBP Records
Dawn of Ashes Scars of the Broken EMDR Artoffact Records
Keиzifiяes Dissonance [TBA] Dissonance  
Akahi Termoiónico Sorry but no Absu Lab
Local Suicide, Skelesys You Are Mine EP Naked & Confused Snap, Crackle & Pop
Autumns The Semiconscious System Elbow Grease Idlestates Recordings
Violent Vickie The Gloom (Dimension 23 Remix) The Gloom (Dimension 23 Remix)  
Mascarpone Structures – EP Modulated Society  
Lestat & Lady Maru Bloody & Teary Country Expectations Routine Records
Meshes feat Iron Court Termoiónico Инстинкт (Instinct) Absu Lab
Filmmaker Eternal Wound Red Lights feat. Anne Artikel kontralamakina
Missing Witness Crawling Down The Feast  
Salem Unsigned Ritual Performance Ritual Performance  
Human Experiments feat. Winston Choppa Ketten Ketten  
San Lopez Be My Angel Genesis Valhalla

Bootstomp 0.82 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Haex Aethyr Abyss Void Cursebreaker  
Sierra See Me Now See Me Now  
ESA Designer Carnage One Missed Call Negative Gain Productions
Social Noise Oni Talking Fill-Lex Records
Raw Ambassador Die Zukunft Ira Idlestates Recordings
Slighter x Moris Blak The Hunt [Retcon] The Hunt (Retcon Version) Confusion Inc.
Full Contact69 Infected Cerebral Trigger Determinate PLANET69
Fairy Pussy Miseria – Upperwave Selections Vol. 1 Dogma Miseria
Cryo Valium EP Valium Progress Productions
Vein Cramp Electrofrequent Vol​.​1 Without End (V_2k21) Electrofrequent
89s† & Petra Flurr Tears for Fears 4 Sag Es Mir SOIL
Matt Hart Decimate Decimate  
Requiem Rust We Came For Blood We Came For Blood  
The Undertaker’s Tapes Feed Your Demons Cleansed by Blood Frenesia
SINthetik Messiah Religious Soldier EP Religious Soldier  

Bootstomp 0.46 Mixcloud Show

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Avarice In AudioFrom The Rib of AdamBittersweetAlfa Matrix
Chmcl Str8jcktWRTCH RMXSCactus (Vonschnell-Omega Remix)Cleopatra Records
Out OutPersonal SpacePersonal Space (Snowbeasts Version)
HAEXPlague (Demo)Plague (Demo)
Flesh Field (feat. Ted Phelps)Electronic Saviors – Electronic Music To Cure Cancer Vol VI: ReflectionThe Forever WarMetropolis Records / Distortion Productions
Red LokustWhom the Gods Wish to Ruin, They First Drive Mad2AMDistortion Productions
PsychosomatikTBA (Pre-release)Carnal Pleasure
SarinMoral Cleansing RemixedPsychic Driving (Phase Fatale Rmx)BITE
Chris Keya & T[ERROR]Like DeathLike Death
Mr. Zoth and the WerespidersGreat MortalityThe ChthonicTigersquawk Records
ToothpinchLords of DustLords of Dust