Bootstomp 0.92 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Black Agent Parasite Receiver Parasite Receiver Re:Mission Entertainment
Sine Mantis 2 Jetset eMERGENCY heARTS
Protectorate Industrial Action Industrial Action (Oldschool Union Remix)  
UCNX vs. Chemlab Black Snake Voodoo (Tape Hiss) (Club Edit) Black Snake Voodoo (Tape Hiss) (Club Edit)  
Statische Monotonie Impulsive Repulsive Impulsive Repulsive Pink Bunker Ltd
Anthony (H) The Dark Side Remix EP The Dark Side (Spankthenun Remix)  
Any Second Scalpel Scalpel Infacted Recordings
Lazerpunk Synthicate Countach NewRetroWave
Stahlschlag A Zone of Silence Crushed March (feat. Morbid Echo)  
Resistor Combustion Combustion  
Inva//id x Male Tears Illuminate Illuminate  
Archon Of The Fairlight Obscenity (Adam Erebus Remix) Obscenity (Adam Erebus Remix)  
Nghtly Il Venerdì Dell’Arte Please Leave Me Alone! X-IMG
Ksylen Ksylen [EP] Shacking Drones Vumantra
Nasdrowie Dystatik – Various Artists III Cold Storage DYSTATIK
Heiniche Electric Devil feat. Primi (ManMindMachine) Electric Devil feat. Primi (ManMindMachine) Tinnitorturous
Moris Blak x Laibach Tanz Mit Umbra (Moris Blak Festival Edit) Tanz Mit Umbra (Moris Blak Festival Edit)  
Caustic x Grabyourface Not Your Body Not Your Body  
Zenau Unsatisfied Desires Strap Me Up SOIL
Aeon Rings Fully Operational Fully Operational Negative Gain Productions
Street Sects X Amount X Amount  
Mind | Matter À Travers L’Ach​é​ron À Travers L’Ach​é​ron  
Jørgen Thorvald Structures Europe Babylon A-TRACTION
Mala Sangre In_volutio In_volutio  
Marco Leckbert RITUAL​Ø​4 Euphoria OMEN Recordings
Carnal Machinery Void Void  
40 Octaves Below Splintered (Single) Splintered (Anthony (H) Remix)  
2XNI Mauer EP Zwischen Unseren Mauern Drec

Bootstomp 0.89 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Sawlo x Celina Payback Payback  
40 Octaves Below Algorithmic (Single) Algorithmic (Anthony (H) Remix)  
Xotox Leben Und Sterben Für Musik Aus Strom Leben Und Sterben Für Musik Aus Strom Infacted Recordings
Straight Razor Vol. 2 Enemy Negative Gain Productions
Mordacious Witches of the Zodiac Chosen One  
Extra Terra & Rogue VHS Renegade (Single) Renegade  
ΣΕΘ Asylum Asylum feat. Persona SubGoth / ECR
Antigen Shift Talk Talk  
Ninetwelve Aeternus Memoria: Honouring Those Affected by Cancer Clear Cell  
Meduxa Aeternus Memoria: Honouring Those Affected by Cancer The Fool  
Sine Control (Leæther Strip Remix) Control (Leæther Strip Remix) eMERGENCY heARTS
Black Magnet Body Prophecy Floating in Nothing 20 Buck Spin
Attrition Aeternus Memoria: Honouring Those Affected by Cancer The Alibi (Microwaved Minimal Mix)  
Transhuman Rebirth Preparing Singularity Drone War Possession Records
Comfort Cure Rain On The Bar Rain On The Bar  
Matt Hart Absolute Zero (Rotersand Classic Ride Rework) Absolute Zero (Rotersand Classic Ride Rework)  
Pig Baptise Bless & Bleed Speak Of Sin Armalyte Industries
VTSS Make You Scream Make You Scream Ninja Tune
Archon Of The Fairlight Fatal Exception RE:PETITION  
NNHMN For the Comfort of your Exstazy Omen  
Rendered The Instinct Series 005 Democrazy House of Reptile Records
Minuit Machine Lion in a Cage Lion in a Cage Synth Religion
Psyclon Nine Money and Sex and Death Money and Sex and Death Metropolis Records
New Frames Dread Materialized Variation Is A Feature Not A Flaw HAVEN
Flux XIIIe OEIL DTA (feat. Esther) Harbor Concept
Darzack & Öspiel Rhizom Subterranean Stem Airfono
Strikkland Demonic Demonic Bullmatin Records
Haex Reflections Leviathan (Locked Girl Remix)  

