Tracks from Bootstomp 0.07

Stoneburner vs Out Out – Butyric Acid 2019

Hocico – Psychonaut [Out Of Line]

Statiqbloom – Eight Hearts Eight Spikes [Metropolis Records]
Wychdoktor – Suffocation
Nuclear*Sun – Second Skin (Cyanotic mix) [Glitch Mode Recordings]
Miss Ballistic – Sweet Miss Ballistic [Black Pill Red Pill]
Hell:Sector – Nautilus (When Flesh and Steel Unite) [DSBP]
Slighter – Isolate [Confusion Inc.]
Chelsey and the Noise – Make It Hurt
Stoneburner – The Structure Itself is in Pain [Negative Gain Productions]
Moris Blak – Druglicker