Top 30 Artists of 2019 – Part I (1-15)

Instead of picking the top albums of the year, I opted to select 30 artists based on their musical output for the year. The top 30 are in no particular order, so they’re listed alphabetically. Each artist has been featured in previous Bootstomp Mixcloud shows. Click on the covers to preview/purchase each release.

Black Dresses
Chrome Corpse
Conspiracy Thief
Die Klute
Die Krupps
First Aid 4 Souls
Hanzel Und Gretyl

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Bootstomp 0.25 Mixcloud Show

* Click on release link(s) to purchase

Nuclear SludgeAutonomous Strangling MachineDisconnectFORKHA
Hanzel Und GretylHexennachtTriple HexxxMetropolis Records
HocicoRextinctionShut Me Down! (Remixed by Kreign)Out Of Line Music
UnconsciousYour God is DeadBlood (Qual Remix)Detriti Records
Fee LionBlood Sisters RemixesHeaven (Silent Servant Remix)BOUND
ToothpinchRigged & Broken (featuring Jenova Project)Rigged & Broken (featuring Jenova Project) 
C-LekktorBeat​:​Cancer Tour 2019Animals (Prehistoric remix by Karkasaurus)Digital World Audio
AgencyAgencyCracked 32″ Flat ScreenInstruments Of Discipline
ReichsfeindChasm WalkDervishEquinoxe Recordings
RoyaPulseBloodLabrador Records
NoirA PleasureBack To NatureMetropolis Records
DogtabletFeathers & SkinThings Said & Done (Snake is a liar) (feat. Jared Louche) 


* Click on release link(s) to purchase

Artist(s) Release Song Label
Amelia Arsenic Queen of Risk RX Love Glitch Mode Recordings
Beauty Queen Autopsy Lotharia Spread Undustrial Records
Kanga Kanga Honey Negative Gain Productions
Wire Spine Bury Me Here Burn You Negative Gain Productions
Venus In Aries Beyond The Veil Beyond The Veil Glitch Mode Recordings
The Birthday Massacre Under Your Spell No Tomorrow Metropolis Records
Hide Castration Anxiety Fvcked (I Found Heaven) Dais Records
Hanzel Und Gretyl Satanik Germanik We Rise As Demons Metropolis Records
Youth Code Commitment to Complications Shift of Dismay Dais Records
Black Needle Noise with Betty X Social Media Disease Social Media Disease  
Ego Likeness When The Wolves Return Crossed Metropolis Records
Android Lust Berlin // Crater V2 Crawl Synthellec Music