Bootstomp 0.88 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Sexual Purity Khmary Khmary  
Sister Cell Cell Shock – Single Cell Shock  
Carbon Decay Chvos Chvos  
Celina x Xelazed Initialization Complete Initialization Complete  
Red Deviil Monster Reborn Occulus Infernum Detriti Records
Damascus Knives You Want Control You Want Control SquareWav
Souldz Lord Of Shadows Lord Of Shadows  
Lights Out, God Help Me Machine Music United – 2022 Collective Sampler Electronic Body Horror (Demo Version) Machine Music United
Diverje Futronik Structures Vol​.​11 (Disc 1) Hate the Hate (Electroaggression Mix) DSBP Records
Moris Blak x Daddybear x Grabyourface Crimes of Passion Crimes of Passion  
Larva Carne Para La Picadora I Need Nobody, I Need Nothing Advoxya Records
Bleeding In Silence Behind In Life Behind In Life  
Divine Native Love (Facets Step by Step Edit) Native Love (Facets Step by Step Edit)  
BabyChaos Babylon Babylon Cleopatra Records
Mobiius Inside Inside  
ELM Steel Hope EP Sex Junkie Alfa Matrix
Tragic Impulse Distant Worlds Technoslave Distortion Productions
Absynthe Of Faith Machine Music United – 2022 Collective Sampler All Mighty Machine Music United
Ethan Fawkes & Dreadfool Some Fall Some Fall Nu Body Records
New Town Ground Violent Circles Swallow It Whole Still Distant Records
Öspiel Demian Tools 01- Screwdriver EP Blades And Shades Demian Records
First Aid 4 Souls I Am The Night (Bonus Version) I Am The Night Alfa Matrix
Crystal Geometry I Stare Into Darkness Messe Noire  
Skren Chaos Existent  
Hitchcock Guillotine For the People: Volume 1 Ukraine Killing Tomorrow (Ft Roland Zwaga & Hide Tepes)  
Sine Mantis 1 Attack eMERGENCY heARTS

Bootstomp 0.76 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Static Logic Chasing Ghosts Volume 2 Drown (feat. Slighter) CRL Studios
Moris Blak Lament Configurations: From Hell We Rise Candyman SubGoth / ECR
Curse Mackey Lacerations Lacerations Negative Gain Productions
Lucia Honey Self Help Hounds of Bareback (feat. Bustié)  
Dread Risks Obliteration Complex Obliteration Complex Re:Mission Entertainment
Patient Zero Brutalette Be The Ghost  
Urban Matrix Raw Industrial Beats La Ragazza Che Sapeva Troppo  
89s† feat. Cruz de Cal & Petra Flurr Terrorize Mortals We’re Here S H I S H I
Nghtly Animi Introversi Blood HOME MORT
Sine Desire, Denial and Paramania Virtual Realitease eMERGENCY heARTS
T[ERROR] Homicide Homicide  
One Flesh.Infektion. feat. XTR Human Terrorize Mortals Nimm Dir Alles S H I S H I
Stoneburner Apex Predator A Decade of Assassins COP International
The Operating Tracks Poison ID (feat. Emma Anitchka) Poison ID (feat. Emma Anitchka) Progress Productions
Kontravoid Faceless Nitrous  
Years of Denial Gegen Decade III Pleasure Gegen Records
Years Of Denial Deviate VA003 Resonance DEVIATE rec
Louisahhh & Wax Wings Harder Now Harder Now He.She.They
Diverje Purge the World Before Lunatic On The Loose DSBP Records
Makornik Invasion! EP WTTFJ Wrongnotes
Matt Hart Lament Configurations: From Hell We Rise Event Horizon SubGoth / ECR
Kota Kira Lament Configurations: From Hell We Rise In The House, In A Heartbeat SubGoth / ECR
Not My God Simulacra Mirage Mirage Metropolis Records

