Top 30 Artists of 2019 – Part I (1-15)

Instead of picking the top albums of the year, I opted to select 30 artists based on their musical output for the year. The top 30 are in no particular order, so they’re listed alphabetically. Each artist has been featured in previous Bootstomp Mixcloud shows. Click on the covers to preview/purchase each release.


Black Dresses

Chrome Corpse

Conspiracy Thief



Die Klute

Die Krupps


First Aid 4 Souls

Hanzel Und Gretyl





Bootstomp 0.26 Mixcloud Show

Artist(s) Song Label Purchase Release
SpankthenunGlitch πŸ”—
Conspiracy ThiefSlow BurnDSBP Records πŸ”—
Ten Cent ToysTwist Of Fate πŸ”—
Nuclear SludgeNeurosisNuclear Broadcast πŸ”—
CellmodThe Inevitable πŸ”—
Chrome Corpse x Dead Chains x Night TerrorsEverything Must Move (Vrain Heavy Heart Mix)Vertex πŸ”—
Radikal Kuss feat. HIV+Laster und TugendUnknown Pleasures Records πŸ”—
SOJKull, Feck, Due (Crystal Geometry muscle mix)SOIL πŸ”—
Caustic v This Morn’ OminaKerosene (Big Black Tribute) πŸ”—
DrowndBurnArmalyte Industries πŸ”—
Synthetische LebensformWe Get Control (Zweite Jugend remix)Synth-Me πŸ”—
Pleasure SymbolsEndless (Multiple Man Remix) πŸ”—

Bootstomp 0.20 Mixcloud Show

Artist(s) Song Label Purchase Release
SpankthenunSlow Suicide (Slightly Assisted – Slighter Mix) πŸ”—
AgonoizeKingdom of DarknessRepoRecords πŸ”—
PreEmptive Strike 0.1DoppelgangersDigital World Audio πŸ”—
WavepeakDopaminefeedback πŸ”—
Conspiracy ThiefNew False Idol πŸ”—
GrΓΌn WasserDrivingHolodeck Records πŸ”—
Crystal GeometryTotale AliΓ©nationHANDS πŸ”—
Eva XVirtualsexual (Rough Sex Remix By Virtual Terrorist) πŸ”—
MOΠ―IS BLAKSilent Hill πŸ”—
UnwomanEveryday Is Halloween (Available to the public until November 2 2019 only!) πŸ”—
SlighterNarayanCombustible Designs πŸ”—
FilmmakerBeast FolkHC Records πŸ”—