Bootstomp 0.97 HEARTHIS Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Mobiius Deadeyes (VIP) Deadeyes (VIP) ATH
Amelia Arsenic Oxytocin Oxytocin  
Grimbeard Pure Acid Hell Bite Down Hard  
Extensive Infarction Unholy Body Tempo Crying S H I S H I
Matteo Tura To the Ground (feat. Zahia) To the Ground (feat. Zahia)  
Inconscio Viola Klack / Inconscio Viola Split EP Rabbit On Tuesday SYNTHICIDE
Chris Keya Emp4thy Emp4thy  
Cvrbon Decvy Last Transmission Desolation (feat. Cat Hall) Acid Bath Records
Klack Klack / Inconscio Viola Split EP Frequency SYNTHICIDE
40 Octaves Below MetaVersUs Shadows  
Man 2.0 Heathers Blam Blam (Black Light Smoke Remix) Death Decay Magic
Spankthenun Madman (Single) Madman  
Semantix Violent Protocol Recoil DKA Records
Termination_800 Unholy Body Tempo Flesh Is Weak S H I S H I
Autumns I Didn’t Mean To Send It Twice Autumns is Scum Exterminador
Dissonance Something Unforgivable Truth  
Kult303 When The Bough Breaks When The Bough Breaks Crunch Pod
Deflesh Unholy Body Tempo Muerte O Perdon S H I S H I
The Hanged Man Punks for Each Other Infernal Instincts GrPunkCrustHC
Rudiment Zeitenwende Fire! Fire! Fire! feat. Xtr Human WIE EIN GOTT
Maelstrom & Louisahhh I Am Not a Casualty I Am Not a Casualty RAAR
Body of Pain Revenge Machine Gun of Love  
CTSD All Buttons In EP Pandora (Znzl Remix) Wrongnotes
Neikka RPM Scorpion in the Hourglass Battle Scars Alfa Matrix
Znzl GegenDigital003 Narcollapsing Gegen Records
Xentrifuge Last Transmission Taste of Your Sin Acid Bath Records
Pretty Addicted Heather Heather  
Marco Leckbert The Sense The Sense Darkground Records
Muttersprache Perpetuality Perpetuality Scuderia
Orbasan Paralysed Paralysed Collapse

Bootstomp 0.96 HEARTHIS Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Mechanical Vein x Biomechanimal Breakdown (feat. Lecture) Breakdown (feat. Lecture) HYBRID BLAK
Thermal Noise Awakenings Awakenings PurZynth Rekords
The Butcherzz & Suxxy Electronic Resistance – Reconstruction ЗСУ Близько! (The ZSU Is Close by!) (feat. Daarina) Side-Line Magazine
Any Second Enemies (Deluxe) Enemies Among Friends Infacted Recordings
Bracco Fribourg Remixed Fribourg (Kris Baha Remix) MILK ME
MissFit Toys The Nine Submit to Slaughter Distortion Productions
Petrified Entity Petrified Entity Church of Disorder  
Collin Barr & Bestial Mouths Salvation – R​ä​um Rework Salvation – R​ä​um Rework  
Bustié feat. B. West Polygon More Mirrors Samo Records
Konkurs Mind Stimulant Proteus  
Kenny Campbell I Wish You Were Dead I Wish You Were Dead BARRO
Damaged Clock Shut Up Psicotoxic Nu Body Records
Abraxas Dancing as an Act of Rebellion La Maté Porque Era Mía feat. Espectra Negra (SMFORMA vs Morbia remix) SOIL
Snog Chains Domesticated (7″ Version) Lightarmour Editions
Randolph & Mortimer Solta No Caos feat. Avnoar Solta No Caos feat. Avnoar  
Ravetop Marketing Biologico Marketing Biologico  
Spankthenun (feat. Isserley) Killer Trax (Vol​.​1) Bad Candy Store Acid Bath Records
Blut Reaktor The Sadist The Sadist  
Strikkland Bodypop Royal Youth  
Clock Serum Polygon Falling Around Samo Records
Arnaud Rebotini I Drive East I Chose Hate Mannequin Records
Monya Einweg Ausweg Ende Einweg Ausweg Ende feat. Hypnoskull HANDS
Angel Attack Divine Practicalities Tightening Tension feat. IV Horsemen House of Reptile Records
Buzz Kull Fascination Last In The Club AVANT! Records
Ayats-Thorvald Lune Atroce Lune Atroce (Erotico Poetico EBM Edit) Electronic Emergencies
Skren X X  
Millhouse House Bells EP Downwards Slide Khazad Records
Freaky Mind Freaky Mind Get Undressed darkTunes
Plague Pits Poetry From The Future Solid  
Maelstrom and Louisahhh The Seed The Seed RAAR

