Bootstomp 0.82 Mixcloud Show

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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Haex Aethyr Abyss Void Cursebreaker  
Sierra See Me Now See Me Now  
ESA Designer Carnage One Missed Call Negative Gain Productions
Social Noise Oni Talking Fill-Lex Records
Raw Ambassador Die Zukunft Ira Idlestates Recordings
Slighter x Moris Blak The Hunt [Retcon] The Hunt (Retcon Version) Confusion Inc.
Full Contact69 Infected Cerebral Trigger Determinate PLANET69
Fairy Pussy Miseria – Upperwave Selections Vol. 1 Dogma Miseria
Cryo Valium EP Valium Progress Productions
Vein Cramp Electrofrequent Vol​.​1 Without End (V_2k21) Electrofrequent
89s† & Petra Flurr Tears for Fears 4 Sag Es Mir SOIL
Matt Hart Decimate Decimate  
Requiem Rust We Came For Blood We Came For Blood  
The Undertaker’s Tapes Feed Your Demons Cleansed by Blood Frenesia
SINthetik Messiah Religious Soldier EP Religious Soldier