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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Years of Denial Honoris IV – Tribute to Christian Death & Rozz Williams Cervix Couch Unknown Pleasures Records
Lead Into Gold The Eternal Present The Eternal Present Artoffact Records
Bestial Mouths The Pact LostIN Public Sex Regime
Circuit Preacher Bound Down Bound Down darkTunes
Your Enemy Broken Toys Broken Toys Progress Productions
Androm Blood and Love Blood and Love Lethal Curse
Celina Invincible (Neuroklast Remix) Invincible (Neuroklast Remix) Shadows and Machines Records
Statiqbloom Separate Worlds Separate Worlds (Qual Remix)  
Urban Matrix Das Objekt Das Objekt  
Capsules of Energy Kiss Me Twice Shamed and Hated  
RatPajama The Drunken Lost Tapes Violence  
Harlem Electronics MRG014 – Various Artists Highest Bidder Marguerite Records
Call Me Sleeper Dangerous Vows Dangerous  
Magnum Opus & Ravetop Fear In Our Veins Fear In Our Veins (Autumns Remix) SOIL
Swærm The Pact Pain and Lies Public Sex Regime
Comfort Cure Not My Taste Consume It (Void Palace Remix) Detroit Industrial
Drymer Animal Notes, Pt. 2 Castoreum Moretin
Snowbeasts The Endless Let’s Be Animals Re:Mission Entertainment
Control I’m Here N​​​●​​​V​​​●​​​K​​​[​​​!​​​/​​​/​​​]​​​S Deluxe Edition Use/Prey (Cage Remix) Hush Ltd.
Filmmaker Thoughtcrimes EP ADRS  
Ceremony Shadows Idolatry Idolatry  
Minuit Machine Compilation Barbieturix – BBX#2 Not Guilty Verticale Le Label
Manni Dee Pillow Princess Remixes II Pillow Princess feat. Angel Bby (Safety Trance Remix)  
Kloud Black Blind  
Borgborg & Hidonash Bleib Bleib  
Pomah Ode To Rebirth Ode To Rebirth 96NOISIΛ
Limbus Puerorum DSR01 – V​/​A There Is Nothing Black Almond Black Almond

Bootstomp 0.98 HEARTHIS Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Freakangel Suicidal (Break the Cycle) Suicidal (Break the Cycle) Alfa Matrix
Blut Reaktor Temple Of Flesh Crimson Skies  
SINthetik Messiah Unholy (Witch Haus Version) Unholy (Witch Haus Version)  
Sanity Checks Industrial Side Quest Ape Torso (Batavia remix) Tigersquawk Records
Maelstrom & Louisahhh Sustained Resistance Vixen RAAR
Autumns Still In The Thick Of It Fallen Sons Antibody label
Matt Hart To the Core (Aesthetic Perfection Remix) To the Core (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)  
Veiled Venus Under The Stone Vol​.​1 Carcosa Bruto Industries
Circa Tapes Clajsh Clajsh  
Distorshn Shape & Meshes Under The Stone Vol​.​1 Cybernetic Orgasm Bruto Industries
Damascus Knives Pussy No Slashes (Living Rent Free mix) Pussy No Slashes (Living Rent Free mix) SquareWav
Necrø Death Beats Death Beats Regulator Records
Bestial Mouths  I Am The Spell (Full Metal Witch remix by Hexmaschine)  I Am The Spell (Full Metal Witch remix by Hexmaschine)  
Mecaník Fabrík Anniversary [RDC V Years] Compilation Ciudad Oscura RDC Music
Xtr Human Passing Strangers City Hai Haus Arkana
TÖT No Venimos en Paz (Nobody Knows I Am An) Asshole  
Comfort Cure Not My Taste Consume It  
Petrified Entity Lifeline Liquid Despair Infinite Mirror
Pretty Addicted Trauma Trauma  
Nuclear Sludge Destroy Destroy  
thewalkingicon The Days of Swine and Roses (feat. TC75) The Days of Swine and Roses (feat. TC75)  
Pale Ash Silence My Soul Is On Fire  
Evil Dust Destitute Destitute  
The Hanged Man x Extensive Infraction Body Mind Control Mortal Sins SOIL
Psychic TV Jigsaw (WLDV Edit) Jigsaw (WLDV Edit)  
Moris Blak w/ S Y Z Y G Y X Procession Procession SHVDOW Records
Moments of Terror Free Download Series 01 Midnight Welders Regression Records
Nghtly Kill Your Enemy Dimensional Strength Khoinix
Scalameriya Nullification EP Nullification Alloy Void+1 Recordings
Skull Cultist So Happy Break That Fucker Tigersquawk Records
Znzl Meltdown! Meltdown!  
Rōnin Hellbound Smith’s Grove Sanitarium S H I S H I