Bootstomp 0.95 HEARTHIS Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Damien Hearse Pro Life Death Camp Pro Life Death Camp  
Unhuman & Petra Flurr Disintegration Verbannt OSM tapes
Sister Cell XL Bioware  
Matt Hart Terraform Terraform  
Sexual Purity Wake Up Wake Up  
Matteo Tura Ambition Ambition  
Inva//id The Cruel Division The Cruel Division (Reaped Mix By Haex)  
Maelstrom and Louisahhh If I Could Hold If I Could Hold RAAR
General Dynamics Weaponize Your Dreams Cargo 200   
To Avoid Trust Trust (Single-Edit)  
Mellow Code Bestraft f​ü​r Leben Bestraft f​ü​r Leben  
Scarecrow Black Door Black Door Infacted Recordings
Orange Sector Der Totmacher Der Totmacher (Ruined Conflict Remix) Infacted Recordings
Venom Vampires Acceded Body Violence Shaddow  
Ghost Cop End Credits+ You Can Never Go Home  
SYZYGYX Zeitgeist+ Maniac Cold Transmission Music
Yansyet Tears of the Motherland Subliminal Khoinix
TC75 Sun Words 9XO Media
Spankthenun Blot Out the Sun (Single) Blak Out the Sun (Moris Blak)  
ELM Penetrator (Bonus Tracks Edition) Rejuvenation Alfa Matrix
NNHMN Unreal Unreal  
Minuit Machine 24 Contradictions Synth Religion
Simon Carter & Fabsi Witch But Not Famous Omens  
Isserley Cannibal World Cannibal World (Casualty Club Matyas X Remix) Tigersquawk Records
Maedon Phases 001 V​.A. Vol. 1 Relentless Phases Records
Füülrod Black Rider Anthem X (feat. Nikhil Rao) HEX Recordings
The Joy Thieves 6 To 3 Property (StabWalt Remix) Armalyte Industries
Istigkeit Blades VA Rude Card Pure Hate
Satanic Hispanic Disobey Disobey Blvsphemy Records
Mechanical Vein x Moris Blak Cemetery Wind Cemetery Wind Hybrid Blak

Bootstomp 0.78 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Cora Novoa The Hive Remixes The Hive (Louisahhh Remix) Citizen Records
Arnaud Rebotini Workout (This Is a Quarantine EP6) The Masquerade (Cardopusher Remix) Blackstrobe Records
The Horrorist Programmed Programmed (Thomas P. Heckmann Remix) aufnahme + wiedergabe
Dave Inox Missconceptual Feat. HIV+ Danger Signal (Remix by Iron Court) UNKNOWN PLEASURES RECORDS
Sydney Valette Город Болит Mоя сестра (Iron Court Remix) RND. Records
SMFORMA SMFORMA La Bruja Madre (Years of Denial Remix) Diffuse Reality Records
Radikal Kuss Der Anfang Der Schlach Dark Light (Remix by Dave Inox) UNKNOWN PLEASURES RECORDS
Schwefelgelb Rubedo Edition Fokus (Sarin Remix) Khemia Records
Randolph & Mortimer Exclude​/​Divide Exclude/Divide (Illnurse Remix)  
Kutkh Jackdaw Sweat & Thunder EP + Remixes Sweat & Thunder (Evil Dust Remix) Dark Disco
Ethan Fawkes You Believe In You Believe In (Dave Inox remix) Nu Body Records
Louisahhh Feral Rhythm Feral Rhythm (Maelstrom Remix) RAAR

DJ Shinobi’s Set:

Artist(s) Release Song Label
iVardensphere Cycle of the Sun: Remixes Vol. 1 Bonedance (Katastroslavia Remix) Metropolis Records
Matt Hart Tales of Terra: Triolith Requiem (Xavier Swafford Remix)  
Strvngers Exhumed Vol. II Fetisha (Moris Blak Remix) Negative Gain Productions
Alien Vampires Fuck the Revolution Bring on the Apocalypse EP Ready to Die (Synapsyche Remix) Alfa Matrix
Hatari Neyslutrans RemiXed Hlauptu (feat. Cyber) (Recon Remix)  
C-lekktor Animals Animals (Stoppenberg Remix) Digital World Audio
Mechanical Moth Unendlichkeit, Versionen und Visionen Gute Vibrationen (Chainreactor Remix) Scanner
Microwaved Save Me You Know That I Love You (ft. Nathan Charlson of milkfixer​)​(​I Ya Toyah mix)  
Accessory More Than Machinery Tanzflaechenmann (Remixed By Ashbury Heights) Out Of Line
3TEETH Master of Decay (Blush Response Remix) Master of Decay (Blush Response Remix)  
spankthenun Glitch Burn Sin Sin (ESA’s Under Ur Skin Mix)  
000 We Became Reptiles EP Lonely Flower (Tham remix) RND. Records