Bootstomp 0.74 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Static Logic Chasing Ghosts Volume 1 Let The Boreal Burn (feat. Gerry of Avarice In Audio) CRL Studios
Sine Desolate District (feat. Chris Connely) (Meat Beat Manifesto Remix) Desolate District (feat. Chris Connely) (Meat Beat Manifesto Remix) eMERGENCY heARTS
Magnavolt Chaos in the Streets Chaos in the Streets  
Royb0t Introducing Thinkbreak Records Product Placement Thinkbreak Records
Michael Matters Michael Matters Der Panther  
Revizia Breath Control Breath Control  
Mechanical Vein Feel Your Noise – Remixed Feel Your Noise (feat. Faderhead) (Biomechanimal Remix) HYBRID BLAK
Stoneburner feat. Brian Graupner Tigersquawk vs. COP International May Thy Knife Tigersquawk vs. COP International
Damascus Knives Ultra Ultra SquareWav
Autokiller Total War – EP Total War  
Radical G & The Horrorist The Deserted Kingdom Birds of prey (B1980 Remix)  
Leg Puppy The Air in Utopia is Poison Turn it up Keith (feat. Violent Vickie)  
Fluid Ghost Homeclubbing Bedroom Smoke Mother Solitude Records
Dread Risks Trauma Ties Trauma Ties (Moris Blak Remix) Re:Mission Entertainment
Vaein Discipline Discipline  
Choke Chain Invoking Shadows Nightfall Phage Tapes
Brixx Conversion Therapy Shock Of The New Heavy Machinery Records
Borgborg Foil and Rubber Foil and Rubber  
Leaether Strip feat. Red Lokust and Tragic Impulse Draven’s Mixtape​:​1994 Revisited After the Flesh Distortion Productions
W.LV.S feat. Louisahhh The Pit The Pit Astropolis Records
†rite Negative Frequency Vol​.​2 Wasteland (Rorganic Remix) Home Mort
The Joy Thieves Nemesis Nemesis (Blue Eyed Christ Remix) Armalyte Industries
Duellist The Disintegrator Manifestation Of Terror Scuderia
Vexillary Scent of Torture (feat. Warteraum) Scent of Torture (feat. Warteraum) Con:trace
Foxy Panic Night Driver Night Driver  
Luna 13 Gorgo Hear My Call Cleopatra Records
Crystal Geometry Distressing Visions Utopia Sonic Groove
Exo-Kult Cold (Single) SuperNova Viral Records Australia
Donna Haringwey Thanks for telling me who I really am Cybersadism  
Dirt Factory Crash Landing (Single) Crash Landing Viral Records Australia

Bootstomp 0.62 Mixcloud Show

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KreignKreign II (Part 2)Disco King Phukkin’ with the FluxxuationzScanner
Alien VampiresDestrudo EPDestrudoAlfa Matrix
Moris BlakIrregular Revisions Vol. IComplicate (feat. grabyourface)Negative Gain Productions
Mechanical VeinNew Blood (ESA Remix)New Blood (ESA Remix)
GrimbeardGamer GhoulLeather BoyLeague of Struggle
ESAEat their Young / The Scorn EPThe Scorn (Recon Remix)Negative Gain Productions
Portion ControlSeed EP2Seek
Faderhead2077 Cyberpunk EPCyberpsychosis
SierraAll About LoveUnpredictable
Pouppée FabrikkBurn Forever EPBurn ForeverAlfa Matrix
Moaan ExisNecessary ViolencesAlone Together
Blitzkrieg BabyViolenceViolence
Pill BrigadeSquawksgiving 20202049Tigersquawk Records
CausticA Succession Of Repetitive BeatsFangs Out
Urban MatrixEine Welt des GrauensEine Welt des Grauens
SDHYou Pt​.​12 (Reka Remix)You Pt​.​12 (Reka Remix)
Body Beat RitualDamhsa 01Final DemandCéad
DHI (death and horror inc)LosingLosing
The AndrogenWords Are KnivesDenihilist
Vomito NegroA Human Scanner – The 20th Anniversary CompilationBlack Plague (Pandemic Mix)Scanner
AD:KEYI Can`t Feel YouI Can`t Feel You (single edit)Alfa Matrix
DownwellOppression IndexUndercover BuddiesX-IMG
Gasoline InvertebrateThe Hurtmore EPScarlet Slip feat. Chris Connelly (Snowbeasts Remix)Tigersquawk Records
The HorroristWhen I Raise My Hand .​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​. AgainRiot (Bernhard Von Zorn Remix)RIOT Radio Records
Crystal GeometryV​​/​​A III – CurseMediocrelifeThe Hiddens
ZwaremachineConquest 3000 Single​/Remix EPConquest 3000 (Hostile Architect Remix)
SINENeed To Bleed (Dethmarch Remix)Need To Bleed (Dethmarch Remix)
NOIRJust FascinationJust Fascination
Kota KiraCandlelight (feat. Ziiri)Candlelight (feat. Ziiri)Re:Mission Entertainment
Sick JokesMMXXPop Goes The Vessel (John Fryer Remix)COP International
1000 Ho​-​Ho DJs(Every Day Is) Xmas(Every Day Is) Xmas
Curse MackeyPatreon / Email List ExclusiveDystopian Dope (Dogtablet Masks On Mix)

