Bootstomp 0.99 HEARTHIS Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Zohra Murder in the Temple Murder in the Temple (feat. Lydia Lunch) American Dreams
Psyclon Nine More To Hell Money and Sex and Death (Jay E) Metropolis Records
Mobiius Hunger Hunger  
Neodrama Trapped Trapped  
Saltee The Great Worm (Single Version) The Great Worm (Single Version) HYBRID BLAK
Swarm Consumed Consumed  
Nightcrawler Perverse Frequencies (The Remixes) Partners in Pain (Straight Razor Remix)  
Chrome Corps Insulin Shocks The Michael Zone  
Veiled Venus Auspicio Auspicio  
Gillian Dream Pusher What’s Next  
Petrified Entity A Perfect Storm A Perfect Storm  
Tassel Death Machine (Single Mix) Death Machine (Single Mix)  
Spike Hellis Mouth (Normal Bias Remix) Mouth (Normal Bias Remix)  
Slighter x Craig Joseph Huxtable Pulling Me Under (Single) Pulling Me Under (Matt Hart Remix) Confusion Inc.
Meshes EGOC01. Vol. 1 Run From Yourself Ego Riot
Years of Denial Dancing with Demons BB Kills VEYL
Munsinger Kluster Winter VA Read Between The Lines Ego Riot
Mala Sangre X_cess X_cess  
Evil Dust Kluster Winter VA Youth Crime Kluster
Ethan Fawkes V​/​A – Catastrophe You Believe In Khoinix
Datura Inoxia Terror on High St. II La Noche Violenta Up North Records
Ayats-Thorvald feat. Poltergeist Saisons Qui Tuent Saisons Qui Tuent A-TRACTION
Nuxx Vomica FTEV Do It Twice SYNTHICIDE
Spankthenun Fuck The Apocalypse (Single) Fuck The Apocalypse (Anthony [H] Remix)  
Kenny Campbell Kluster Winter VA Manufactured Emotion Kluster
Mickey Nox Pricks From Balwyn Often Vicious Green Fetish Records
BHPL Terminal Terminal (Crystal Geometry remix)  
Nuclear Sludge APS : Our Magical World Lust Diffuse Reality Records
Vodoo Rage 1212129 1212129  
Ombrar Various Artists Vol​.​2 Mysterious Green Grass of Hope VIVES
Kalte Liebe Spuck mir in den Mund Spuck mir in den Mund  

Bootstomp 0.98 HEARTHIS Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Freakangel Suicidal (Break the Cycle) Suicidal (Break the Cycle) Alfa Matrix
Blut Reaktor Temple Of Flesh Crimson Skies  
SINthetik Messiah Unholy (Witch Haus Version) Unholy (Witch Haus Version)  
Sanity Checks Industrial Side Quest Ape Torso (Batavia remix) Tigersquawk Records
Maelstrom & Louisahhh Sustained Resistance Vixen RAAR
Autumns Still In The Thick Of It Fallen Sons Antibody label
Matt Hart To the Core (Aesthetic Perfection Remix) To the Core (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)  
Veiled Venus Under The Stone Vol​.​1 Carcosa Bruto Industries
Circa Tapes Clajsh Clajsh  
Distorshn Shape & Meshes Under The Stone Vol​.​1 Cybernetic Orgasm Bruto Industries
Damascus Knives Pussy No Slashes (Living Rent Free mix) Pussy No Slashes (Living Rent Free mix) SquareWav
Necrø Death Beats Death Beats Regulator Records
Bestial Mouths  I Am The Spell (Full Metal Witch remix by Hexmaschine)  I Am The Spell (Full Metal Witch remix by Hexmaschine)  
Mecaník Fabrík Anniversary [RDC V Years] Compilation Ciudad Oscura RDC Music
Xtr Human Passing Strangers City Hai Haus Arkana
TÖT No Venimos en Paz (Nobody Knows I Am An) Asshole  
Comfort Cure Not My Taste Consume It  
Petrified Entity Lifeline Liquid Despair Infinite Mirror
Pretty Addicted Trauma Trauma  
Nuclear Sludge Destroy Destroy  
thewalkingicon The Days of Swine and Roses (feat. TC75) The Days of Swine and Roses (feat. TC75)  
Pale Ash Silence My Soul Is On Fire  
Evil Dust Destitute Destitute  
The Hanged Man x Extensive Infraction Body Mind Control Mortal Sins SOIL
Psychic TV Jigsaw (WLDV Edit) Jigsaw (WLDV Edit)  
Moris Blak w/ S Y Z Y G Y X Procession Procession SHVDOW Records
Moments of Terror Free Download Series 01 Midnight Welders Regression Records
Nghtly Kill Your Enemy Dimensional Strength Khoinix
Scalameriya Nullification EP Nullification Alloy Void+1 Recordings
Skull Cultist So Happy Break That Fucker Tigersquawk Records
Znzl Meltdown! Meltdown!  
Rōnin Hellbound Smith’s Grove Sanitarium S H I S H I

