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Artist(s) Release Song Label
Slighter + R.A. Desilets Broken Unknown (Affect Effect Remix) Broken Unknown (Affect Effect Remix) Confusion Inc.
Exo-Kult Knife Wounds Eliminate Viral Records Australia
Requiem Rust Beneath the Crimson City Beneath the Crimson City  
Chris Keya, Ian Urbina Criminals (The Noam Chomsky Music Project) Mercenaries  
Revizia Nightmare Nightmare  
MissFit Toys Rise to Arms (Moris Blak Remix) Rise to Arms (Moris Blak Remix)  
INVA//ID The Dissociation EP Dissociate (Trauma Remix)  
Matteo Tura & Sierra Inner Speech Burn  
Matt Hart RDC & Terror Night: Halloween Edition 2021 Terrorfying v2 RDC Music
Elektrosekt Your Sex Your Sex Shoknova Records
Daddybear Hypnotic (feat. Grabyourface) Hypnotic (feat. Grabyourface)  
Nova State Machine RDC & Terror Night: Halloween Edition 2021 Truth and Fear (Destiny Mix) RDC Music
Suicide Commando Trick or Treat Trick or Treat Out Of Line Music
Years of Denial & Alexey Volkov Utopia Vanished: From Enslavement to Reiteration Confess (Alternative Version) VEYL
Null Cell Nemesis Judgement Pays (Good Cop) Machine Man Records
Diverje Purge the World Before Panic Virus DSBP Records
Anthony (H) Double Down EP Calm Before The Storm (Moaan Exis Remix) Champion Beats
Pantser Fabriek Only Now! Only Now!  
Terence Fixmer x Phase Fatale Fünfzehn + 1 Cigarette Glow Ostgut Ton
Blue Ant vs. Stahlschlag Amalgam Dissolution 8 Dyxtopia Records
O/X Falling Into Falling Into (Physical Wash Remix) DREAM
DHI (death and horror inc) The Idiot Parade EP The Idiot Parade (Sardonic)  
Sigint Fear Fear (Ft. Daveoramma)  
Louisahhh The Practice of Freedom (Deluxe) Make Me He.She.They
Kota Kira The Netherworld Beckons Serpents Re:Mission Entertainment
Sept Sensation Seeker Sensation Seeker voxnox
Acid Replika Privacy Invasion Privacy Invasion Revok Records
The Fair Attempts Signals All Directions, All The Way  
EAS Tsukuyomi Mr. Unchained OMEN Recordings