Tracks from Bootstomp 0.04

Multiple Man – You Say Y.E.S [Fleisch Records]
Daddybear – Brown Acid [Undustrial Records]
Harsh R – Queen of Trash
Andrako – Ultra-Kill-Doom [Dieselhead Records]
Breath & Decay – Age Old Circuitry [Glitch Mode Recordings]
Go Fight – Go (Multiplex Mix) [Pulseblack]
Chiasm – World Left [COP International]
Muet – Weirdest Sex [Metropolis Records]
Mona Mur – Motorboy [Freibank Recordings]
Pig – The Revelation (All Pork And No Play Remix by Needleye ft. Michael Sprietzer) [Armalyte Industries]
Dogtablet – The New Cold War (feat Jared Louche)