Bootstomp 0.97 HEARTHIS Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Mobiius Deadeyes (VIP) Deadeyes (VIP) ATH
Amelia Arsenic Oxytocin Oxytocin  
Grimbeard Pure Acid Hell Bite Down Hard  
Extensive Infarction Unholy Body Tempo Crying S H I S H I
Matteo Tura To the Ground (feat. Zahia) To the Ground (feat. Zahia)  
Inconscio Viola Klack / Inconscio Viola Split EP Rabbit On Tuesday SYNTHICIDE
Chris Keya Emp4thy Emp4thy  
Cvrbon Decvy Last Transmission Desolation (feat. Cat Hall) Acid Bath Records
Klack Klack / Inconscio Viola Split EP Frequency SYNTHICIDE
40 Octaves Below MetaVersUs Shadows  
Man 2.0 Heathers Blam Blam (Black Light Smoke Remix) Death Decay Magic
Spankthenun Madman (Single) Madman  
Semantix Violent Protocol Recoil DKA Records
Termination_800 Unholy Body Tempo Flesh Is Weak S H I S H I
Autumns I Didn’t Mean To Send It Twice Autumns is Scum Exterminador
Dissonance Something Unforgivable Truth  
Kult303 When The Bough Breaks When The Bough Breaks Crunch Pod
Deflesh Unholy Body Tempo Muerte O Perdon S H I S H I
The Hanged Man Punks for Each Other Infernal Instincts GrPunkCrustHC
Rudiment Zeitenwende Fire! Fire! Fire! feat. Xtr Human WIE EIN GOTT
Maelstrom & Louisahhh I Am Not a Casualty I Am Not a Casualty RAAR
Body of Pain Revenge Machine Gun of Love  
CTSD All Buttons In EP Pandora (Znzl Remix) Wrongnotes
Neikka RPM Scorpion in the Hourglass Battle Scars Alfa Matrix
Znzl GegenDigital003 Narcollapsing Gegen Records
Xentrifuge Last Transmission Taste of Your Sin Acid Bath Records
Pretty Addicted Heather Heather  
Marco Leckbert The Sense The Sense Darkground Records
Muttersprache Perpetuality Perpetuality Scuderia
Orbasan Paralysed Paralysed Collapse

Bootstomp 0.86 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Le Crabe Amour Unilatéral – The Remixes Amour Unilatéral (Pantser Fabriek remix) Nu Body Records
40 Octaves Below Serketre (Single) Serketre  
Xtr Human G​.​O​.​L​.​D / Technofossil remix split Leben ohne Licht (Qual Remix) Braid Records
The Marquis Plague Years Threat (feat. 89st)  
Teknovore The Theseus Paradox Relinquish Your Flesh (feat. Neon Decay) Infacted Recordings
RNZЯ Chaotic Erotica (Single) Chaotic Erotica  
Antibody I Don’t Understand I Don’t Understand (Matt Hart Remix) darkTunes
Termination_800 Opfor Target Organization feat. Xtr Human Crave Tapes
Matteo Tura x Biomechanimal Corrupt Corrupt  
Moris Blak x Moaan Exis State Rejects / Moments of Dissent State Rejects feat. grabyourface (iVardensphere Remix) HYBRID BLAK
Simon Carter and Fabsi The Bitches Potion The Witching Hour (Moaan Exis Remix)  
Matt Hart Below the Terra Pt. 1 Absolute Zero  
Autumns Detriti Split 5 All The Hoods Like To Hold Hands Detriti Records
Figure Section Mirages Quicksands Antibody label
Comfort Cure Cuts the Line Dreaming Tarmac  
Wychdoktor vs. ESA Hold Your Forked Tongue Hold Your Forked Tongue  
Klubovader Chokepoint Overdrive Expiation Nation (New Cut Version) Tigersquawk Records
Statiqbloom Threat Capacity Of Brutality Sonic Groove
Orange Sector The Work Is Done The Work Is Done (Short Aggression Mix) Infacted Recordings
Hostile Architect Power Overwhelming (Alpha Mix) Power Overwhelming (Alpha Mix) Brutal Resonance Records
Rorganic x Smile on the Sinner Exceed Your Mind Intro  
Savage Grounds Hidden By The Night Somewhere Sinister (Kleio’s Voice) She Lost Kontrol
Minuit Machine Don’t Run From The Fire – Remix Edition Danger (Crystal Geometry Remix) Synth Religion
Maduro Perfect Death Way to Die Crunch Pod
Mala Sangre Meta_violence Meta_violence  
Crystal Geometry Solidarität Aus Berlin Volume 02 Oppression Solidaritaet Aus Berlin
Qual Re​-​animated VR Slaves (The Soft Moon Remix) X-IMG
Metamatik Grey Matter Grey Matter Shoknova Records

