Bootstomp 0.93 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Dirt Factory Troops Of Death Troops Of Death Viral Records Australia
Pig The Merciless Light No Yes More Less Metropolis Records
Xtr Human Schwarzes Licht Schwarzes Licht  
The Soft Moon Exister Answers Sacred Bones Records
Mona Mur Snake Island Schieldwall GIVE/TAKE
Tarik Bouisfi You Belong To Me You Belong To Me  
Powernerd Ghost Me Ghost Me  
Revizia Chronicles Dark Magic JST Records
Into The Pale Abyss Revenant Revenant JST Records
Snog Jaded E​.​P. Spaetzle Machine (DiscoMachine RMX) Lightarmour Editions
Leperwitch We Stand Breathing Dust  
Cyanotic This is Glitch Mode Sound the Alarm Glitch Mode Recordings
Sister Cell Ultimate Ultimate (Null Split remix)  
Alvabeat Control Control  
Ces Cadáveres La Union Perfecta Entre El Baile Y El Placer La Union Perfecta Entre El Baile Y El Placer  
Curse Mackey Immoral Emporium Dead Fingers Talk Negative Gain Productions
Left For Pleasure Unterschall Compilation #2 Desire Unterschall
Right Hand Teeth Teeth  
Lbeeze Modernation Vol​.​4 2 Nights Italo Moderni
Culturist Culturist / On Artist – Split Red Wet Blood BTBS Records
Emmon Machines Machines Icons Creating Evil Art
Chino Modernation Vol​.​4 Shoplifters Italo Moderni
Kult303 & Machine Wraith Deprive your Basic Instincts Deprive your Basic Instincts  
Chris Shape feat. Su Eko Miseria Bonus Tape Vol 2 Beware The Dog Miseria
Aeit They Use Force They Use Force Riot Radio Records
Vtss Circulus Vitiosus Incredibly Annoying Ninja Tune
Bestial Mouths We Stand Lost in (Mother Juno Remix)  
Savage Grounds Miseria – Upperwave Selections Vol. 2 Le Sacrifice Miseria