Bootstomp 0.87 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Supreme Court Avid For Revenge There Is No Way Out Infacted Recordings
Anthony (H) Sometimes Shadows Breathe EP The Dark Side  
Mechanical Vein Feel Your Noise – Remixed Feel Your Noise feat. Faderhead (TriS Remix) HYBRID BLAK
Archon Of The Fairlight Dogmatic Dogmatic  
ESA One Missed Call EP Hyena (C-LEKKTOR Remix) Negative Gain Productions
Black Agent Industrial Ruination Strange Like Me Re:Mission Entertainment
Tarik Bouisfi Die Die  
Inva//id Re​-​Load Re​-​Load  
Landscape Body Machine No Cable 2022 Remix EP No Cable 2022  
Civil Hate Honor y Dignidad Traidor DarkSounds Records
Death Loves Veronica Corruption for the Insidious Hate Me  
I Speak Machine War Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) (War Mix)  
Puerta Negra Costo Humano Violencia  
Filmmaker Fictional Portrayals Fictional Portrayals VEYL
Wychdoktor Resistanz Festival Soundtrack 2022 Idols Digital World Audio
Meshes Deviate VA004 Be Ready To Fight DEVIATE rec
Skold Dead God I Hate Cleopatra Records
Spankthenun Dominate II  Dominate (Anthony (H) Remix)  
Evil Dust The Agitator The Agitator  
Impressive Faktoria Impressive Faktoria Impressive Faktoria Black Leather Records
:Wumpscut: For Those About To Starve Justin Kohlenklau Metropolis Records
Damaged Clock VA. 4 Years SXK SOIL
Hostile Architect :​​:Ex​​-Log​​:​​: Remanufacture Me (EP) Power Overwhelming (Gold Mix) Brutal Resonance Records
Munsinger 20​+​2 Inner Pride (Feat Kiddo) A-TRACTION
VII Circle Fucking Hammers [Book Two] Doom Green Fetish Records
Crystal Geometry Mindcut 23 – Behaviour Of Matter Deathwish Mindcut Music
Hocico HyperViolent Acts of Aggression Out Of Line Music

Bootstomp 0.78 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Cora Novoa The Hive Remixes The Hive (Louisahhh Remix) Citizen Records
Arnaud Rebotini Workout (This Is a Quarantine EP6) The Masquerade (Cardopusher Remix) Blackstrobe Records
The Horrorist Programmed Programmed (Thomas P. Heckmann Remix) aufnahme + wiedergabe
Dave Inox Missconceptual Feat. HIV+ Danger Signal (Remix by Iron Court) UNKNOWN PLEASURES RECORDS
Sydney Valette Город Болит Mоя сестра (Iron Court Remix) RND. Records
SMFORMA SMFORMA La Bruja Madre (Years of Denial Remix) Diffuse Reality Records
Radikal Kuss Der Anfang Der Schlach Dark Light (Remix by Dave Inox) UNKNOWN PLEASURES RECORDS
Schwefelgelb Rubedo Edition Fokus (Sarin Remix) Khemia Records
Randolph & Mortimer Exclude​/​Divide Exclude/Divide (Illnurse Remix)  
Kutkh Jackdaw Sweat & Thunder EP + Remixes Sweat & Thunder (Evil Dust Remix) Dark Disco
Ethan Fawkes You Believe In You Believe In (Dave Inox remix) Nu Body Records
Louisahhh Feral Rhythm Feral Rhythm (Maelstrom Remix) RAAR

DJ Shinobi’s Set:

Artist(s) Release Song Label
iVardensphere Cycle of the Sun: Remixes Vol. 1 Bonedance (Katastroslavia Remix) Metropolis Records
Matt Hart Tales of Terra: Triolith Requiem (Xavier Swafford Remix)  
Strvngers Exhumed Vol. II Fetisha (Moris Blak Remix) Negative Gain Productions
Alien Vampires Fuck the Revolution Bring on the Apocalypse EP Ready to Die (Synapsyche Remix) Alfa Matrix
Hatari Neyslutrans RemiXed Hlauptu (feat. Cyber) (Recon Remix)  
C-lekktor Animals Animals (Stoppenberg Remix) Digital World Audio
Mechanical Moth Unendlichkeit, Versionen und Visionen Gute Vibrationen (Chainreactor Remix) Scanner
Microwaved Save Me You Know That I Love You (ft. Nathan Charlson of milkfixer​)​(​I Ya Toyah mix)  
Accessory More Than Machinery Tanzflaechenmann (Remixed By Ashbury Heights) Out Of Line
3TEETH Master of Decay (Blush Response Remix) Master of Decay (Blush Response Remix)  
spankthenun Glitch Burn Sin Sin (ESA’s Under Ur Skin Mix)  
000 We Became Reptiles EP Lonely Flower (Tham remix) RND. Records