Bootstomp 0.85 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Trace Amount Anti Body Language Tone and Tenor (feat. Kanga) Federal Prisoner
Moris Blak X Moaan Exis State Rejects / Moments of Dissent  Moments of Dissent (Mechanical Vein Remix) HYBRID BLAK
Third Realm Fuck Your Warship Fuck Your Warship  
Kofin Neo Coven: Modded Sect Hex Code (Sentinel Complex mix)  
Into The Pale Abyss The Darkness Within EP Gods Of War (feat. Souldz) JST Records
Live Evil Productions vs. Anthony (H) Live Evil Productions VS. Anthony (H) – Lemme Go EP Lemme Go (Live Evil Style)  
Absolute Valentine Broken Matrix Broken Matrix Lazerdiscs Records
Emmon & Processor Hole Digger Hole Digger  
Autumns Mouth Closed Strong Man Competition Detriti Records
Matt Hart Below the Terra Pt. 1 I Am Overlord  
Sarin Lethal Aid Learn to Fight X-IMG
Local Suicide & Skelesys No Evidence Weird Encounters Samo Records
Sextile Modern Weekend / Contortion Contortion Felte Records
Rein x Djedjotronic Transmutation EP Transmutation Boysnoize Records
Extize Boomstick Boomstick darkTunes
Dead Lights Doom Doom Trash Run COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
Black Dahlia Lethal Aid Anno Blast X-IMG
Gasoline Invertebrate Cracked Wax Battery Third Eye Turned Inside Out Tigersquawk Records
Scalameriya Aeon Core Aeon Core Perc Trax
Skren N M D N M D  
Heart Peaks Running Elsewhere Schyzophrenia Nu Body Records
Rue Oberkampf Liebe Control  
Dasha Rush Dark & Filthy El Kinky Sonic Groove
DI*ove DI​*​version EBM feat. Nina (Old Brew Mix)  
Against I O​.​M​.​G Scum (Teknovore Remix) Insane Records
Statische Monotonie Human Decomposition Human Decomposition  
EAS Core Values Vol. 1 Beautiful Thing CRISIS OF MAN
Salem Unsigned Ghoul Cave Ghoul Cave  
Barcoder Lotek Sessions Dying To Try (Glue On Smile Remix) CRL Studios
Sever The Servants Dread Bloom Dread Bloom Produkt 42

Bootstomp 0.84 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Leæther Strip The Other Man – A Front 242 Tribute 7rain Læbel
Magnavolt Punish and Enslave Punish and Enslave  
Alucvrd Nail Fetish Hate God Nail Fetish Hate God  
Chem Aorta Niebakraj Insane Records
ESA Designer Carnage Hyena Negative Gain Productions
Powernerd Violence Violence feat. Requiem Lazerdiscs Records
Mobiius Choke Choke  
Ulisess Lustfuckness EP 堕堕堕堕堕堕堕  
Moris Blak x Moaan Exis State Rejects / Moments of Dissent State Rejects (ft. grabyourface) HYBRID BLAK
Junksista Fuck Your Pretty Face Fuck Your Pretty Face COP International
Lazerpunk Heavy Weapon Heavy Weapon (feat. Alexis Mincolla) NewRetroWave
Bow Ever Down & Doomdriver I Will Destroy You I Will Destroy You  
At The Heart Of The World Inosculate Synchrony Downed Star
Steinhart No Control No Control Rauschkonzern Records
DeadDollDonor MindBender(Angelspit remix) MindBender(Angelspit remix)  
Miss Kittin + The Hacker Ostbahnhof Ostbahnhof Nobody’s Bizzness
Snog Eight Offerings For The Undead Domesticated Metropolis Records
Black Dahlia Semantic Satiation Semantic Satiation  
Autumns Tasteless Bogside Voodoo L.A.U.R.A.
Sidewalks and Skeletons Exorcism Eternal Rest (feat. Cashforgold) Re:Mission Entertainment
Maedon Now I Am Become Death Everything Is Not OK Sonic Groove
Klubovader The Tigersquawk Records Missed​-​A​-​Con 2022 Super Sampler Sadistic Agency (Missed-A-Con X-Clusive Ver000) Tigersquawk Records
Komradekomputer Commie Body Music EP Better Off Red Than Inbred Tigersquawk Records
Sissy Misfit 5oMaNce: five stages of romance Worship  
Znzl Gaze Upon Mainframe Core Persephonic Sirens
Shad Shadows Prismatic Destroy  
Erie Loch Cold and Bare the No Devotion Records Files 2021​/​2022 Pragma No Devotion Records
Joefarr I See You E.P. I See You Hydraulix