Bootstomp 0.45 Mixcloud Show

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HorskhStrobesStrobesWire Control
KlubovaderTBAGo Ham (with Craig Huxtable)Tigersquawk Records
AutumnsM3 7LWTake Your Leather Gloves and Fuck OffDrøne
Dead Animal Assembly PlantColors Under AttackColors Under AttackArmalyte Industries
Pill BrigadeOld Skool R3B00tPost Human CodeTigersquawk Records
MascarponeDodecacotronicBis Zum Ende
Die Robo SapiensFanFanFanatisch – The Düsseldorf EPFanFanFanatisch (Aesthetische rework)Alfa Matrix
Nova State MachineTCZ RMXs 005: Shaking the WorldTotal Control (Pulsation mix by electrofiction)
Manni DeeEveryone’s Replaceable NowThe WolvesPerc Trax
SineDesolate DistrictDesolate District (feat. Chris Connelly)
Portion ControlHead BuriedRise Up
Cardinal NoireNightmare WormsParoxysm

Top 30 Artists of 2019 – Part II (16-30)

Instead of picking the top albums of the year, I opted to select 30 artists based on their musical output for the year. The top 30 are in no particular order, so they’re listed alphabetically. Each artist has been featured in previous Bootstomp Mixcloud shows. Click on the covers to preview/purchase each release.

Matt Hart
Moris Blak
Nuclear Sludge
Panther Modern
PreEmptive Strike 0.1
Randolph & Mortimer
Spit Mask
The Horrorist

View Top 30 artists of 2019 – Part I (1-15) here

Bootstomp 0.19 Mixcloud Show

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Die KruppsVision 2020 VisionWelcome to the BlackoutSPV/Oblivion
HEXADIODEMetaxyMetaxyEK Product
Grim BeardWhen I’m AsleepLesser Harm 
S Y Z Y G Y XFading BodiesDangerous CreatureNegative Gain Productions
Radical GRAW Compilation II: Second Breath (part2)MachineRAW
Go FightAnthemMy Spine is the Bass LinePulseblack
Resident51Distilling The BeastHaunted Sharp Things (feat. Claus Larsen)Halo Askew Entertainment
Body Beat RitualDeplatformed EPDeplatformedPleasure
StoneburnerMassdriverMassdriverNegative Gain Productions
Mindless FaithInsectualMoth without a MoonAlterCulture Records

Bootstomp 0.06 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Revolting Cocks INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! Records Animal Nation Wax Trax! Records
Coldkill Industrial Purpose 01 We Believe  
Test Dept Disturbance Information Scare One Little Indian Records
Sarin x Imperial Black Unit Will To Destroy In The Streets X-IMG
Curse Mackey Instant Exorcism O’ Blasphemy Negative Gain Productions
Sine INSOMNIÆ Blood Lush  
Skold Never Is Now Small World Cleopatra Records
3TEETH Metawar EXXXIT Century Media
INVA//ID Masochism in D Minor Broken  
Stabbing Westward Iwo Jesus EP Violent Mood Swings