Bootstomp 0.77 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Trace Amount + Qual Alien Dust Alien Dust Faktor Music
Silence in Machine The Fruit of the Rotten Tree (Pt​.​2) Poison My Heart (feat. Chaos Doll)(Chaos Master Mix)  
Spankthenun The Bunker Tapes Vol II I Am The Fire  
Grabyourface Rob the Bank Rob the Bank Negative Gain Productions
Jim Davies Prey Later The Bar Is Low Armalyte Industries
Kota Kira Candlelight (feat. Ziiri) (R A Y N Remix) Candlelight (feat. Ziiri) (R A Y N Remix) Re:Mission Entertainment
ΣΕΘ(SET) T​.​V. People T​.​V. People SubGoth / ECR
Kofin Neo Coven Neo Coven  
Faderhead Halloween Spooky Queens v2021 Halloween Spooky Queens v2021  
Pig Drugged Dangerous & Damned Pain is God (Youth Code Remix) Armalyte Industries
Rare DM Rolex Rolex  
Null Cell Over The Top Wireframe Genocide Machine Man Records
Matt Hart To the Core To the Core  
Landscape Body Machine Structure – 25th Anniversary Remaster No Cable (2021 remaster)  
Invalid User Asphyxia Maleficios (ft. Dirty Harry) Of Dolls and Murder
Potochkine Sortilèges Possédée  
Bloodpanic Dark Night Dark Night  
Leæther Strip Æppreciation V I Sit On Acid Cleopatra Records
Evil Dust Round the Clock Round the Clock  
IV Horsemen Liftoff Off The Grid SOIL
Romy Cosm No Narrative CLIMAX!
Suffer Ring Hands Hands Re:Mission Entertainment
Kloud Parasite Parasite  
Larva Into the Void Afraid to Die Advoxya Records
Simon Carter Simon Simon (Dirty)  
Roüge Anti Hero Anti Hero RAW
Diverje Purge the World Before We Purge DSBP Records
Biomechanimal King of Cups King of Cups HYBRID BLAK
Yetzer Hara Liebe Mich Liebe Mich (feat. Cat Hall/Dissonance) (Submission Mix)  
Alessandro Nero The Dying Of The Outer​-​Self We Awful The Brvtalist

Bootstomp 0.71 Mixcloud Show

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Be My EnemyArmalyte XXMetalheadArmalyte Industries
Elz and the CultFire Meets Fire​/​DisciplineDisciplineBlack Pill Red Pill
XentrifugeIn A Shattered MirrorYour Eyes, My BetrayalCleopatra Records
VonderTogether & EgoTogether
Dawn of AshesBlood of the Titans RemixesBlood of the Titans (Inva//id Remix)Artoffact Records
Frontal BoundaryThe FallPlague (ft. Chris Rivera of Inva//id)
Urban MatrixThe Book of RevelationHe Who Accuses ThemBrutal Resonance Records
Bleeding In SilenceSlow DeathSlow Death
PsychosomatikDamage Done RemixedDamage Done (Psychosomatik Remix)
EchoberylSalomé (Suffer Me) – Special EditionSalomé (Suffer Me)Mother Solitude Records
Leæther StripWe Believe (Ministry Cover)We Believe (Ministry Cover)Læbel
Happy707BodyworxxxすばらしいDeath Decay Magic
Anthony (H)No Monsters EPNo MonstersChampion Beats
Statische MonotonieI Did ItI Did ItPink Bunker Ltd.
MeshesDemencia Civil 2Psychological AbuseOf Dolls and Murder
Ancient MethodsThe Jericho RemixesIn Silence (Die Selektion – In Stille – Remix)Persephonic Sirens
Evil DustE A C (2018 Demo)E A C (2018 Demo)
SpankthenunArmalyte XXRight FatherArmalyte Industries
StrikklandGone SwimmingGone Swimming
Red MeatHomo VulgarisEat Me, Beat MeDrøne
Yetzer HaraLike DeathLike Death (Alien Vampires Remix)
NNN2NBlessed By Sacred Teachings