Bootstomp 0.83 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Haex Aethyr Abyss Void Cvrtain  
ElektroTerapi Diagnose: Liebe Forget  
Assalm, Revizia Neurogulag / Templar Templar Moretin
Vulture Culture Necronom Within Toxic  
Skren Staub Staub  
Ultimate Soldier Konstruktor Selfdestruction DSBP Records
Dawn of Ashes Scars of the Broken EMDR Artoffact Records
Keиzifiяes Dissonance [TBA] Dissonance  
Akahi Termoiónico Sorry but no Absu Lab
Local Suicide, Skelesys You Are Mine EP Naked & Confused Snap, Crackle & Pop
Autumns The Semiconscious System Elbow Grease Idlestates Recordings
Violent Vickie The Gloom (Dimension 23 Remix) The Gloom (Dimension 23 Remix)  
Mascarpone Structures – EP Modulated Society  
Lestat & Lady Maru Bloody & Teary Country Expectations Routine Records
Meshes feat Iron Court Termoiónico Инстинкт (Instinct) Absu Lab
Filmmaker Eternal Wound Red Lights feat. Anne Artikel kontralamakina
Missing Witness Crawling Down The Feast  
Salem Unsigned Ritual Performance Ritual Performance  
Human Experiments feat. Winston Choppa Ketten Ketten  
San Lopez Be My Angel Genesis Valhalla

Bootstomp 0.72 Mixcloud Show

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MildredaI Was Never Really ThereLiaisons dangereusesDependent
Death Loves VeronicaDeceptionPleaser
Trick CasketHarmNo Sanctuary
BloodpanicBlack BirdBlack Bird
MordaciousLost Souls10 of Swords
Not My GodSimulacraAshesMetropolis Records
ObstaklBlack Market PartsBlack Market Parts
Nuclear SludgeKerfuffleKerfuffle
Inva//idChained, Burnt And SplitDissociation
SkalskiDiktaturGuter PapaRDC Music
Null SplitChained, Burnt And SplitI Shook Your Split (feat. Inva//id)
DirgeBodyforce / AreaBodyforceBurning Rose
ScrapeCorrupted MemoriesInvisible
AutumnsInherent DesignLet’s Have YouFort Evil Fruit
Ember TwinYou Make Me Want To Hunt HumansYou Make Me Want To Hunt Humans
NNHMNHappy HouseHappy House
DaddybearScience FictionScience Fiction (feat. grabyourface)
Fairy PussyBlack And GrayBlack And Gray
Suzi SabotageNazi Goths, Fuck OffNazi Goths, Fuck Off
Angel of ViolenceBullet SpongeBurn Scar (Bury The Past Mix)CRL Studios
AlexDeath DanceDeath Dance (feat. KXYLI & Lazerpunk)
In VeilLunaticLunatic (feat. Sam Astaroth)
BlankEmbrace The Void (Akrasia Mix)Embrace The Void (Akrasia Mix)
Biomechanimal & Mechanical VeinWaves (Blood & Chrome Remix)Waves (Blood & Chrome Remix)Hybrid Blak
Dark Machine NationThe Isolation LPDamned
XentrifugeIn A Shattered MirrorParaliesCleopatra Records
CarrionShatter the SealsShatter the SealsBrutal Resonance Records
3teethParalyze (Feat. Ho99o9)Paralyze (Feat. Ho99o9)Century Media

