Bootstomp 0.29 Mixcloud Show

Artist(s)SongLabelPurchase Release
spankthenunGlitch (Club Killer remixed by Slighter)[TBA] πŸ”—
PromidalErotika (Cellhavoc Remix)πŸ”—
Die KruppsNew York (Microchip League cover)Cleopatra RecordsπŸ”—
AttritionThe Great DerailerTwo GodsπŸ”—
HatariKlΓ‘mstrΓ‘kurSvikamylla ehfπŸ”—
Body DivideCruelty By DesignSquareWavπŸ”—
Reka X Imperial Black UnitTropas de la MuerteFleisch RecordsπŸ”—
Blu AnxxietyNegative FantasySYNTHICIDEπŸ”—
t_error 404Zeitgeist (Trance Version)AREA ZπŸ”—
Nova State MachineHard TargetShoknova RecordsπŸ”—
NakedBiteHalcyon VeilπŸ”—

Top 30 Artists of 2019 – Part I (1-15)

Instead of picking the top albums of the year, I opted to select 30 artists based on their musical output for the year. The top 30 are in no particular order, so they’re listed alphabetically. Each artist has been featured in previous Bootstomp Mixcloud shows. Click on the covers to preview/purchase each release.


Black Dresses

Chrome Corpse

Conspiracy Thief



Die Klute

Die Krupps


First Aid 4 Souls

Hanzel Und Gretyl





Bootstomp 0.23 Mixcloud Show

Artist(s)SongLabelPurchase Release
Black LineLayers (Annie Hall Remix)πŸ”—
Die KruppsTrigger Warning SPV/Oblivion πŸ”—
Resident51 (feat. Claus Larsen)Haunted Sharp Things (Jay Ruin Remix)πŸ”—
Test DeptInformation Scare (Imperial Black Unit Remix)One Little Indian RecordsπŸ”— πŸ”—
SarinThe CullingX-IMGπŸ”—
ReinOff The GridπŸ”—
My Life With the Thrill Kill KultYear Of The Klown (Remix by En Esch & Josh Luttrell)Sleazebox RecordsπŸ”—
The LabyrinthExpanse of BlackDistortion ProductionsπŸ”—
AnsomeSmuggler’s DenPerc TraxπŸ”—
SynthAttackDirty Dark Electro (Suppressor RMX)darkTunesπŸ”—
Harsh MentorSalve (Imperial Black Unit Remix)aufnahme + wiedergabeπŸ”—

Bootstomp 0.19 Mixcloud Show

Artist(s) Song Label
Die KruppsWelcome to the BlackoutSPV/Oblivion
Grim BeardLesser Harm
S Y Z Y G Y XDangerous CreatureNegative Gain Productions
Radical GMachineRAW
Go FightMy Spine is the Bass LinePulseblack
Resident51Haunted Sharp Things (feat. Claus Larsen)Halo Askew Entertainment
Body Beat RitualDeplatformedPleasure
StoneburnerMassdriverNegative Gain Productions
Mindless FaithMoth without a MoonAlterCulture Records
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