Bootstomp 0.68 Mixcloud Show

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Outpost 11Modern Day Eldritch HorrorModern Day Eldritch Horror
TeknoVoreTake Me Away (Instrumental)Take Me Away (Instrumental)
SlighterV O I DComplicitConfusion Inc.
Memory OverreleaseContaminationAspartame
Pixel GripArenaAlphapussyFeeltrip Records
Jennifer TouchMoon in AriesBecoming (Destroyer)
AutumnsLos Insurgentes Tienen Razón part​​​.​​​IIIUnder A New SaintOSM tapes
NabtaDance And FightDance And FightCrowHunt Records
Memory Clap Acid w/ Felicia ConstantineISTIC​(​S)Dead To MePhage Tapes
LouisahhhLove Is a Punk (Vitalic Remix)Love Is a Punk (Vitalic Remix)He.She.They.
Kenny CampbellSDR VA Vol 1 Year AnniversaryGarden Of FleshStill Distant Records
KlubovaderTanzlatorKörpereinheit GmbHTigersquawk Records
Noise UnitDeviatorAtrocity Obsession (feat. Raymond Watts / PIG)Artoffact Records
The Joy ThievesMind Over Metal – Volume 2Genocide Love Song (Dub In Vein B)Cave Dweller Music
Body of PainWe No Longer Exist AnymoreI Will Die
Heavy Water FactoryBeyond Doubt (Extended Remix)Beyond Doubt (Extended Remix)
Spankthenun & Dj Scott DurandSDR VA Vol 1 Year AnniversaryFight & Breed (Ignite the Hate Mix)
Body of PainWe No Longer Exist AnymoreTime to Die
MetrocatTAR51Don’t Bleed For Scum (Syrette Remix)Taro Records
AndromMindcutX01 – Against the GrainFloating HeadsMindcut Music
PlanetdamageRelapse Protocol – The Remixes EPFreeport (Chrome Corpse remix)Black Pill Red Pill Records
Black Needle Noise with AttasalinaMachineMachine (Remix by Samantha Togni)COP International
HypnoskullVier GeschichtenWhy So NothingEE Tapes
Odonis OdonisSpectrumsSalesmenFelte Records
RebekahAngels From HellYou Be The LeaderHEX Recordings

Bootstomp 0.66 Mixcloud Show

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SorrowsMeet Your MakerMeet Your Maker
Aircrash BureauHerzschlagHerzschlag (3 Min. Riot)Infacted Recordings
Wet SkinAnimal GodAbstract & Free (Statiqbloom Remix)X-IMG
Youth Code / King YosefA Skeleton Key in the Doors of DepressionThe World Stage
Nuclear SludgeUniversidad de VampirosSlaughterS H I S H I
HocicoBroken EmpiresBroken EmpiresOut Of Line Music
Institute for the Criminally InsaneClassic ChevroletClassic ChevroletTinnitorturous
M‡яc▲ll▲ DivergenceSummoner
AutumnsA Life Has No GloryBogside Overpass
Moralez & The HorroristThe Phantom Images (V Years Anniversary)Sleep When You DieMosaique Records
Go FightIcarusIcarus (Wallstretcher reMix)
KlubovaderPutting the Stars Right – An album to benefit the Lovecraft Arts & Sciences CouncilVoid Warrant
Von MollesteinMidnight Meateater 2021Midnight Meateater 2021
Leæther StripBack To IndustryBack To IndustryLæbel
Persona Non GrataThe Phantom Images (V Years Anniversary)Find MeMosaique Records
Blakk HarborPetite MortBulldozer (Unhuman Remix)Fleisch Records
SlighterSpill BloodSpill BloodConfusion Inc.
Plack BlagueA Compilation For Practically EveryoneJoie de BlagueFPE Records
Not-So EbbStay Inside Your Home (Double Mask Mix by Shok)Stay Inside Your Home (Double Mask Mix by Shok)
UnknownLack of ResourcesKnowledge (SARIN Remix)X-IMG
Meshes feat. SwærmUniversidad de VampirosZastav menia (Make Me)S H I S H I
Blime DustCrossing SheolAssault (The Undertaker’s Tapes Version)Apnée Artefact
VTSSBorderline TendernessC.E.T. UnlimitedVEYL
Manni DeeIdolise The UglyWar CrySouth London Analogue Material
Panther ModernCrawlingCrawling
Tension ControlAhoi Herr KommandantLiebe statt Krieg (Robotron Mix)
Pretty Addicted Lone WolfLone Wolf
Randolph & MortimerBorn to ConsumeThe Markets